AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 22 September 2020

About Videos V3

So my archive drive messed up... fortunately not the hardware itself just the casing. I saw there was a way to solder back the connector but I was lazy. I got this nice looking case that is both sturdy on the outside but instead uses USB to USB instead of that weird looking delicate connection external SSD's use. After transfering the insides it works like a champ and I even prefer it this way. I will be re-uploading videos including stuff like all the Attract Mode/intros/endings I uploaded before. Also the attacks like Ultras, CA's and supers. I am sure I put it most of it on my archive.

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 21 September 2020

About Videos V2

So... I decided to finally stop being lazy and am re-uploading videos. Very fortunately for me since I didn't change the name after rendering most videos should have the exact same name on my archive hard disc that I uploaded on the wiki to so this means if I simply re-upload the same file without changing anything the old unworking video gets replaced with the new working one immediately.

So I am kind of asking y'all not to delete videos that don't work that were uploaded by me. It would make things a whole lot easier as all I need to do is simply re-upload instead of upload and re-link. I do know about the "Chun-Lo" mistake... sorry about that.

EDIT: Well the re-uploading is now officially on hold. For some reason the USB port of my HHD ju…

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 28 June 2020

About videos...

So for backstory I deleted my old youtube channel due to no longer having desire to actually make videos anymore. At first I thought if I just hid my channel then my videos would stay up but the channel would be invisible... turns out that wasn't the case.

So what I am doing now is I just made a new youtube channel ONLY for Wiki stuff. All the videos that were posted on my old channel are not going to work but fortunately I do have an archive of my videos and I will upload them when I can back into the wiki. It will take a while.

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 22 February 2020

As a new admin

Hi everyone. Recently I have been given the chance to become an admin after all previous admins have stepped away or have gone inactive. I will not act ignorant though and I know I have had quite a bit of beef with other users but I have always felt it was healthy argument that never went out of hand. I feel all good communities need some sort of quarrel as I don't think mindlessly agreeing is a good idea.

In terms of actually playing. My real playing and learning comes from three games. Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Street Fighter V. Some old school people might laugh at it but I feel that in terms of up to the latest game what I know is pretty accurate as those games share many core mechanics (some that I have made artic…

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 1 January 2020

Happy new year!

I don't have much to offer here... due to us not knowing each other. So what I will offer is y'all the icon that I used during Christmas Season. Cost me 20 dollars lawl.

Note: this is fanart so don't let it in anywhere "official" here.

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