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The V-Trigger (Vトリガー V Torigaa?) is a mechanic introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick



A full V-Gauge

Executed by pressing both Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, the character activates their V-Trigger. These moves vary depending on the character. Some fighters gain access to a power-up that enhances their moves or abilities that lasts for a limited amount of time. Others perform a single move that can turn the tide of battle. A few characters gain access to a special move that can only be acquired on activation of their V-Trigger.

In order to obtain V-Trigger, the character's V-Gauge must be full. Characters can build V-Gauge by using their specific V-Skill, blocking the opponent's attacks, landing crush counters, or taking damage. Some V-Triggers are 2-bar, while others are 3-bar. Dan is an exception to this rule, with his first V-Trigger being a 1-bar. When activated, wisps of energy will flow around the character to signify that they have entered V-Trigger mode. Using a character's V-Trigger will slowly, moderately, or instantly deplete the V-Gauge. V-Triggers tend to take more than one point on the Damage Scaling chart, for the ones that directly do damage.

In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition all playable fighters gain a second V-Trigger. Their original ones are referred to in-game as "V-Trigger I" while the second ones are labelled "V-Trigger II".

List of V-Triggers[]

Character V-Trigger I V-Trigger II
Abigail Max Power - Abigail's body turns red and allows his Heavy Punch normal moves to charge and gains 1-Hit Armor during a Charge. At full charge, his heavy punches break guards and gain additional properties (for instance, standing HP crumples, and forward HP wall bounces). Hybrid Charge - Pressing HP+HK will result in Abigail performing a Metro Crash, a rushing headbutt charge based on his charge attack as a boss in Final Fight. It has hyper armor, can be charged and will guard break if fully charged.
Akira Otoko no Senaka - Akira summons her brother Daigo to slam the opponent with a crumpling ground pound before he explodes in a massive burst of energy. Akira can either use him as a tool to pressure opponents or a combo extender for massive damage Haten no Kamae - Akira gains Haten no Kamae, a stance that lets her perform Ha no Sogeki, a powerful barrage of attacks that can be cancelled into Critical Art, Ha no Renbu, a safe option for pressure, or Ten no Renbu, a projectile invincible somersault combo. She can also cancel the stance as a combo extender. She can use Haten no Kamae three times total.
Akuma Dohatsu Shoten - Akuma's specials gains new properties. His Gohadoken hits twice, he can fire two Zanku Hadoken, and his Goshoryuken ends with him driving his opponents into the ground. He also can only use Shun Goku Satsu while Dohatsu Shoten is active. Shiretsu Hasshi - Akuma gains the ability to cancel his special moves or standing heavy attacks into EX Special moves by using his V-Gauge, with no Super Gauge spent.
Alex Rage Shift - Alex gains the ability to use Sledge Hammer, a charging clothesline move. At full charge, it can break enemy's guard and position him behind them as they are crumpled. Alex can follow up with Heavy Hammer, Power Bomb, or Air Knee Smash. Rage Boost - Alex gains the ability to use a Flying DDT move by pressing the V-Trigger buttons and can also use Choke Sleeper after Flash Chop.
Balrog Crazy Rush - Balrog can follow up after Dash Straight and Dash Grand Blow with chaining Charging Buffalo and Bursting Buffalo up to four times. EX versions and also be changed up to 2 times. No Mercy - Balrog gains a command grab B3, in which he grabs the opponent, headbutts, performs two uppercuts, and smashes the opponent to the ground in that order.
Birdie Enjoy Time - Birdie eats a whole pepper, turning his skin red as he breathes fire. It increasing his damage by 20%, increases movement, and causes guard breaks when using specials. Bull Head and Bull Horn gains armor. Birdie Time - Birdie drinks pepper sauce, breathing a fire with anti-air properties. He can also close the gap with new chains moves.
Blanka Jungle Dynamo - Blanka gains access to Ground Shave Roll by pressing the high buttons, his roll attacks gains eletrical properties, and more range to his Electric Thunder. Lightning Beast - Blanka can use Beast Cannon by pressing a direction and the Heavy buttons after performing an roll attack.
Cammy Delta Drive - Cammy gains increased speed and her next two special moves gain new properties. Spiral Arrow hits multiple times and sends the opponent airborne. Cannon Spike gains increased hits. Cannon Strike hits multiple times and can pass through the opponent. Delta Advance - Cammy leaps toward her opponent with Delta Ambush by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick. Press kick during Delta Ambush for the downward kick overhead, Reverse Edge, or press punch for the command throw, Delta Twist. Cammy can also dash toward her opponent by pressing forward plus Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick. Although there are no move variations from Delta Step, Cammy can cancel her normal moves from the dash. Use it in combos, or to help her keep up a fast-paced offensive rush.
Chun-Li Renkiko - Chun-Li's normals gain new properties: Light normals gain additional damage, Medium normals deal one additional hit, Hard normals deal two additional hits. Kikosho - Chun-Li charges ki on her hands and create a huge sphere of Ki in front of her. Holding the buttons allows a additional charge for more damage and can cause guard break.
Cody Side Arm - Cody pulls out his knife, gaining new properties to his punching normals, access to a new move Rapid Fire, and the ability to throw the knife as a projectile. Dirty Coach - Cody pulls out a steel pipe, gaining range on his heavy punching normals. Cody gains a new command grab, can reflect projectiles, and bat rocks at his opponents with the pipe.
Dan Haoh Gadoken - Dan fires a large, stationary, multi-hitting Gadoken that knocks the opponent back, for a forward dash follow-up. It also causes a guard break if the opponent blocks the projectile. Tenchi Saikyo no Kata - Dan's Gadoken becomes Haten Gadoken, which gains additional hits and gives him a juggle opportunity. Koryuken also becomes Goh Koryuken, which is fully invincible and can be cancelled into his first V-Skill.
Dhalsim Yoga Burner - Dhalsim breathes fire onto the ground, causing part of it to burn. If the opponent stands on it, they will take continuous grey damage while the flames are active. Yoga Sansara - Dhalsim breathes a small multi-hit fireball which doesn't move, similar to Guile's V-Skill Sonic Blade. Hitting it with a Yoga Flame or Yoga Gale the first time will increase the fireball's size and will move it. Doing it again will change the trajectory.
E. Honda Onigawara - By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick, E. Honda performs the Oni-Daikaku, a more potent version of the Sumo Headbutt that can power through his opponent's attacks. By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick upon hitting his opponent with the initial headbutt, E. Honda performs the Oni-Muso, which is an additional Sumo Headbutt. Tajikarao - By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick during while this V-Trigger is active, E. Honda performs the Iwato Biraki, a running command grab that carries the opponent toward the closest corner. He finishes the move by violently throwing his opponent against the wall, causing them to bounce off of the wall and preventing them from back rising.
Ed Psycho Cannon - Ed summons a slow, but large orb of Psycho Power that travels a short distance towards his opponent and deals damage if it hits. Enhanced Snatcher - Ed gains access to Ultra Snatcher, sending a blast of Psycho Power to approach his opponent from the ground or to end combos with the anti-air version.
F.A.N.G Dokunomu - F.A.N.G releases his poison from his sleeves, causing opponents standing by him to take continuous poison damage. Nishodoku also becomes faster and now has hitstun. Koryo Dokuda - F.A.N.G projectiles like Nishikyu and Ryobenda are improved, players can also use Nikankyaku from Nishikyu.
Falke Staerken - Falke powers up her ability to infuse and release Psycho Power from her staff, this will allow her to use additional versions of her special moves without needing to charge up in advance. Psycho Angriff - Falke performs a staff sweep infused with Psycho Energy on activation. She can then perform Psycho Sturm, a powerful swing, and Psycho Klinge, an overhead that leads to combos afterward.
G Maximum President - G turns gold, making all of his special moves act as if he has maximum Presidentiality while active. His V-Skill also becomes a projectile that can be performed both in the air and on the ground and can be cancelled into from his special moves. Dangerous President - G's hands turn molten, giving him access to G Explosion and G Rage.
Gill Primal Fire - Gill's fire-based special attacks gets powered up, causing them to set the opponent on fire without having to spend any bar on the EX versions. It also unlocks two additional flaming attacks. Burn Storm is a burning tempest that can be cancelled from most of Gill’s normal attacks and Flame Javelin is a fast moving projectile that strikes the ground like a mini meteorite. Ice of Doom - Powers up Gill's ice-based specials. It also unlocks two additional moves. Tree of Frost is a frozen pillar of spikes that rapidly grows from Gill's outstretched palm. If it strikes the opponent while they’re in a burning state, the Retribution effect will cause a wall bounce. Delay Freeze Lance sets a trap on the ground that functions like a proximity mine. If the opponent trigger it without blocking, the ensuing detonation will freeze them in place and leave them open for an combo.
Guile Solid Puncher - Guile surrounds his fists with Sonic Boom-like energy. After Guile performs Sonic Boom, he can follow up with up to seven mini Sonic Booms. His Critical Art becomes Sonic Tempest during the V-Trigger's duration. Knife Edge - Guile surrounds his legs with Sonic Boom-like energy. After Guile performs Somersault Kick, it creates a forward-moving projectile where the move was performed, which can be used for juggle combos. His EX Somersault Kick turns into his Double Somersault Super Combo from Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
Ibuki Rokushaku Horokudama - Ibuki throws a bomb that will either explode after 1 or 3 seconds depending on the input on the player. Ibuki can throw up to two bombs during the duration. Fuma Shuriken - Ibuki throws a boomerang shuriken; default is Haku, back gives anti-air Kokufu.
Juri Feng Shui Engine type α - Juri removes her eye patch, allowing her to chain normals in increasing intensity and Fuharenkyaku no longer requires charging while active. Each use of Fuharenkyaku depletes the V-Trigger timer. Feng Shui Engine Beta - Juri throws a kick and temporarily drains EX meter. Drain does not occur during throws or in air.
Kage Taigyaku Mudo - Kage can use the Ashura Senku, which also works when airborne and can be used to cancel from special moves. This also greatly enhances the properties of the Senha Kassatsu or the Sekieiken Rikudo Osatsu - Kage can use the Misogi and he also gains a second Critical Art in the form of the Shun Goku Satsu.
Karin Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata - Karin gains access to Guren Ken, giving her more moveset options due to the move. She can use Guren Ken special string up to three times during the duration. Tenha No Kata - Pressing the Heavy buttons again allows Karin to perform her Yasha Gaeshi Tenchi counter move from the Alpha series. The follow-up will depend of the type of attack, with Ten launching opponents for a juggle and Chi crumpling opponents.
Ken Heat Rush - Ken dashes a short distance forward and channels flames throughout his body, increasing the damage he deals and changing the trajectory of his Special Moves for greater combo potential. His Hadoken becomes Shakunetsu Hadoken and his Tatsumaki Senpukyaku gains a flaming effect alongside the damage increase. Shinryuken - Ken performs a vertical, corkscrew-like Shoryuken with flames and a "vacuum" properties that allows followup attacks. Tapping the buttons while performing the move grants additional damage.
Kolin Diamond Dust - Kolin kicks the ground, causing a line of icicles to erupt from the ground, inflicting a frost condition on her opponent. When in the state of frost, the opponents stun meter will not decrease unless they hit Kolin. If her opponent is Stunned while inflicted with frost, they are instead Frozen, having the same properties of Stun, but the opponent will slowly take damage while Frozen. Absolute Zero - When activated, Kolin's punch attacks gain a range buff, while Hailstorm increases in size. Kolin's dash now has her slide across the screen on a sheet of ice. Using HP+HK has her use Frost Edge, a quick lunging strike attack. If it connects while working in tandem with her dash, press HP+HK once more to perform Reverse Javelin, a strike that will inflict the Frost status on her opponents.
Laura Spark Show - Laura charges her hands with electricity. All of Laura's throws now inflict more damage and stun. Linear Movement increases in speed and movement. Thunder Clap travels farther and faster. Shock Stance - Players can use HP+HK for Matsuda Sway, a stance which grants Laura hit invulnerability, and again for Shock Choke, a command grab with great hitstun that allows for followup attacks.
Lucia Burning Fight - Lucia hops in place as her feet produces alternating bursts of flames. While this move is active, all of her kick-based special moves, as well as her V-Skill are enhanced. Weapon Fury - Lucia equips herself with her MCPD baton. She gains access to an exclusive move called Tactical Weapon by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick. Lucia swings her nightstick downward on top of her opponent. If the initial move connects, she follows up with an upward swing that sends her opponent tumbling to the ground, allowing her to follow-up with another special attack.
Luke Fully Armed - Vanguard -
M. Bison Psycho Power - M. Bison's dashes become phasing teleports, increasing his dash speed. He can also chain special moves into EX special moves without charging. Psycho Nightmare - M. Bison gains a new command grab that infuses Psycho Power on the opponent, which will detonate either after a set amount of time, or remotely. Using the V-Trigger buttons also allow M. Bison to use his signature Psycho Crusher.
Menat Wisdom of Thoth - Menat summons six Soul Power orbs, which can be launched at the opponent, helping to extend combos. Prophecy of Thoth - Menat summons six orbs, and can alter its direction spread, either being it straight to the target, or at different places on the stage.
Nash Sonic Move - Nash teleports above, away, or behind his opponent, leading to several mix-up options. Stealth Dash - Nash dashes towards the opponent, and using a kick button allows him to perform a Somersault Shell, while using a punch button makes him perform Justice Corridor, a overhead punch.
Necalli Torrent of Power - Necalli changes form, gaining a huge surge of negative energy for a short period of time. Necalli gains additional bonuses to his attacks. His Critical Art also becomes Soul Offering. He also gains access to Clouded Mirror, a chargeable pouncing attack that can be canceled into. Eruption of Power - Necalli gains the same benefits that he obtains from Torrent of Power permanently. He does not gain Clouded Mirror, but instead gets Heart of Gold, a slow moving, multi-hitting projectile attack useful for wake-up pressure.
Oro Manrikitan - Oro gains access to Kishin Riki, a powerful command throw that can be performed in the air and on the ground. It can also be cancelled into from his attacks. Tengu Stone - Oro summons three random objects around him that can be used in combos. The objects follow up his normal attacks and can be used in juggles. If down is held during the input, the attack becomes Tengu Midare Stone, which summons five objects instead of three but wears off faster.
Poison Poison Cocktail - Poison gains access to Molotov cocktails to be used in the fight as an exclusive special move called Fire Squall. By pressing back, plus Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick, Poison tosses the bottle straight up. Pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously throws the straight cocktail at her opponent. When the bottle hits the ground or makes contact with her opponent, it explodes and creates a small carpet of fire. Toxic Glamor - Poison's gains access to two command grabs that are only exclusive to this V-Trigger: Toxic Hold and Toxic Bind. Each can be used to end combos and knock the opponent back.
R. Mika C'Mon, Nadeshiko! - R. Mika calls upon her tag team partner Nadeshiko. Depending on the direction pressed during activation, Nadeshiko will appear either in front or behind the opponent with a drop kick which sends their opponent airborne or above with a body slam, adding an additional hit. Nadeshiko can be delayed if the V-Trigger buttons are held, rather than pressed. Steel Chair - R. Mika calls upon her tag team partner Nadeshiko. Depending on whether the buttons are pressed or held, Nadeshiko will run onscreen with a steel chair and will either throw it at the opponent if pressed, or will run to the opponent and bash them with the chair twice it if the buttons are held.
Rashid Ysaar - Rashid kicks up a whirlwind that hits the opponent multiple times and will negate projectiles while active. Rashid gains increased movement speed if he walks through it and any dash specials gain speed, range and power if he goes through it. Easifa - The attack boosts kicks (which includes Whirlwind Shot and Eagle Spike), players can wall jump after EX Eagle and use HP+HK for Haboob.
Rose Soul Dimension - Rose gains the ability to teleport twice, either to the edge of the screen, behind her opponent, or in the air behind her opponent. She can cancel into her teleports from her special moves for a mixup or for an extension. Soul Illusion - Rose summons a ghostly double of herself that mimics her attacks and movements. Her Soul Spark also get a damage boost.
Ryu Denjin Renki - Ryu charges his fist with Denjin energy. His Hadoken now has more damage, stun and knocks down on hit. Hadoken and can also be charged for more power. At full charge, it can break an opponent's guard. Ryu's Shoryuken also gains more damage and stun. All of his punches gain more damage and two extra frames of hitstun. His Critical Art becomes Denjin Hadoken during the V-Trigger's duration. Kakko Fubatsu - Ryu charges his fist with wind energy. He can perform a special parry that causes a crumple state and allows for followup combos, as well as Isshin, a thrust punch that can be cancelled from various special moves.
Sagat Tiger Charge - Sagat gains access to Tiger Cannon which can be fired up to two times and leaves the opponent in a juggle state. Tiger Assault - Sagat can perform a spin kick that has armor on start up. The move can be charged and will Guard Crush at maximum duration. Sagat also gains access to Tiger Rush, a variation of his Tiger Knee.
Sakura Haru Arashi - Gains access to Hogasho, a palm strike-esque move useful for juggles and wakeup pressure. Hadoken and Tengyo Hadoken also gain additional hits, higher damage, and results in a knockdown. Sakura Senpu - Sakura's Shunpukyaku gains an additional hit that launches the opponent into the air in a juggle state and Shouoken gains a second rep. Both can be canceled into Haru Kaze.
Seth Tanden Ignition - Seth can follow up his special moves with a unique move by pressing the Heavy buttons, including those that he has installed from the opponent. His Critical Art also becomes Tanden Extreme during the V-Trigger's duration. Tanden Maneuver - Seth generates a massive sphere of light and darkness from his hand, that he can control with directional inputs. By pressing the Heavy buttons again, Seth executes a burst called Tandem Explode that can lead to juggle combos.
Urien Aegis Reflector - Urien creates a rectangular energy barrier either in front or behind his opponent which deals damage if they make contact or reflect a projectile. Urien can call upon up to two barriers. There are three variations of the reflector; a neutral or forward direction produces a reflector far in front of Urien whilst back direction produces a mirror very close to Urien. Holding a downwards direction creates a mirror a little way ahead of Urien but higher up in the air than the other two variants. Tyrant Pressure - Urien gains access to Tyrant Blaze, an enhanced version of Chariot Tackle that has super armor while charging. It can also be enhanced with Metallic Aura properties.
Vega Bloody Kiss - Vega throws out a rose which acts like a projectile. If it connects, he follows through with a dashing attack with his claw. He can throw it forward or diagonally into the air. Alegrias - Vega gains access to Flash Arch - Rossa, a parry that retaliate with a pair of upward kicks. He can also use Flash Arch-Granate, which is the same as the aforementioned move without the parry.
Zangief Cyclone Lariat - Zangief's skin becomes dark red and he performs a diagonal Lariat. Zangief can pull enemies who are close to him into the Lariat. If the move fully connects and executes, he sends the opponent airborne for a follow up with Borscht Dynamite or certain normal attacks. Cossack Muscle - Zangief's Screw Pile Driver and Borsht Dynamite have increased power, can be special move cancelled and can act as a follow-up from normal moves.
Zeku Bushinryu Shingekiko - Zeku gains access to a very fast dash which can be followed up with normals that chain into each other and eventually end in a palm strike or kick depending on form. The ending strike is safe on block and can be cancelled into Critical Art. Karura Tenzan - An anti-air kick attack that can be cancelled from special moves and has Zeku launch his opponent upwards then perform several strikes on them and land back on the ground in his other form. This can be used twice.



V-Trigger I[]

V-Trigger II[]