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The V-Shift is a mechanic introduced in the fifth season of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. V-Shift is one of four divisions of the V-Gauge, along the V-Reversal, V-Skill, and V-Trigger.

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Ryu using his V-Shift to counter Rashid's attack.

A new defensive option that uses a half bar of the V-Gauge. By pressing Heavy Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, the character perform a back dash with the character's entire body radiating with blue energy. After activation, the character is invincible to almost any attack; including throws and projectiles. When a character performs a V-Shift as the opponent attacks, a brief "slowdown" occurs until the end of the animation of the back dash; thus ending the character's invincibility state. The slowdown does not occur against a throw.

Another follow-up added to this mechanic is the V-Shift Break, which is a counterattack. During the slowdown effect after avoiding the attack, by pressing Heavy Punch and Medium Kick again, the character retaliates with a strike that knocks the opponent back and inflict provisional damage. Not only does the V-Shift Break have decent range, but it allows the player to break through an opponent's chain of attacks.

List of V-Shift Breaks[]

Character V-Shift Break
Abigail Abigail Junker
Akira Genkorichu
Akuma Rasen Shuto Uchi
Alex War Hammer
Balrog Buffalo Breaker
Birdie Bull Crush
Blanka Anaconda's Maw
Cammy Counter Spike
Chun-Li Ensenbu
Cody Payback
Dan Saikyo Donukigeri
Dhalsim Yoga Bazooka
E. Honda Super Sumo Impact
Ed Psycho Split
F.A.N.G Ryosenbu
Falke Psycho Aufstand
G G Elimination
Gill Radiant Judgement
Guile Ambush Kick
Ibuki Chizuri Hayabusa
Juri Kuboshu
Kage Yashazuki
Karin Koka Tenshinchu: Sumeragi
Ken Shadow Thunder-Kick
Kolin Cold Snap
Laura Neutralize
Lucia Peacekeeper
Luke Downward Strike
M. Bison Psycho Fist
Menat Sistrum of Fortune
Nash Vengeful Bullet
Necalli Midnight Howl
Oro Okabuto Wari
Poison Danger Zone
R. Mika Gutsy Lariat
Rashid Eagle Slash
Rose Soul Veloce
Ryu Fumikomi Jodan Kagizuki
Sagat Tiger Tornado
Sakura Floral Side-Kick
Seth Hell's Punishment
Urien Tyrant Kick
Vega Beautiful Severance
Zangief Colossal Boot
Zeku Bushin Murakumo (Old form)
Habakiri (Young form)


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