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  • AtomicDropped

    As a new admin

    February 22, 2020 by AtomicDropped

    Hi everyone. Recently I have been given the chance to become an admin after all previous admins have stepped away or have gone inactive. I will not act ignorant though and I know I have had quite a bit of beef with other users but I have always felt it was healthy argument that never went out of hand. I feel all good communities need some sort of quarrel as I don't think mindlessly agreeing is a good idea.

    Now, let me introduce myself. My name is AtomicDropped (not real). I have been an Ibuki main since I won a College Melee tournament . I won a giftcard to Gamecrazy (alongside a magezine subscription) and had a PS2 at the time. I bought Street Fighter 15 Anniversary Collection and Capcom Fighting Evolution with the gift card. It was there …

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  • AtomicDropped

    Happy new year!

    January 1, 2020 by AtomicDropped

    I don't have much to offer here... due to us not knowing each other. So what I will offer is y'all the icon that I used during Christmas Season. Cost me 20 dollars lawl.

    Note: this is fanart so don't let it in anywhere "official" here.

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  • AtomicDropped

    Merry Christmas Again

    December 26, 2019 by AtomicDropped

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is warm and cozy inside their home... I was gifted a Switch this year (V2, not the lite but the revision of the original with the better battery life. The one that comes in the red box).

    Y'all can have that pic btw. Should be easy to download. My gift to y'all.

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  • AtomicDropped

    More SFV is weird.

    December 10, 2019 by AtomicDropped

    So I was doing some more testing with the green screen for transparent gifs. I was starting to think that default outfits didn't play well with the green screen, but then saw Poison's default worked perfectly. But here are the results for Ibuki and Abigail.

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  • AtomicDropped

    SFV is weird

    December 9, 2019 by AtomicDropped

    Ok so on my last post I stated about how I learned to do BG less gifs. Well for some reason Ibuki's default outfit has her legs become greenish which makes it impossible to remove BG while she is wearing it. But for some reason her Sporty outfit is a shade of green but it also works perfectly. I suspect it is a layer problem

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