I am constantly hearing "no mods" or fanart or similar whateverthehell (and even one time accused of uploading them when I was uploading the monster hunter outfits).
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Ibuki's outfit here is a mod... also lol at her partner

Well I was doing my work on my vast knowledge of Ibuki trivia and I noticed something the video that appears to introduce her. That outfit she is wearing in the SFXT part... yeah that is a mod. I found the page offering the mod here. If anyone is interested I posted her three official outfits in her SFXT gallery.

It is a little insulting for me to be accused of such a thing but no one seemingly has caught this. It isn't the end of the world, just a little annoying. I remember seeing somewhere that fanart is usually only good for pages and blogs so... Anyone like my commissioned sfxt fanart?

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