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Underground Arena is a stage in Street Fighter V. It was first seen in Zangief's reveal trailer.


Original version[]

The Underground Arena is used as both Zangief's home stage and the location where Kolin meets her conspirators in A Shadow Falls. On the left side of the stage is a bar with a couple of guests enjoying the fight. In the middle of the stage is a bear that moves from side to side, in relation to the characters who are fighting. In the beginning of the first round, the ring posts (which are shaped like Matryoshka dolls) with chains rise to the arena. On top of the structures are Russian dancers perform Hopak.

The left and right edges of the stage can cause special cinematic knockouts if the final blow is landed at the corners. On the left side, the character is thrown into the bar, crashing into the bottle rack. The bottles shatter and fall off of the rack. As the character falls to the ground and slumps on the counter, the top half of a Matryoshka doll lands on their head. Should another round begin afterwards, the character will start the round with the doll on their head, which can be knocked off during the fight.

On the right side, the character tumbles through arena doors and into the courtyard outside, slamming head-first into a snowman. The second layer of the snowman pops off of the base and lands on top of the character 's midsection, causing the facial expression of the snowman to change into a frown.

Spooky Arena[]

Spooky Arena is an alternate version of the stage released in Halloween in 2017. Necro and his girlfriend Effie appear in the background of this version.


Off Camera Scenery[]