The V-Shift is a mechanic introduced in the fifth season of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. V-Shift is one of four divisions of the V-Gauge, along the V-Reversal, V-Skill, and V-Trigger.

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Description[edit | edit source]

Ryu using his V-Shift to counter Rashid's attack.

A new defensive option that uses one bar of the V-Gauge. By pressing Heavy Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, the character perform a back dash with the character's entire body radiating with blue energy. After activation, the character is invincible to almost any attack; including throws and projectiles. When a character performs a V-Shift as the opponent attacks, a brief "slowdown" occurs until the end of the animation of the back dash; thus ending the character's invincibility state. The slowdown does not occur against a throw.

Another follow-up added to this mechanic is the V-Shift Break, which is a counterattack. During the slowdown effect after avoiding the attack, by pressing Heavy Punch and Medium Kick again, the character retaliates with a strike that knocks the opponent back and inflict provisional damage. Not only does the V-Shift Break have decent range, but it allows the player to break through an opponent's chain of attacks.

List of V-Shift Breaks[edit | edit source]

Character V-Shift Break
Abigail Abigail Junker
Akira ?
Akuma Rasen Shuto Uchi
Alex War Hammer
Balrog Buffalo Breaker
Birdie Bull Crush
Blanka Anaconda's Maw
Cammy Counter Spike
Chun-Li Ensenbu
Cody Payback
Dan Saikyo Donukigeri
Dhalsim Yoga Bazooka
E. Honda Super Sumo Impact
Ed Psycho Split
F.A.N.G Ryosenbu
Falke Psycho Aufstand
G G Elimination
Gill Radiant Judgement
Guile Ambush Kick
Ibuki Chizuri Hayabusa
Juri Kuboshu
Kage Yashazuki
Karin Koka Tenshinchu: Sumeragi
Ken Shadow Thunder-Kick
Kolin Cold Snap
Laura Neutralize
Lucia Peacekeeper
M. Bison Psycho Fist
Menat Sistrum of Fortune
Nash Vengeful Bullet
Necalli Midnight Howl
Oro ?
Poison Danger Zone
R. Mika Gutsy Lariat
Rashid Eagle Slash
Rose Soul Veloce
Ryu Fumikomi Jodan Kagizuki
Sagat Tiger Tornado
Sakura Floral Side-Kick
Seth Hell's Punishment
Urien Tyrant Kick
Vega Beautiful Severance
Zangief Colossal Boot
Zeku Bushin Murakumo (Old form)
Habakiri (Young form)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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