XonoX XonoX 3 September 2013

Any ideas

If anyone has any ideas on how i could become better on this wiki i would like to hear your ideas.

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XonoX XonoX 26 June 2013

New Super/Ultra Combos

New Super/Ultra Combo Ideas:

for example:

If they ever make a street fighter tag team game with just street fighter characters, and they add evil ryu and oni, and they add team attacks specific to each character, evil ryu and oni should do a team attack. Evil ryu does his mesatsuu goshoryuu ultra combo but before the final blow oni does his tenchi sokaigen but only the part were he jumps into the air. At that time evil ryu dives down with the final punch and both oni and evil ryu punch the opponent at the same time with the final blow of there 2nd ultra combo in super street fighter four arcade edition and oni then says "We, are evil incarnate!". Just watch Oni do his 2nd ultra combo and picture evil ryu puching the opponent from above. And …

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