Jojoker "Le Wise"

  • I live in Somewhere among a orange colored sky
  • My occupation is Part-time writer
  • I am Male

"When I look into the past, I see dishonor and hatred. When I look into the future, I am free from the corruption. How glorious it is... A world without you!"

--Urien (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)

Name is Jojoker. I am back after almost a year, I did a little stuff here and there. But now I have some free time, so I hope to get back into helping the wiki.


Please be in Street Fighter 6 you beautiful hermit.

Favorite character is tied between Sagat, G and Akuma. Rose is underrated, we need Haggar in a Street Fighter game, more Oro, and why not a new Street Fighter TV series?

Note on what to do. (Changes over time.) Edit

(This stuff is old, so it will be edited at some point.)

  • Edit Haggar's personality and his appearance from Capcom Fighting Game All-Stars.
  • Do Abel's ending (Guile's too) and rival quotes in SFxT.
  • Do Dhalism's ending (Sagat {quotes for Sagat as well} too) in SFxT.
  • Zangief's minor quotes in SFxT.
  • Add Mako's quotes in SFIII.
  • Input the actions in every ending for Street Fighter IV and it's updates. (Long time goal.)
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