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Vanity Step is one of Kolin's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Vanity Step Quarter-circle backward+Kick
Silver Edge Quarter-circle backward+Light kick>Punch

Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by performing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing kick, Kolin performs a backwards half-step spin. She touches the ground with one hand and momentarily freezes it as she comes to a stop. The strength of the kick button pressed determines the follow-up after the spin. The EX version also depends on the two kick buttons are pressed.

Pressing Light Punch causes Kolin to just perform the half-step backwards. Pressing Light Punch and Medium Punch simultaneously performs the EX Light Vanity Step. By pressing punch during Light Vanity step, she performs the Silver Edge, which is a forward dash attack where Kolin coats her hand in ice and stabs her opponent.

Performing the Medium Kick variation causes Kolin to perform forward dash after the half-step backwards. Pressing Light Punch and Heavy Punch simultaneously performs the EX Medium Vanity Step. Kolin can immediately perform any of her normal attacks after the dash. This move also links into her three target combos that link from Medium Vanity Step: Cold Low, Brinicle, and Snow Grain.

Performing the Heavy Kick variation causes Kolin to perform a forward jump after the half-step backwards. Pressing Medium Punch and Heavy Punch simultaneously performs the EX Heavy Vanity Step. Kolin can perform any of her normal attacks after the leap. Using Heavy Vanity Step allows her to perform the target combo White Spear during the jump.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Vanity Step is an excellent tool for Kolin to use on offense and defense. She can create mix-up situations and confuse the opponent, keeping them guessing with what potential follow-up may be used. On the other side, Vanity Step can be used to get out of tough situations. The EX version makes this move come out faster, making it useful to surprise her opponent. Knowing which version to use, as well as the follow-ups afterward, is crucial to amplify Kolin's gameplay.

Silver Edge.jpg

The Light version is a good way to escape unsafe scenarios. In addition, this backwards command dash has strike and projectile invincibility during the startup frames of the move. In a battle against zoning character who constantly throw fireballs at her, Kolin can use Light Vanity Step to dodge her opponent's projectiles without taking chip damage. She can also catch her opponent off-guard with Silver Edge, a special attack that inflicts respectable damage and can be linked into her Critical Art.

Medium Vanity Step is a decent mix-up that can surprise the opponent with the forward dash. Kolin can then perform either Cold Low or Brincle to open up the opponent with a low profile attack. Another way to catch her opponent off-guard is by performing her overhead after the dash. If Kolin scores a counter hit with her overhead, she can perform a full combo afterwards. She can also mix-up throws if she has her opponent on their heels. Medium Vanity Step can also be canceled from EX Parabellum, giving her more opportunities to inflict more damage, carry her opponent toward the corner, or create reset situations.

The Heavy version can be a deceiving tool to create crossups. This is particularly useful for her White Spear target combo. Similar to Medium Vanity step, the Heavy version can be linked from EX Parabellum. It's a solid way to end combos with her air throw for optimal damage. Kolin can also create mix-ups by combining Heavy Vanity Step with Hailstorm. As the projectile forms over the opponent and begins its descent, Kolin can leap over her opponent, forcing them to guess which direction to block.

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