Sf2t cammy stage

Cammy's stage from Super Street Fighter II

The United Kingdom or UK is a constitutional monarchy located on a group of islands in Western Europe. Existing since 1707, in the Street Fighter series, it features stages set in England, Scotland, and Hong Kong (until and before 1997, Hong Kong was a part of the United Kingdom and Colonies and was a British Dependent Territory). Many significant characters have hailed from the UK, most notably Cammy. The country has been in Street Fighter, Super Street Fighter II, the Street Fighter Alpha series, the Street Fighter III series, the Street Fighter IV series, and in Street Fighter V.


Flag of the United Kingdom

Flag of Hong Kong 1959 (British Hong Kong, until and before 1997)

List of fighters who hail from the United KingdomEdit


List of fighters somehow related to the United KingdomEdit

  • Fei Long (in Hong Kong, until and before 1997)
  • Dan (in Hong Kong, until and before 1997)
  • Yun (in Hong Kong, until and before 1997)
  • Yang (in Hong Kong, until and before 1997)
  • Q (Default stage selected in SFIII: 3rd Strike if two players fought as each other)


United Kingdom stagesEdit


  • Capcom uses the Union Flag, or the UK's flag, to represent both Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Stages set in the UK follow two distinctly diverse aesthetic approaches: being set in either fairly grotty, run-down areas (mostly due to being Birdie's home stages) or glamorous, historic and/or classy locales suitable for Cammy, Eagle, and Dudley.
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