Vanessa Sims is supporting character from the Final Fight series who appears in Final Fight: Streetwise,


Vanessa is the girlfriend of Kyle and the owner and bartender of the Barfly Lounge in Metro City. When Kyle's brother, Cody, is taken captive by Devin Aranoc in her bar, Vanessa does her best to provide information and ideas to Kyle to find Cody. She also has her brother on the MCPD in aiding Kyle in his search.

During the Glow-induced riots in Metro City, Kyle and ex-Mad Gear member 2-Ill (formerly known as Two P) saved her life. Kyle eventually saved Cody and the city, but the end result cost her the bar and the life of her brother Sergeant Sims in the final battles. While Vanessa tends to Kyle and Cody in the hospital, she keeps her brother's badge as a remembrance.



  • Vanessa is referenced in Kyle's Shadaloo C.R.I. profile, though not by name; his girlfriend is listed as one of his likes.
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