Lady Dethklok

aka Queenklok

  • I live in Mordhaus
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is Lead singer of a melodic deth metal band
  • I am Female
  • Lady Dethklok

    Nicknames of SFV characters that I made up 

    1. White Dragon 

    2. My legs do the talking 

    3. Part soldier, part man, ALL ZOMBIE 

    4. the Root of all evil 

    5. the Jade 

    6. Chains excite me 

    7. the Fiery Fist O' Pain 

    8. Hello, I am here to DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!

    9. Kiss of a rose 

    10. Flamboyancy at its best  

    11. the Whirlwind 

    12. Young Heiress 

    13. Russian Red 

    14. Electric feel, Now 

    15. Let this fight warm your body like the heat of 1,000 fires 

    16. Toxicity 

    17. He's just a poor boah, From a poor family 

    18. I put the "BOOM" in "Baby Boomer" 

    19. Swift on her feet 

    20. Headbutt happy gambling womanizer 

    21. I'll take you here, Take you there, Take you under 

    22. I command this magnetic force of a man to be mine 

    23. the King Of The Iron Fist 

    24. CHILLAH WILLAH!!!!!…

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  • Lady Dethklok

    According to  Twitter dataminer X-Kira, The next DLC character in SFV will be none other than Seth. Seth, who made his last appearance in the Street Fighter IV series, Is a synthetic human who, Like Juri, Wields the Tanden Engine, However, It is located in his stomach rather than his eye. 

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