Hi everyone. Recently I have been given the chance to become an admin after all previous admins have stepped away or have gone inactive. I will not act ignorant though and I know I have had quite a bit of beef with other users but I have always felt it was healthy argument that never went out of hand. I feel all good communities need some sort of quarrel as I don't think mindlessly agreeing is a good idea.

In terms of actually playing. My real playing and learning comes from three games. Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Street Fighter V. Some old school people might laugh at it but I feel that in terms of up to the latest game what I know is pretty accurate as those games share many core mechanics (some that I have made articles such as Option Select or [[Damage Scaling}). I was never a pro though but I always kept up through learning what stuff is so I could usually understand what the "pros" were saying.

PERSONAL... things (don't know how to word it)

Now this section might be a little intimidating, but honestly I feel a little of this has to be done. I will try and be reasonable. Understand there are other admins but this is how I operate more or less.

  • I do NOT have a problem with one character being used as an example. Some of you might be a little like you already know but also I encourage if you do not like an example character you could submit your own character example (as long as it is similar visual quality, AKA not taken with a potato). I could help out with this when I can, I understand that some angles alongside the default outfits (or some outfits in general) of female characters can look a little wrong so I could take it different as I have the materials.
  • I know it is a little hard to cite some things (like calling a tick throw a... tick throw). Just try your best on this front. Details help, so do examples.
  • Try and be consistent. I won't say where I saw this example but I saw this in another wiki like "X is xx's strongest attack, then X2 is also xx's strongest attack" when one is obviously stronger. references work good too. One thing that irked me irl was when the WWE championship was clearly on top of the world title but they only acted like they were equal when it fitted the narrative... I watch wwe.
  • Work on termology. I feel some people in the community (SF, not this wiki) use some words without actually knowing what they are. I heard someone call going over another attack a Low Profile... like going over another attack is going low... or using Hitbox and Hurtbox interjectably. BTW That Zelda meme is HURTBOX not frikin hitbox.

Either way, that is all I can think of. I need to change my profile sometime. I will try not to be different than how hands off Saki was and only try to get involved when someone asks something. Later.

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