Hi! I guess this is my Introduction. My name is SilverEyedJackal. I'm really just a random, anonymous lurker for the most part. I do hang out on YouTube a little bit. I like the Street Fighter canon. I like the Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide (at GameFaqs). Oh man, UPDATE: Vasili was proven to be wrong. I was very disappointed that he screwed up so badly. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about. If anyone I ever talked to on YouTube reads this, I apologize if I came off too strong or anything like that because I did praise his stuff so much!  That was not my intention. But now, I'm very hopeful the Plot Canon Guide comes back stronger than ever!

I consider myself a casual gameplay guy (who just plays for fun) and a storyline enthusiast. I'm sure there are many people who think the storyline is stupid, but I don't care about that. Lol. I'm a fan of Juli. I admit I like the T.Hawk and Juli coupling! I'm also a fan of the Street Fighter canon couples in general (and Ryu x Chun-Li which is my favorite fanon couple).

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