The Ultra Combo Double (ウルトラコンボダブル Urutora Konbo Daburu?) is a new mechanic introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Ultra Combo Double select

Ultra Combo Double on the Character Select screen, featuring Decapre versus Dudley.

The Ultra Combo Double feature allows players to select both their character's Ultra Combos at the same time - as opposed to choosing between the two. The option can be found on the Ultra Combo Select screen, underneath the character's two Ultra Combos and indicated by a red "W".


Ultra Combo Double

A compilation of shots demonstrating Ryu using both his Ultra Combos in a match.

For most of the cast, Ultra Combo Double reduces the damage output of each Ultra Combo to 75%. However, certain characters are in the 60% tier:


Ultra Combo Double gauge

A zoomed in shot of the Ultra Combo Double Revenge Gauge

For much of the cast, having access to both Ultra Combos at the same time is massively advantageous, as it allows for greater flexibility and more mixups. Most obvious is the advantage it gives to'"grappler' characters such as Hakan, T. HawkZangief and Hugo, each of whose Ultra Combos consist of a grounded Command Grab and an anti-air grab. However, it should be noted that when using Ultra Combo Double, the overall damage output of each Ultra Combo is reduced as a balancing method. In addition, most 'grapplers', along with a few other selected characters, suffer from an even greater damage reduction on their Ultra Combos when using Ultra Combo Double.



Videos exploiting the capability of using both Ultra Combos.


  • The "W" icon is based on the fact that "W" sounds similar to "double", both in English and as Japanese katakana.
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