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When the V-Gauge has one bar. It allows the player to use a V-Reversal.

The V-Reversal (Vリバーサル V Ribaasaru?) is a mechanic introduced in Street Fighter V. V-Reversal is one of four divisions of the V-Gauge, along the V-Skill, V-Shift, and V-Trigger.



Executed by pressing forward and pressing all three punch or kick buttons after blocking an attack, the V-Reversal uses one bar of the V-Gauge to perform a counter technique, similar to the Alpha Counter of the Street Fighter Alpha series.

Some V-Reversals are attacks that either knock down the opponent, or push them backwards to give their character some space, dealing Provisional Damage and being incapable of knocking an opponent out. Other V-Reversals places their character on the opposite side of the screen. V-Reversals are safe on block (with the exception of Cammy's) and are strike and projectile-invincible, though can be grabbed if an opponent recovers in time. They also reduce the user's stun gauge on hit and whiff, making them useful in scenarios where being stunned is a significant threat.

List of V-Reversals[]

Character Button V-Reversal Damage
Abigail K Ontario Drop 60
Akira P Gutsy Counter 60
Akuma K Gosenkyaku 60
Alex K Big Boot 60
Balrog P Buffalo Headbutt 60
Birdie P Pepper Pot 60
Blanka P Quick Rolling 60
Cammy K Strike Back 60
Chun-Li P Sou Hakkei 40
Cody K Prison Breaker 60
Dan P Saikyo-Style Kaihi Jutsu 0
Dhalsim P Yoga Mala 60
E. Honda P Raiden-Ho 60
Ed K Kill Step 0
F.A.N.G P Nikaiho 0
Falke P Psycho Impulse 60
G K G Revenge 60
Gill K Pyro Reverse Kick 60
Guile P Reverse Back Knuckle 60
Ibuki P Hanagasumi 60
Juri K Kaisenrenkyaku 60
Kage P Senbugeki 40
Karin P Yasha Gaeshi 60
Ken K Senpu Nataotoshi 40
Kolin K Third Eye 0
Laura P Double Slap 60
Lucia P Hammer Knuckle 60
Luke K Ejector 60
M. Bison P Psycho Burst 60
Menat P Left Eye of the Lion 0
Nash P Sonic Move 0
Necalli P The Calling 60
Oro P Ashi Barai 60
Poison P Power Cord 60
R. Mika K Peach Gator 60
Rashid P Sliding Roll 0
Rose P Soul Reflect 60
Ryu P Hashogeki 60
Sagat K Tiger Revenge 60
Sakura K Floral Spin 60
Seth P Calamity Shutter 60
Urien P Anger Snap Fist 60
Vega P/K Backslash/Short Backlash 0
Zangief K Muscle Explosion 40
Zeku P Toushi 40



  • The inability for V-Reversals to score a KO follows the nerf Cross Cancels acquired on their native game in the latest update.