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Oni using his Ultra Combo

The Ultra Combo (ウルトラコンボ Urutora Konbo?) is a type of move introduced in the Street Fighter IV series. It is an advanced form of Super Combo that is designed to act as a "finishing move" of sorts, more so than the Super Combos.


To perform an Ultra Combo, a player must have a Revenge Gauge that is filled at least halfway, by receiving and blocking attacks. Once sufficiently filled, the move is activated with a combination that is usually a modified Super Combo combination that involves pressing all three punch or kick buttons at once.

For most characters, their Ultra Combos (usually the first one) are stronger or advanced versions of their respective Super Combos (e.g. Akuma's Wrath of the Raging Demon); in some cases, the moves are also reprised from earlier appearances in the series (e.g. Cody's Final Destruction). In other cases, they may be moves that the user may have just discovered (often their second Ultra).

Many Ultra Combos have different behaviors depending on whether or not the move connects. Generally, when a character performs an Ultra Combo, their opponent's expression becomes surprised and almost fearful. The cinematic animation played if an Ultra Combo connects cleanly is highly telegraphed, with appropriate camera angles to accentuate the animation. These cinematic animations are made possible because of the game's transition to 3D character models. If an Ultra Combo is blocked, hits at a farther range than normally required, whiffs, or otherwise misses, it may go into a secondary behavior which is much less telegraphed. For example, Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken and Gouken's Shin Shoryuken become the Forbidden Shoryuken if they do not hit at point-blank range.


Ultra Combos cannot generally be canceled into from normal or special moves, with some exceptions (e.g. Akuma's Demon Armageddon from his Ashura Senku). Ultra Combos also take more time to startup than Super Combos, though the general startup invincibility compensates for this. As a result, Ultra Combos are used as counter moves or in very specific juggles.

Most characters have the choice between a more combo-friendly Ultra Combo and a specific countering Ultra Combo designed for certain matchups, often a projectile punish. For example, Makoto's Seichusen Godanzuki is an exceptionally powerful option that works best when Makoto is in close range on the offensive, while Abare Tosanami's longer startup is better used when Makoto is away from the opponent, where they are trying to keep her out with projectiles.

The most popular way to land Ultra Combos is canceling a connected special attack with a Focus Attack, or else simply connecting with said Focus Attack; either way, the player can then dash cancel and perform the Ultra Combo. However, the increased scaling from both the Focus Attack and the Ultra Combo greatly reduces the damage of these combos, encouraging shorter combos, or even risky reads for maximum damage.


Here due to Ibuki selecting Ultra Combo Double her Hashinsho does 75% damage, which leads to a smaller 355 damage total.

The damage of the Ultra Combo is directly linked to how much of the Revenge Gauge has filled up. Upon taking around 45% damage, the Revenge Gauge is half filled and an Ultra Combo becomes available. If left untouched, the gauge keeps increasing until the player loses 90% of his health, at which point the gauge becomes completely filled. Note that provisional damage still counts towards the Revenge Gauge, regardless of how much of the health was recovered, potentially allowing for more than one or two uses (though this is very unlikely in advanced play).

A fully charged Ultra Combo does roughly 1.5 times the damage of a half charged-one. For example, at 50%, Akuma's Wrath of the Raging Demon does around 340 damage; with a full Revenge Gauge, the damage goes up to 510 HP. The damage is also affected by the overall health and the remaining health of an opponent. Ultra Combo Double lowers the base damage of both of it's user's attacks, which is scaled down from there depending on the same factors regular ultras are subject too.

List of Ultra Combos[]

In Street Fighter IV, each character initially has only one Ultra Combo. Starting from Super Street Fighter IV, the player can select between two different Ultra Combos (with the 'original' one becoming their Ultra Combo I). Ultra Street Fighter IV introduces Ultra Combo Double, which gives players the option to use both Ultra Combos in a match (albeit with notably reduced damage, or lessened effectiveness in case of non-damaging Ultra Combos). 

Character Ultra Combo I Ultra Combo II
Abel Soulless: Abel rushes towards the enemy with a punch. If it connects, he performs a set of punches and kicks, throws the rival in the air, grabs them and falls with him/her, crushing the enemy with a Judo grab.

Breathless: Abel lunges towards the opponent, and spins while he carries him/her over his shoulders. A tornado builds up around Abel, and he sends the opponent flying. He grabs the opponent as s/he falls, and rolls them towards the edge of the screen.

Adon Jaguar Revolver: Adon starts with three Jaguar Kicks, then continues with a flurry elbows hits, finishing with a knee to the opponent's jaw. Jaguar Avalanche: Adon starts with the Rising Jaguar and a Jaguar Kick, he then goes up the back of the opponent and hits a string of elbows to his/her neck, before dropping him/her, and then falls over the rival with a kick to his/her stomach.
Akuma Wrath of the Raging Demon: Akuma starts the move by performing an Ashura Senku. Upon grabbing the opponent the screen goes dark, Akuma says, "Die one thousand deaths!", and the kanji '一瞬千撃' (Isshun sengeki, "One moment, one thousand strikes") appear. Akuma performs multiple blows to the opponent, ending with the kanji of "heaven" (天, ten) visible on his back when the Ultra Combo finishes. Demon Armageddon: Starts with a powerful kick that sends the opponent flying. Akuma then spins in place, preparing a devastating Tatsumaki Zankukyaku. Once he connects, the kanji of "heaven" (天, ten) appears behind the opponent, which acts like a wall. Immediately after Akuma says, "The other realm awaits," he passes through the kanji, which breaks, and the opponent falls.
Balrog Violent Buffalo: Balrog performs 4 Dash Straights (or Dash Uppers depending on input) and then a powerful uppercut, sending the opponent flying.

Dirty Bull: Balrog starts with a headbutt, and stomps the opponent's foot to keep him/her steady for a massive left hook, but he purposely misses so he can hit them with his elbow instead.

Blanka Lightning Cannonball: Blanka bundles his body in electricity and rolls forward in a ball. Once activated, the punch buttons can be held to delay the ball attack.

Shout of Earth: Blanka slams the ground twice with his electric-charged hands, discharging electricity all over the floor. If the anti-air version is used, Blanka raises his hands and acts like a lightning rod as lightning hits him and his opponent, damaging the latter.

Cammy Gyro Drive Smasher: Starts with a Spiral Arrow and knocks the opponent in the air. When in midair, she grabs the opponent, falling with him/her and ending with a choke hold. CQC (Cammy's Quick Combination): (Counter move) Upon hit, Cammy performs a neck-break leg grab, sweeps the opponent to do an arm-break grab on the floor, and ends the counter with a simultaneous neck- and arm-break grab.
Chun-Li Hosenka: Chun-Li performs a Hyakuretsukyaku and kicks up the opponent and finally makes an aerial Spinning Bird Kick, which causes a tornado. She then kicks the opponent upward with massive force.

Kikosho: Chun-Li gathers a massive amount of energy in her hands, and launches it towards the opponent in a force field-like ball.

Crimson Viper Burst Time: Viper performs the Seismic Hammer, lifting up the opponent and performing an upward spiralling Burning Kick several times. Burning Dance: Viper performs a flaming aerial kick towards the opponent's face, then surfs on top of his/her back. She then sends the opponent flying with a kick, and finishes the combo by discharging electricity from her hands to the opponent's neck.
Cody Final Destruction: Cody starts with a set of punches to the rival, and he finishes with a powerful Criminal Upper that causes a tornado. Last Dread Dust: Cody kicks dust/sand towards the opponent. If it connects, he does a combo using a wrench. He finishes the combo with an uppercut, which sends the opponent flying upward and brings out a lead pipe. He then uses it to whack the opponent as they're coming down in a baseball-like fashion, towards the edge of the screen.
Dan Shisso Buraiken: Dan performs a set of kicks and punches and finish the opponent with a Koryuken, followed by a smile and a thumbs-up gesture to the camera. Haoh Gadoken: Dan performs a powerful version of Gadoken, launching the powered version with two hands. The move is very similar to the one by Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting.
Decapre Psycho Stream: Decapre gathers a big amount of Psycho Power and throws it over her opponent. DCM: Decapre performs a jumping knee strike that launches her opponent upwards, then draws her daggers and slashes her foe from multiple directions before slamming them into the ground.
Dee Jay Sobat Festival: Dee Jay starts with a flurry of kicks and finish with a powered version of Max Out. Climax Beat: Dee Jay starts with a flurry of massive punches with one hand, then with both, and finishes with a powerful punch.
Dhalsim Yoga Catastrophe: Dhalsim makes a massive, slow moving Yoga Fire that strikes many times. Dhalsim is free to move around right after the move executes. Yoga Shangri-La: (Air Ultra Combo) Dhalsim grabs the opponent's neck, and does 3 consecutive headbutts on him/her. Finally, he twists his arms and delivers a drill-like headbutt.
Dudley Rolling Thunder: Dudley begins with a series of punches to the chest, followed with some strong punches to the face, and finishes the Ultra Combo with an uppercut to the jaw, sending the opponent flying into the air. Corkscrew Cross: Dudley starts with Corkscrew Blow, throwing the opponent to the wall in a whirlwind, and charges in his fist a powerful Corkscrew Blow, which leaves the opponent turning into the wall.
E. Honda Ultimate Killer Head Ram: Honda hits the opponent with the Sumo Headbutt, and performs Hundred Hand Slap, followed by a single, powerful slap that pushes the opponent against the wall of the stage. Orochi Breaker: Honda slams the opponent towards the ground, lunges and spins mid-air, and rockets his body on the enemy below.
Elena Brave Dance: Elena hops forward with a jumping knee attack. If the knee lands, she unleashes a flurry of kicks, ending with a multi-hit Spinning Beat, launching them upwards into the air. Healing: Elena ducks down to the ground and glows, rapidly recovering some health.
El Fuerte El Fuerte Giga Buster: Fuerte grabs his opponent by the neck with his legs, slams them against the ground, jumps up, and slams them against the ground again. El Fuerte Ultra Spark: Fuerte spins around the opponent's body, clings his legs up on the opponent's neck and begins to spin, raising the enemy in a helicopter-like fashion. He finishes the move by performing a scissor-lock to the head while still in mid-air.
Evil Ryu Metsu Hadoken: Evil Ryu surges with power as he brings his arms together for the Metsu Hadoken as usual, although it can now be charged for more power. If it is fully charged and used right next to the opponent, an extra cinematic sequence ensues as it inflicts extra damage. After firing it, Evil Ryu seems to reel in pain from the release of power. Messatsu-Goshoryu: Evil Ryu begins performing a series of Shoryukens. If the first two connect, he performs a third Shoryuken which causes the screen to black out. He then draws this black ki into his hand and uses his fist to slam his opponent's face into the ground.
Fei Long Rekkashingeki: Fei Long uses his Rekkaken four times, and uses it a fifth time if the attack misses. If it connects, he hits with a flurry of punches, followed by an uppercut that launches the opponent in the air. He finishes with a blazing aerial kick. Gekirinken: (Counter move) Fei Long kicks the back of the opponent's leg, delivers a flurry of punches, and finishes the Ultra Combo with a powerful punch similar to Bruce Lee's infamous one-inch punch.
Gouken Shin Shoryuken: Gouken punches the opponent twice, ending with a very powerful Shoryuken. If the first hit misses, Gouken performs the Forbidden Shoryuken. Denjin Hadoken: Gouken charges up a Hadoken which will hit the opponent multiple times. The move can stun the opponent if it's charged for a longer period of time.
Gen Zetsuei (Mantis style): Gen phases through his enemy at blinding speed and slashes them thirteen times. After the initial attack, Gen will stand in a pose for a few seconds as the opponent suddenly reacts to the blows and then crumples to the ground.

Ryukoha (Crane style): Gen jumps upward, grabs the enemy from the air, brings them down, following up by spinning around very quickly, making a cyclone and dropping the enemy.
Shitenketsu (Mantis style): Gen rapidly hits the enemy's pressure points before finishing with a strike to the forehead. All of the health taken by this Ultra Combo will instead be converted into yellow health, as if opponent has been weakened considerably.

Teiga (Crane style): Gen phases through his enemy with a flurry of flashy kicks and ends the brutal assault by pinning his opponent on the wall with his foot.
Guile Flash Explosion: Guile performs three powerful Flash Kicks. The second Flash Kick resembles Charlie's Somersault Shell to an extent. Sonic Hurricane: Guile performs a huge and powerful version of his Sonic Boom, which spins in place.
Guy Bushin Goraisenpujin: Guy starts with a set of punches and kicks, and then the last kick sends the opponent airborne. As the opponent is spinning in the air, Guy climbs the walls, grabs the rival in the air and performs the Kaiten Izuna Otoshi. Bushin Muso Renge: Guy starts the combo by kicking the opponent to a distance. He catches up from behind, and does combos from side to side in a blur. He ends it by doing multiple hits through the opponent as the screen turns black for a bit, similar to when Akuma performs the Super Combo version of the Shun Goku Satsu.
Hakan Oil Coaster: Hakan will grab his opponent and then he'll squeeze them tightly that they slip up into the air. Hakan will do some rapid dribble like spin between his arms and then extends both arms in a surfboard like fashion as she/he will slide off his arms, and the opponent is sent flying towards the end of the screen. Oil Combination Hold: Hakan will douse himself in oil and will bait the opponent into falling on him. If the move is successful the opponent will slip off his belly and then he'll grab them and spin on top of them. Hakan then sets his opponent in a reverse torpedo like fashion, and uses his oiled up body to send him/her sliding towards the end of the screen.
Hugo Gigas Breaker: Hugo grabs his opponent and performs two consecutive Shootdown Backbreakers, one bigger than the other, followed by a powerful Moonsault Press. Megaton Press: Hugo grabs his airborne opponent, bearhugs them and moonsault spins in the air multiple times before violently throwing them face-first to the ground and crashing down to earth on top of them with a powerful Moonsault Press.
Ibuki Yoroitoshi: Ibuki starts with an energy-ball explosion and then hits the enemy's stomach while charging energy. She then discharges and trespasses this energy to her elbow, which then passes through the enemy and creates a more powerful spherical energy-ball. If the grab does not connect, she instead sends out a weak red fireball at a very short distance. Hashinsho: Ibuki starts with a set of punches and kicks which lifts up the rival. Ibuki then connects two kicks on the rival in the air and throws a gale of Kunais, forcing the rival to defend him or herself against the gale. After an mid-air elbow, Ibuki appears on opponent's back and whips him/her on the floor.
Juri Feng Shui Engine: Known as a Custom Combo Ultra Combo, this allows Juri to connect regular moves into combos. This gives Juri amazing combo potential. The Revenge Gauge gradually drains and Juri's left eye continuously flashes while the skill is in effect. Kaisen Dankairaku: Juri starts with a rising-spiral kick similar to Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick which hits the opponent and sends them mid-air. Juri then kicks the foe downward, lands on the ground before the opponent, and delivers a strong kick to the opponent's back. With her foot still raised, she taunts him/her, and does an axe kick which sends the opponent to the ground, finishing the Ultra Combo.
Ken Shinryuken: After the initial Shoryuken, Ken performs a punch, a kick set, and finally, his classic Shinryuken with his inside fist, topping off at 17 hits to rival. If the initial Shoryuken doesn't connect, he will perform the classic Shinryuken for less damage. Guren Senpukyaku: Ken sends the opponent to the edge of the screen with a flaming Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, kicks up the opponent, and finishes the opponent with a flaming kick in the air.
M. Bison Nightmare Booster: M. Bison performs the initial two Double Knee Presses from his Knee Press Nightmare Super Combo, follows up with a Psycho Crusher, lifting the opponent up with him, and follows up by slamming the opponent down with a two-armed Devil Reverse and doing a full body Head Press. Psycho Punisher: M. Bison grabs the opponent by the head, and fills his fist with Psycho Power. He then punches his opponent's stomach and allows the charged Psycho Power to 'burst' through him/her.
Makoto Seichusen Godanzuki: Makoto starts with a powerful punch in the groin, delivers a 3-hit combo and finishes with a powerful punch on the enemy's face; sending them flying upward. Abare Tosanami: Makoto climbs on the wall's edge, and launches an aerial kick, a knee smash and another kick. She then rushes to the enemy and lifts them up the Fukiage to their stomach.
Oni Meido Gohado: Oni gathers power for an evil-powered Gohadoken. If it connects at close range, the blast sends the opponent rocketing away. While they're still flying through the air, Oni immediately fires a second Gohadoken into their body which then explodes out of their back, with the energy spraying into the usual "heaven" (天, ten) kanji. Tenchi Sokaigen: Oni gathers great evil energy into his hand with his body turning black and slams it into the ground, generating a pillar of energy similar to Kongou Kokuretsuzan. If it connects at close range, the attack sends the opponent flying into the sky. While the opponent is still reeling from the previous attack, Oni shoots into the sky in flames, striking their exposed back with a deadly Goshoryuken with the traditional "heaven" (天, ten) kanji sprayed in the background.
Poison Love Storm: Poison de-stabilizes her opponent with a large Aeolus Edge, then pins them down to the ground with a double-hitting Love Me Tender. With their rear end exposed up into the air, Poison proceeds to whip their buttocks repeatedly and lash a last blow on their face. Poison Kiss: Poison blows a kiss towards the opponent. If the gesture touches the opponent, Poison slaps them in the face twice, followed by a brutal kick on the groin which slumps them to the ground.
Rolento Patriot Sweeper: Rolento performs an extra-powerful Patriot Circle which launches the opponent into the air. Rolento then jumps extremely high, discards his staff and throws downwards a set of grenades, which detonate simultaneously and scorch the helpless opponent. Rolento falls back to earth and regains his staff. Take No Prisoners: Rolento rapidly reaches down and pulls up a tripwire hidden in the ground, which wraps around the opponent's neck. Rolento then jumps up to attach the wire onto a hook (brought by Rolento's loyal henchman El Gado) in the "ceiling" and pull it downwards, lifting and strangling the opponent, who is subsequently dropped hard to the ground. 
Rose Illusion Spark: Rose launches her scarf outwards, wrapping it around the arm of the opponent. She then launches a surge of her Soul Power which damages the opponent's spirit heavily. Soul Satellite: Rose summons two orbs that act as a shield. These cause damage when the opponent touches them.
Rufus Space Opera Symphony: Rufus performs a series of kicks and punches the opponent, and finally a two-handed strike. Big Bang Typhoon: Rufus starts spinning, which would attract the opponent towards him. If caught, the opponent is hit by a storm of blows, and is sent out flying once the move is done.
Ryu Metsu Hadoken: Ryu prepares a powerful Satsui no Hado infused Hadoken and launches it at the enemy. Metsu Shoryuken: Ryu does an uppercut on the opponent's abdomen, sending him/her mid-air. He then performs an insanely powerful Shoryuken that connects to the opponent's jaw (which is dislocated and can be heard breaking), and launches him/her in the air.
Sagat Tiger Destruction: Sagat strikes with the Tiger Knee, and follows up with Tiger Uppercut, and finally with a powerful flaming Tiger Uppercut with his inside fist. Tiger Cannon: Sagat gathers energy and shoots a powered-up version of the Tiger Shot.
Sakura Haru Ranman: Sakura does 2 sweeps and then an upward kick. If at least one sweep and the kick up hit the opponent, the kick up sends the opponent flying in the air. Sakura then performs the Sakura Otoshi, jumping up and hammer punching them down, and stomps on them. Shinku Hadoken: Sakura performs a powered-up Hadoken. This move can either be ground-based like a normal Hadoken, or launched to the air as an anti-air move as the Shinku Tengyo Hadoken.
Seth Tanden Stream: Seth launches a shockwave with the Yin-Yang symbol that he carries in his abdomen. He then traps his opponent in the Yin-Yang symbol, dealing damage, and expels him/her with massive force, making him/her hit the screen. Tanden Typhoon: Seth turns around and bends over backwards on the floor, using only his head and legs to prop himself up, then creates a typhoon from the Yin-Yang symbol in his abdomen, which does damage if it connects to the opponent.
T. Hawk Raging Typhoon: T. Hawk performs a Mexican Typhoon, slams the rival to the ground, and slams his body on the rival's back, finishing with a Native American greeting, with the right hand up and extended. Raging Slash: T. Hawk starts with the Rising Hawk, catches the opponent mid-air, then throws him/her down on the floor. He then grabs him/her by the leg, and starts slamming the opponent consecutively on the floor. As the enemy bounces off the ground again, T. Hawk ends the combo by grabbing the opponent's leg once again and swinging him/her in the air furiously before violently slamming him/her onto the ground one last time.
Vega Bloody High Claw: Vega will wall jump to any side of the corner and afterwards strikes the opponent side to side multiple times. If the opponent is close enough then the start up phase of the Ultra Combo will lift the opponent in the air. Splendid Claw: Vega will pose for a second. He then slides to the opponent, lifts them up with a Scarlet Terror and ends the Ultra Combo with a crescent-like claw slash to the opponent's chest as they helplessly descend from the air.
Yang Raishin Mahhaken: Yang delivers a mantis claw-like strike to the opponents chest. If it connects, he will continuously strike his opponent from side to side and then end with another mantis claw lunged at a very high speed. Tenshin Senkyutai: Yang performs the Senkyutai to the opponent and lifts them up in the air with him. He will do a series of rapidly fast kicks and ends with him finishing off the opponent with three more powerful kicks.
Yun You Hou: Yun does two open palm like strikes; the first to the opponents chest and the second to the opponents stomach. After launching the opponent in the air with a Tetsuzanko, Yun ends meets him/her with a powerful lunge punch that sends him/her flying. Sorai Rengeki: Yun will swiftly attack his opponent several times and afterwards kicks them up into the air with him. He will then do a skateboard like spin on the opponents back in the air followed by another spin to keep him/her at bay. He will do drill like kicks to his opponents back forcing them to hit the ground faced down finishing the Ultra Combo.
Zangief Ultimate Atomic Buster: Zangief performs an Atomic Suplex to the opponent, and cracks the opponent's spine on his knee like a twig. He follows up by throwing the opponent up, jumping up with him/her and grabbing again, using the Spinning Piledriver. Siberian Blizzard: (Air Ultra Combo) Zangief grabs the opponent by the face. He then rises to the air even further while grabbing the opponent in a headlock. He re-adjusts the hold in mid-air and slams his opponent on the ground by their arms/shoulders.


  • Gen is the only character who, due to having two distinct fighting styles, has two Super and four Ultra Combos (one Super and two Ultras for each style).
  • When Akuma or Oni does an Ultra Combo finish, the flash of the background is black instead of orange, no "K.O." sound shows up, the sound effect of the finish is different, and (in Oni's case) the opponent does not scream.