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{{Quote|{{nihongo|Well then, where do you want me to break you first?|さーて、どっから潰してほしい?|Saate, dokkara tsubushite hoshii?}}|Juri (''[[Street Fighter V]]'')}}
Hello and welcome to my profile!
I'm Saki, a Street Fighter enthusiast from Hungary. I've been playing Street Fighter for 6 years now, my first game was Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, later Ultra Street Fighter IV, but I've also played Street Fighter X Tekken, as well as Street Fighter IV Volt on iOS. I'm enjoying Street Fighter V a lot, I wish there weren't so many issues with it.
I've played on keyboard until the summer of 2015 when I decided to move to arcade stick. I'd started the game with Juri, my favourite Street Fighter character, but as soon as I realised zoning wasn't my style I dropped her and kept switching between Gouken and Seth. Later I've discovered Ibuki and mained her for about 2 years. Meanwhile I picked up Evil Ryu to serve as my secondary whom I stayed with until SFV came out.
I wrote several guides on Steam to help other players and thankfully I've received a lot of positive feedback. Beside that, I used to upload many videos to YouTube, many of which made it to sites like Shoryuken and EventHubs. As community leaders noticed my commitment to the franchise and the community, soon I became an admin in the largest Street Fighter group on Steam. Unfortunately following the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV it became inactive so I left. Additionally, I used to be really active on the Steam forums, helping players with their technical difficulties and game related questions. A few years ago I discovered Reddit and the Street Fighter subreddit, r/StreetFighter. My commitment wasn't left unnoticed there either, it didn't take a lot of time until I took a position in the mod team.
And of course I've always been a regular editor on this Wikia. I discovered it in 2013 and the more I got into the Street Fighter universe the more I became obsessed with it. This obsession and commitment made me continuously edit and supervise the Wiki almost every day, which resulted in me adopting it in 2016. The reason for my adoption was simple; there were two admins but they haven't been active for a long time and the Wikia wasn't moderated at all so I submitted my request and soon I was made the SF Wikia's new admin.
'''If you have a problem with anything, feel free to drop by and let me know, I'll see what I can do. My main goal is to keep this place clean and organised, so that if someone wants to learn more about Street Fighter, there's nothing stopping them from doing so.'''

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