The V-Skill (Vスキル V Sukiru?) is a mechanic introduced in Street Fighter V.


V-Skills are free-to-use actions unique to each character. As they are all activated by pressing both medium attack buttons, they replace the Focus Attack from the Street Fighter IV series.

The skill itself varies depending on the character; successfully using them builds the V-Gauge, which is needed for V-Triggers and V-Reversals. Players can use the V-Skill at the desired moment over again.

V-Skills Edit

Character V-Skill
Abigail Hungabee
Akuma Rakan
Alex Overhaul
Balrog KKB
Birdie Break Time
Blanka Coward Crouch
Cammy Quick Spin Knuckle
Chun-Li Rankyaku
Cody Double Kick
Dhalsim Yoga Float
E. Honda Neko Damashi
Ed Psycho Snatcher
Falke Psycho Trombe
F.A.N.G Nishodoku
G G Barrier
Guile Sonic Blade
Ibuki Tenrai
Juri Kasatsushu
Kage Senha Kassatsu
Karin Meioken
Ken Quick Step
Kolin Inside Slash
Laura Volty Line
Linear Movement
Lucia Tap-Kick
M. Bison Psycho Reflect
Menat Soul Reflect: Kamal/Stella
Nash Bullet Clear
Necalli Culminated Power
Poison Perfume Swing
R. Mika Mic Performance
Rashid Front Flip
Rolling Assault
Ryu Mind's Eye
Sagat Angry Charge
Sakura Haru Kaze
Urien Metallic Aura
Vega Matador Turn
Zangief Iron Muscle
Zeku Fukuro (Old form)
Tenpo Kari (Young form)

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