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Gill's stage in Street Fighter III: New Generation, under the Mediterranean Sea.

In the Street Fighter series, certain characters have "unknown" information; most of them are characters that act as (or are related to) the final boss, and are thus often connected to Shadaloo or, in the Street Fighter III series, the Illuminati.

Stages with unknown locations tend to be of a similar nature, or else, in the case of at least one Street Fighter IV, is not a static stage (e.g. a cruise ship).


Flag of Unkown.png Flag of Unknown

Sin flag.png Flag of S.I.N.

Shadaloo flag.png Flag of Shadaloo

IlluminatiFlag.jpg Flag of the Illuminati

Satsui flag.png Flag of the Satsui no Hado

Chikara flag.png Flag of the Power of Nothingness

Characters of unknown nationality[]



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