The Street Fighter of my dreams

The Street Fighter of my dreams is a 3D fantasy beat'em up! Each character can do a Focus Attack, a Super Combo, two Ultra Combos, an Excel Combo and three Meteor Combos! There are many modes like: Story Mode, Tag Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode, Survival Mode, Original Mode, Challenge Mode, Time Attack Mode, Ranking and Quest Mode, On-Line Mode and Pratice Mode.

New Entries

Many but many new characters, including:

  • Bloody Fang (A german wild humanoid wolf, intelligent as humans but without the ability to speak)
  • Chen Liang Wei
  • Han Yeunja (Mei Xie's best friend and Juri's younger sister, she try to leave her sister from the evil)
  • Helia (A S.I.N. member with a bionic eye and a cybernetic arm)
  • Karate Clown
  • Kuron Ryu X (A Ryu's intelligent clone made in laboratory by Seth)
  • Mei Xie (Yeunja's best friend and Gen's grandaughter, she try to leave her grandfather from the evil)

(New Enrties voice is under production)

Character Roster


Final Boss