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Vale Tudo Eternal Fighting news

Vale Tudo Eternal Fighting (バリートゥード・エターナル・ファイティング Barītūdo Etānaru Faitingu?, "B.E.F." for short) is a vale tudo tournament that was held before Street Fighter III: New Generation. Balrog appeared in it 2 years ago and became the two-time champion. Alex was the tournament's winner, defeating Balrog in the finals with a combination attack.[1]

Known ParticipantsEdit

  • Alex (winner)
  • Balrog (runner-up)
  • Gerald Golby (defeated by Alex in the semi-finals)
  • Like Bernardo (ライク・ベロナルド) (defeated by Balrog)
  • Kamo Leopoldo (カモ・リアポルド) (defeated by Balrog)
  • Jumbo Flapjack (defeated by Balrog)


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