The United States Air Force (アメリカ空軍 Amerika Kuugun?, USAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the American uniformed services.

Known membersEdit

Byron TaylorEdit

Byron Taylor (バイロン・テイラー Bairon Teirā?) is an USAF captain general, thus Guile's superior. He is a hard worker, possesses a small private plane, and is a dog lover that keeps five bulldogs.[1] Taylor appears in A Shadow Falls and in the background of the Air Force Base stage.

Charlie NashEdit

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Charlie Nash (チャーリー・ナッシュ Chārī Nasshu?) is a first lieutenant from USAF that went MIA during the Street Fighter Alpha series.

David CrislipEdit

David Crislip (デイビッド・クリスリップ Deibiddo Kurisurippu?) is an USAF member that is seen briefly with Byron Taylor in A Shadow Falls. He specializes in information analysis, his skills being reckoned even by his superior Taylor. David has two daughters and is a game collector, having a game center in his house.

He appears to be named after a Capcom employer with the same name.


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Guile (ガイル Gairu?) is an USAF major.


Joe (ジョー?) is the USAF member seen with David and Taylor in A Shadow Falls.[3] (Not to be confused with the Street Fighter character, Joe).


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Sawada (サワダ?) is a member of the USAF.[4]

Other membersEdit

  • Unnamed members in the background of the Air Force Base stage.
  • Dorothy (ドロシー Doroshī?), a woman who works at the Air Force Base in Street Fighter II V. Ken buys her a drink, and after his fight with Guile, she sends him flowers.
  • Unnamed members in Street Fighter II V.
  • Unnamed member in Street Fighter IV (Guile's commanding officer in his intro).


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