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Hello, I'm HavocReaper48, or you could just call me Havoc. I'm a wiki administrator who comes around every now and then to fix things up around here. Not too often really.

I'm an admin, so you can (and should) report bad stuff to me.

I play Super Street Fighter IV on Xbox Live, go to my talk if you wanna have a fight over Live. I also have Street Fighter II and the Alpha series.

Yeah, going for a more subtle approach to my page for my "return". Popping in now and then.

I cannot wait for Hyper Super Turbo Street Fighter x Tekken III Strike: The World Warrior 3D Mini Mix Edition Anniversary Collection: The Movie: The Video Game.

Experimental Image Map Go!!![]

Choose your character, literally~! Top row works, working on others. Just click the character to go to their article. (Their pretty close together so try to be precise, aim for their nose).

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