Under Impact is one of Balrog's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Description Edit

Executed by pressing Light Kick, Medium Kick, and then Heavy Kick, Balrog first delivers a quick, yet short jab to his opponent's body. Once the attack connects, he throws a cross punch. If the second attack hits, Balrog finishes the combination with a strong, downward hook punch that sends his airborne opponent spinning to the ground.

Tactics Edit

This is one of Balrog's target combo that leads to a knockdown. It has the fastest startup with 3 frames for the first attack, making this a good combo to utilize when punishing his opponent without the use of a charged move.

The target combo alone does decent damage all by itself. While it does lead to a knockdown, it cannot be cancelled into any of his special moves. Additionally, this combo creates a bit of separation between himself and his opponent, thus resetting the neutral game. This may be counterproductive, since Balrog's gameplay revolves around him rushing his opponent, suffocating them with tremendous pressure and bullying them with high damaging combos.

However, Under Impact can be cancelled into his Crazy Rush V-Trigger after the second or third hit. The difference is the opponent will still be standing upon cancelling from the second attack, as opposed to the third. When Crazy Rush is activated on the second hit, Balrog can assault his opponent with a barrage of Dash Straights before resetting the combo to inflict maximum damage. If Crazy Rush is activated on the third hit, he can pull off some damaging juggle combos and push his opponent toward the corner.


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