This is a list of quotes used by Vega (Claws).

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter II Edit

  • "Handsome fighters never lose battles."
  • "Thank you for a gorgeous time!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Edit

  • "I find your suffering exquisite."
  • "Victory is beautiful... and so am I."
  • "Not everyone can move as beautifully as I do."

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Edit

  • "Victory is truly magnificent. Why choose for anything else?"
  • "Did you see how elegant I looked as I snatched the hope from your soul?"
  • "Weakness is a lack of beauty! In other words, you disgust me!"

Lost Quotes (Street Fighter II SNES)[1] Edit

  • "Kukuku... The beautiful do not know defeat."
  • "Fufufufu... I had an elegant time."
  • "Victory is beautiful. It is no surprise that you lost to me!!"
  • "The weak will burn in Hell!! For the strong are always beautiful!"

Street Fighter: The Movie Edit

  • "When will they find a fighter worthy of my talents?"
  • "My face shall be the last thing you ever see."
  • "Your scars will remind you of your defeat."
  • "The weak deserve no mercy!"
  • "Beauty is Power!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "This place looks old. I know, I'll use you to paint it red!"
  • "Why are the ugly so willing to be shamed repeatedly?"
  • "Mmm...that's tasty...just like Red Wine."
  • "Your humiliation will only add to my beauty."
  • "Your moment spent with beauty is now over...adios!"
  • "While I taste my victory, you will agonise in defeat."
  • "Only I understand the pain of being too strong and beautiful."
  • "Your cries of agony... They're music to my ears."

Rival DialoguesEdit

vs. ZangiefEdit

Zangief: I know you! You're Vega! You belong to Shadaloo, don't you?! I won't let their drugs infest my mother country Russia! I, the Red Cyclone, will crush you on behalf of our leader!

Vega: ...What? I've no affiliation with that organization! But...I'm still interested in seeing the color of your blood!

vs. CammyEdit


Vega: You're the experimental subject. I've finally found you. He requested that you be brought to him alive... in one piece.

Cammy: Experiment...? What do you mean? I'm under Bison's direct orders.

Vega: Hm hm... You're pathetic! You have no idea what you are... And will die without understanding why...


Vega: ...Why, she is nothing more than an enhanced human! A mere doll! Why...? Why should I care? Why did Bison want her? What is he going to do with her? I thought I cared only for worthy foes, but... I suppose I should ask him about this girl...

vs. M. BisonEdit

Bison: Excellent work, Vega... I'll arrange a worthy foe for you as promised.

Vega: Tell me...That girl...What are you going to do with her?

Bison: She is my substitute body make during the Psycho Power study. But the substitute should never exceed the original. A doll should never have it's own sense of self.

Vega: ...Will you kill her because of that? Out of self preservation?! You coward! You can't do that!

SNK vs. Capcom series Edit

SVC Chaos Edit

Pre-battle Dialogues Edit

Capcom Edit

Vs. Akuma

Vega: "There's no beauty to your strength. That is, you don't deserve to live."

Akuma: "Deserve to live? Boorish lout. Strength is truth!"

Vega: "Beauty is the only thing worthy to exist. Ugliness must perish!"

Akuma: "You'll perish, all right. Rumble!"

Vs. Balrog

Vega: "Elegance. Delicacy. Refinement. You lack them all. Pathetic ponce!"

Balrog: "I'll take good care of that mask, fancy pants!"

Vega: "...What do you mean?"

Balrog: "I'm going to cave in your precious face! And right now!"

Vega: "Such foul language. Death's to good for you."

Vs. Chun-Li

Chun-Li: "You hoo, noble wannabe! Care to answer a few questions I have for you?"

Vega: "Hmm... The secret of my beauty?"

Chun-Li: "OK, you are amusing. Hey, where's Bison? If you tell me now, I'll spare your life."

Vega: "My, you're a spunky one? I wish to hear your lovely screams shortly."

Vs. Dan

Vega: "Repulsive... A loathsome sight! Be gone...No. Die!"

Dan: "Hey! The beauty of my Saikyo groove is the ultimate, you know?"

Vega: "I can't tolerate to breathe the same air. You'll be pig food!"

Dan: "Try it, freakshow!"

Vs. Demitri

Demitri: "You have a fine form for one of my servants. Rejoice! You'll be under my wings for the rest of eternity."

Vega: "I'm a servant to beauty. I've no intention of serving a pale antique."

Demitri: "Oh, a comedian too? However soon you will realize the joy of being in my servitude."

Vega: "Now who's the comedian? Bow at the feet of true beauty!"

Vs. Dhalsim

Vega: "You don't bathe in training? Back off! Foul, foolish freak."

Dhalsim: "Those who are taken by appearances alone are truly foolish."

Vega: "An argument like that is but the simperings of the foul and ugly."

Dhalsim: "You won't understand until I scold you. See Yoga's secrets!"

Vega: "Taste the pain... That comes from beauty!"

Vs. Guile

Guile: "Tell me where Bison is. And I'll spare your life."

Vega: "You lack ability and beauty, and talk beyond your station. What stupidity..."

Guile: "Will you tell me or not?"

Vega: "It seems I'll have to slice you up good. An ugly brand of defeat."

Vs. Hugo

Poison: "Lucky! You'll do well in the cage death match!"

Vega: "I'm polishing my claws. Be gone with you."

Poison: "C'mon, pal, is that any way to greet a scout. Be happy! Huuuugo! It's showtime!"

Hugo: "A masked wrestler. You'll make a nice addition to the group."

Vs. Ken

Vega: "Golly, you're ugly. Why is it that all others pale to me?"

Ken: "Yeah, right! I'm going to plow your beauty into dirt."

Vega: "Impossible. The ugly can not defeat the fair...It's a law of nature."

Ken: "I never studied law! Prepare yourself, creep!"

Vs. M. Bison

M. Bison: "Oh, Vega. Have you lost it?"

Vega: "The time has come for you to cower before my limitless beauty."

M. Bison: "Foo, ha, ha. Funny. I'll humor you."

Vs. Mirror Match

Vega: "Hmmm. A beautiful imitation. I'll take great pleasure in bloodying you up."

Mirror Match: "What fine vestments. What cultivated sense. But you can't come close to me, I fear."

Vega: "But a little touch of blood and you may come close."

Mirror Match: "Shall we find out?"

Vega: "We already know who's most beautiful."

Mirror Match: "Yes, we do. And I'm it."

Vs. Ryu

Ryu: "Vega?! What are you doing here?"

Vega: "To clean up all of the ugliness... I see no value in garbage like you."

Ryu: "Weird as ever. Fancy meeting you here. How about it?"

Vega: "Hah ha ha. Very well. I'll make up your corpse with fresh blood."

Ryu: "If you can... hee yah!"

Vs. Sagat

Vega: "Sagat, your life's mine."

Sagat: "An interesting jest, Vega. How do you propose to get it?"

Vega: "I cannot permit one so ugly to defeat me. After you, Bison's next."

Sagat: "Judging all by beauty. A narrow standard, indeed, young nobleman."

Vega: "Die!"

Vs. Tessa

Vega: "Do not move, lady. My claws... Desire your blood."

Tessa: "Is that so? You cannot suppress a desire to slice flesh... A predictable pattern."

Vega: "An inability to grasp the pursuit of beauty... I'll teach it to you with your fresh blood."

Tessa: "Hoo, hoo, hoo. OK. Let the lesson begin!"

Vs. Violent Ken

Violent Ken: "Ooooooh-ohhhh!"

Vega: "This's psycho power? Not a shard of beauty."

Violent Ken: "Ooooooh-ohhhh!"

Vs. Zero

Vega: "The beauty of function? I don't understand this. Another manifestation?"

Zero: "What do you babble about?"

Ciel: "(Zero. Watch out! An aerial fighter. Deadly claw attacks.)"

Zero: "I hear you... Let's get it done!"

Vs. Shin Akuma

Vega: "This one... Has a powerful spirit."

Shin Akuma: "I am the fist master. You are no foe of mine. Die!"

Vega: "It will not be... One as ugly as you cannot be the mightiest!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs. Red Arremer

Vega: "What place is this?"

Red Arremer: "Gyah-gyah!"

Vega: "Disgusting... In hell and heaven does ugliness rule?"

Red Arremer: "Gyah!"

Vega: "I will kill and destroy everything!"

SNK Edit

Vs. Choi

Choi: "Hmm. I guess I'm famous now, huh? But I'm not wearing a mask now, buddy boy."

Vega: "How repulsive."

Choi: "Eeeeh! I don't need guff from you, masked moron!"

Vega: "Enough of you... Pay with your death!"

Vs. Earthquake

Vega: "What is this? Is this walking glob of mean a human?"

Earthquake: "W-why you! I'll smoosh you!"

Vega: "I haven't had such an ugly foe in quite a while. You'll die slowly!"

Vs. Geese Howard

Geese: "So you're Vega? I've heard of you. Don't you ever think about using your strength for me?"

Vega: "I serve no one! I live for beauty. And may die of it."

Geese: "Pah! ...Very well. You can seek beauty in the hereafter!"

Vega: "Hyoh-hee!"

Vs. Genjuro

Vega: "You Samurai have unique and lovely rituals... But they pale to me!"

Genjuro: "Hmph. Is that so? Shall I add to your beauty with your blood?"

Vega: "Oooh, hoo, hoo. Think you got the ability to do so?"

Genjuro: "Hm. Hm. Hm. You'll satisfy me with a most splendid end!"

Vega: "Hyoh-hee!"

Vs. Goenitz

Goenitz: "To be so wrapped up in your own beauty... In one way, I respect you."

Vega: "A beautiful existence has a certain absolute power. Take me for example... I'm downright gorgeous."

Goenitz: "Seeing your wounds will be my day's highlight."

Vs. Iori

Vega: "Hmph. A bit labored but not exactly not beautiful."

Iori: "You'd better keep that mask on.... To keep those whelps of despair to yourself..."

Vega: "Such evil. Such rage. Such beauty..."

Iori: "Beg for your life... 'Coz you picked the wrong guy, fashion cop! Die!"

Vs. Kasumi

Vega: "Ooh-hoo-hoo. Such clean beauty. Not too shabby."

Kasumi: "What're you looking at?"

Vega: "The future: Your whimpering self, sliced, diced and Julienne fried."

Kasumi: "You really do have the heart of a demon... Then feel the sting of Kasumi Todoh! Defend yourself, OK...?"

Vs. Kim

Kim: "You've gotten bigger. You could be Choi's spitting image."

Vega: "You're pathetic. Unable to appreciate my unparalleled beauty!"

Kim: "What a cruel glare... Just what evil have you done so far?"

Vega: "To attain pure beauty, the deaths of a few are of no consequence."

Kim: "What stupidity...! I cannot forgive you!"

Vs. Kyo

Vega: "Hmm. Rather attractive however you can't hold a candle to me."

Kyo: "Shut yo' mouth! You silly narcissistic little fancy pants! I'm going to torch you to your bones!"

Vega: "Heh. Heh. Relax. You should take a break before I tear you to shreds, huh?"

Kyo: "I've got stuff to do. I can't waste my time with freaks like you."

Vs. Mai

Vega: "Oh, you're quite lovely."

Mai: "Finely, someone who appreciates true beauty. You must be a gentleman."

Vega: "Your body covered with your vermillion blood. It gives me goosebumps!"

Mai: "...I take it all back. You're a psycho freak! It's clobbering time!"

Vs. Mars People

Mars People: "Beep boop bah bop."

Vega: "Hideous thing... I must rid the world of it!"

Mars People: "Boop baaah!"

Vs. Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "That mask tells me you have no self-confidence."

Vega: "......"

Mr. Karate: "I'll pluck those talons, break that mask, and then you can start all over."

Vs. Orochi Iori

Iori: "Ooaaahhh...!"

Vega: "Repulsive... You deserve to die!"

Iori: "Oooh-whooooo."

Vs. Ryo

Ryo: "Iron claws are for wimps. And masks are for timid, little tulip pants..."

Vega: "Keep it up, kimono head. In a few minutes you'll be doing nothing but whining a different tune."

Ryo: "For Kyokugen Karate... These is no defeat."

Vega: "Not until now. Your first defeat will be your last. Cheer up. You can't lose again if you're stone-cold dead."

Vs. Shiki

Vega: "What do we have here?"

Shiki: "Speak your mind, or let me be on my way."

Vega: "Ooh, hoo. I'll fix up that tattoo... ...With your blood!"

Shiki: "...Yeah, OK. Now die!"

Vs. Terry

Terry: "Conceited fancy-pants like yourself tick me off!"

Vega: "The common folk like you cannot grasp my refiend values and spirituality. Know your own disgrace. And kneel before me."

Terry: "A wolf yeilds to nothing."

Vega: "Don't worry, wolfie. I'll dress your corpse up... With your blood."

Vs. Shin Mr. Karate

Vega: "Intolerable. You deserve to die."

Mr. Karate: "You're pretty self-confident! I'm going to rip that mask right off your mug!"

Vega: "It's I who'll slice your silly mask into shreds and shreds!"

Vs. Athena

Vega: "Where am I...?"

Athena: "This is heaven. I wonder why the dimensional door..."

Vega: "With my beauty, The gates of heaven couldn't help but pull me in."

Athena: "What conceit...! Defend yourself. You have much to learn after your defeat."

Win Quotes (generic)Edit

  • "Praise me! Extol me! My beauty is unparalleled!"
  • "So, answer me. Just who is the fairest of them all?"
  • "Handsome, tough, and cruel... That is me to a tee! Keh keh keh."
  • "I contribute to society. I remove all its filth. Got a gripe with that?"
  • "Hmph. Your swordsmanship is sublime, even if you were unseemly vanquished." (Vs. Genjuro/Shiki/Zero)
  • "My beauty is immortal! I do not need your help!" (Vs. Demitri)
  • "And just how long did you think I would be satisfied serving the likes of you?!" (Vs. M. Bison)

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Street Fighter IV Edit


  • "You'll be seeing red, by the time I'm done with you."

Personal Actions:Edit

  • "Does your ugliness embarrass you?"
  • "Ugly AND clumsy? Pity."
  • "Beautiful death."
  • "Too late. You're mine now."
  • "Ugliness and weakness are one and the same."
  • "Bleed for me! Ha ha ha!"
  • "My blades will make you beautiful."
  • "You're hideous!"

Round Win:Edit

  • "Did my beauty intoxicate you?"
  • "Beauty is the only truth in this world."
  • "Ruin begets beauty."

Rival DialogueEdit

Chun-Li: "Vega!? Shouldn't you be dead?"
Vega: "Perhaps, I'm a ghost."
Chun Li: "I don't care if you are! Either way, you're coming with me!"
Vega: "Pushy, little wench."

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "The thrill of victory... The scent of fresh blood is in the air... Ecstasy!"
  • "I'm at my most beautiful after a victory."
  • "The most beautiful rose is cultivated in the blood of those that fall before me."
  • "Stop twitching already! It just makes you even more ugly!"
  • "The blood-curdling shriek of defeat is more beautiful than any music..."
  • "True beauty transcends such simplistic labels as "good" and "evil"..."
  • "Nothing thrills me more than an arc of fresh blood spraying through the air."
  • "Strange... Everyone's blood is beautiful, even if its owner is not."
  • "If you're going to die, hurry up and do it! I don't have all day!"
  • "What a beautiful victory!"
  • "The heart and soul are meaningless to me. I believe only in beauty."

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "Don't worry. You won't be alone any longer once I send you to hell..."
  • "I won't let your filthy claws come in contact with my sublime body!"
  • "And so your quest ends. The emptiness you leave behind is a thing of beauty."
  • "Enlightenment? What would a crass soul like yours know about enlightenment?"
  • "Never have I glimpsed at such vile ugliness! You are a disgrace!"
  • "I wouldn't let your slop touch my beautiful lips."
  • "Your kicks have written a check that your feeble body simply cannot cash."
  • "The process of aging is a hideous thing. I would sooner die than look at you!"
  • "No one can defeat my combination of beauty and power! Not even you!"
  • "Your moves are beautiful. Too bad I cannot say the same about the rest of you."
  • "Your beauty reminds me of the last gasp of a flame before it is extinguished..."
  • "I will show you a view that can only be glimpsed from the depths of despair!"
  • "It would be a shame to destroy a rose before it has fully bloomed..."

Super Street Fighter IVEdit


"Hm... If it isn't Bison's little toy. He goes to such lengths for power. As if his current body weren't ugly enough. I must admit I'll never understand men like him. Still... I admit I am intrigued by the idea of creating new bodies to inhabit. Too bad not even a god could reproduce a body as beautiful and graceful as my own.
"You ugly creature, you. Soon, your power will be mine. Then I can ensure that my beauty will live on forever!"


  • "Survived it, did she? Hmpf, so be it. And here I thought I had the only copy left. What a shame... Until we meet again, my beauty."

Win QuotesEdit

Versus Mode:Edit

  • "Power and wealth are meaningless in the face of blinding beauty."
  • "Blood-red is the most beautiful color known to mankind."
  • "Victory is beautiful."
  • "I am at my most beautiful when I am dealing the victory blow."
  • "The least I could do is defeat you with unmatched beauty and grace."
  • "Fighting ugly opponents depresses me to no end."
  • "The weak have nothing to offer and should be culled from the population."
  • "I am beautiful."
  • "Not even the gods could create something that compares to my beauty."
  • "I look the most beautiful when glimpsed in the moment of your demise."
  • "No one compares to my beauty. Nor to my strength."

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "I don´t know why I bothered fighting you to begin with."
  • "Power is not everything, fool! Beauty far outweighs such barbaric concepts."
  • "I don´t want to defile my claws with the foul blood of a feral beast."
  • "You fight for money? Tell me, my dear, just what beauty is there in that?"
  • "I cannot bear to gaze upon you for one more instant. Leave me at once!"
  • "Your music sounds like acoustic death, a concept you shall soon know very well."
  • "Another snob who mistakes greed for sophistication? Spare me."
  • "You should have covered your whole hideous face in that makeup."
  • "What is that horrible stench? Is this what you deem to be cuisine?"
  • "I simply cannot bear to see you crumble beneath your own power."
  • "If your voice was anymore irritating, I would sever my own ears in spite."
  • "Aging, sickness, loss of face. You are a veritable smorgasbord of indignity!"
  • "You remind me of your students. Crass, and lacking in the social graces."
  • "Your speed and technique are inferior to mine. I expected more from you."
  • "Just when I thought you couldn´t get any more disgusting. I had to touch you."
  • "I was impressed with your looks, but your fighting disappointed, my dear."
  • "You, my dear, are the superlative personification of evil beauty itself."
  • "The concept of true beauty is lost on superficial men like you."
  • "You ugly, ugly cur. Your existence ends here."
  • "You say you see a dark future? So long as my beauty survives, I welcome it."
  • "You just made the top of my list of things I want to kill violently."
  • "Killing earnest heroes like you gives me a special kind of pleasure..."
  • "Real beauty is being able to handle trifling little things like you with ease."
  • "I'm fortunate that your cap will hide your pitiful demise from my sight."
  • "Fighting you was the lowest point of my life so far, you ugly brute."

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

  • "No beauty can exist in a doll with no heart."
  • "I cannot bear your ugliness any longer! I'll kill you to spare my eyes!"
  • "Your beauty is indeed ravishing, but it only lasted an instant."
  • "An ugly country with an ugly ruler ... I'm disgusted even thinking about it."

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Character Select Edit

  • "Now, my claws thirst for blood."

Intro Edit

  • "Hahaha! I'll skin you!"
  • "Less talk, more blood." (When paired with Balrog)

Taunt Edit

  • "Are you embarrassed by your ugliness?"

Pandora Edit

  • "To feel such power!" (Activating)
  • "Is this the end, of beauty?" (Being sacrificed)

Round Win Edit

  • "Did I distract you?"

Defeat Edit

  • "Why?!"
  • "Disgusting..." (Chip KO)

Story Dialogue Edit

  • "Whatever. It's time to search for the next target."
  • "Ignorant loser."
  • "Shut up already. Just looking at you offends every sensibility I have."
  • "Try it if you dare. But you can say goodbye to getting your grubby hands on Pandora..."
  • "Hmph."
  • '"I don't have time to deal with the likes of you. I need to search for my next prey."
  • "We've lost contact with the advance unit at the Antarctic..."
  • "How like you to think in such an uncouth ways. At any rate, we should exercise more caution."
  • "It would seem that, aside from the Mishima Zaibatsu, there are also some ninjas after Pandora..."
  • "Heh heh heh... Maybe I can get some enjoyment out of this after all."
  • "The insects who gather around Pandora are nothing more than an appetizer for my bloodlust."
  • "All we have to do is eliminate the Mishimas... And then I'll no longer have any use for you..."
  • "Finally over. And now, I just have to collect Pandora..."
  • "Hmph, it would seem we are not alone."
  • "The annoyances are finally out of the way..."
  • "Do not dare order me around."
  • "Oh shut up! I cannot take it..."
  • "I've tolerated your inane company for far too long."
  • "My claws will have blood. Your blood!"

Other Edit

  • "Now, show me your blood!"
  • "A waste of time."
  • "You are not beautiful."
  • "Now you die!"
  • "You dare to challenge me?"
  • "Don't touch me!"
  • "We've just begun!"
  • "How dare you?"
  • "Bueno..."
  • "What a waste..."
  • "How unpleasant."
  • "Incompetent."
  • "Just kill each other."
  • "As you please."
  • "Silence. There is my prey."
  • "Finish it!"
  • "Move it!"
  • "My turn!"
  • "I have arrived!"
  • "I shall take my leave."
  • "I am spent..."
  • "Know your limit!"
  • "To rely on such filth..."
  • "Take over!"
  • "They're mine!"
  • "Wither!"
  • "Not an ugly performance."
  • "Not enough."
  • "How long will you last?"
  • "Is that your best?"
  • "Yodel-ay-hee hoo"
  • "Beauty... is the only truth!"
  • "Did my beauty intoxicate you?"
  • "Such destruction... is beautiful."
  • "So filthy!"
  • "Time to meet your maker!"
  • "You shouldn't make me angry."
  • "Your death is near."
  • "I'll carve you up!"
  • "Now, let's begin!"
  • "How vile!"
  • "You're a fool!"
  • "Beast!"
  • "I hunger..."
  • "Begin!"
  • "It is time!"
  • "Behold my stunning beauty!"
  • "My beauty..."
  • "Baile!"
  • "You pest!"
  • "Degenerate!"
  • "Hideous!"
  • "Repulsive!"
  • "You are filth!"
  • "Soak in your own blood!"
  • "Do scum such as you hope to possess Pandora?"
  • "You're way out of your depth, foolish children."
  • "Die... a beautiful death."
  • "Such a hideous face!"
  • "I thirst for more blood!"
  • "Foolish!"
  • "Know your place!"
  • "Let me hear you scream!"
  • "Beautiful!"
  • "Don't revel in my death yet."
  • "Death awaits."
  • "You'll die for this insult!"
  • "Ugly!"
  • "You do realize that you're hideous."
  • "You're less than a memory."
  • "You're a ninja? Hahahahaha!"
  • "Feel your despair as you die!"
  • "I will show you beauty perfected!"
  • "Crawl your way to hell..."
  • "At least it's a beautiful death for you."
  • "I love your cries of agony!"
  • "Let me enjoy your screams of terror!"
  • "This is a divine fighter?"
  • "Now, even the gods have bowed before my beauty!"
  • "This victory feels so empty and hollow..."
  • "None can withstand my beauty."
  • "This is the pinnacle of true beauty."
  • "You are punished."
  • "Your blood won't satisfy me at all!"

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "There's no need to worry about your past. You no longer have a future."
  • "What an eyesore! You should die for your crimes against decency!"
  • "Your incessant howls make my ears bleed. I hate to dirty my claws with your beast blood, but..."
  • "Your unsightly figure is a crime against beauty. Death is a fitting punishment for you."
  • "One as hideous as you should not be allowed to carry roses."
  • "Taking the purest of flowers and ripping them from the Earth... I can think of no greater joy."
  • "You call yourself a ninja? Pathetic... Your entire style should be erased from this world!"
  • "I must be slacking off... How could I have missed such a hideous beast! Time to take care of you..."
  • "My claw thirsts for new blood. And you are so beautiful... I cannot wait to hear your screams of agony!"
  • "You will learn the price of getting in my way. Don't think your death will come easily."
  • "Allow me to give you a magnificent send-off to the afterlife!"
  • "As if I would ever allow a miscreant like you to form his own country!"
  • "To forever wallow in the pits of despair is a fitting fate for you."
  • "I hate getting myself dirty with the blood of losers. It makes me want to throw up."
  • "Such elegant clothes, and what a magnificent body! Not quite as beautiful as myself of course, but not bad."
  • "I cannot stand the sight of you. Allowing you to live in the same world as me is simply unforgiveable."


  • "My claw feels no joy from carving up those with no souls. The moment life is extinguished is the most beautiful..."
  • "You are ugly enough to mince up and feed to farm animals."
  • "You deserve the worst death I could possibly give you."
  • "The screams of young maidens are like music to my ears. Come, let me hear your beautiful song..."
  • "You talk too much, boy. I will silence you forever!"
  • "Obviously, your creator had zero sense of artistic talent. If you're going to make a robot, at least make it beautiful..."
  • "I have no need for any sort of devil power. I'll carve you to shreds!"
  • "The more beautiful the flower, the more stunning it is when it withers away..."
  • "So this is the power of the Devil Gene... You still have much to learn about true beauty."
  • "I don't mind occasionally cleansing the world of filthy beasts."
  • "Your hideousness is beyond saving. The best thing you can do for the world is to die."
  • "I will enjoy watching you bleed to death..."
  • "I will dye your dainty clothes in blood red. The contrast of death against your purity will make you even more stunning."
  • "Refined skills, and that beauty... I take a special joy in destroying prey that's worth my time."
  • "You are far below me in beauty, speed, and technique. Your attempts to be a ninja are laughable at best."
  • "Know despair, and grovel before me! I will honor you by carving my mark into your chest."
  • "I shall paint a magnificent picture of you crumpled in despair. I'm getting all worked up just thinking about it..."
  • "You're an embarrassment to the idea of ninja. Do us all a favor and go die under a rock."


  • "It doesn’t matter if you choose to be a hero or a villain. You’re still ugly either way."
  • "A midnight black that cannot be dyed red by blood. Beautiful in its own way…"
  • "How unpleasant… I can’t stand to look at you for even one second."

Street Fighter V Edit

Character Select Edit

  • "I'll show you the epitome of beauty."

Intro Edit

  • "Let my beauty intoxicate you."
  • "Time to hunt." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "I'll give you a beautiful death." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "No need to be frightened. It'll be over soon." (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "I'll show you the ultimate beauty!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Other Edit

  • "Let's begin playing the endless waltz." (Training Mode)
  • "What seduces me more? The crimson of fresh blood, or the scream of death?" (Training Mode)
  • "Time to hunt!"
  • "I'll give you a beautiful death!"
  • "I'll show you the ultimate beauty!"
  • "No need to be frightened, it'll be over soon."
  • "This victory will be mine!" (Language Change)
  • "Where should I start carving you from?" (Taunt)
  • "It's time to dance!"
  • "Yodel-ay-hee hoo!" (Round Win)
  • "My beauty is unshakable!" (20% or less health)
  • "Can't be..."
  • "You can't catch me!"
  • "Are you trembling?"
  • "Ugly..."
  • "Being tormented by the shadow of your former self and how you suffered, that struggle was the very core of your beauty..."
  • "In case you have forgotten, why don't I remind you, by waking that pain!"
  • "I see..."
  • "I guess you don't know anything do you?"
  • "How sad... you choose to wither instead of bloom."
  • "I prepared a suitable death for any filthy rats who happen to crawl in."
  • "You won't interfere."
  • "The plan is set, and you'll both rot in this place."

V-Skill II Edit

  • "I see." (Matador Flip)

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "Gaze in wonder!"

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "Let me play with you!"

Aurora Spin Edge Edit

  • "Slice you!" (Low, Medium & High)
  • "Stab you!" (EX)

Win Quotes Edit

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Your scream is filled with pain... Now let me hear it again."
  • "When all is drenched in blood, I will finally experience bliss..."
  • "My beauty is absolute. No one will ever come close to me."
  • "The final moments of the waltz of death are when its beauty shines most."
  • "Ugly..."
  • THANK YOU FOR A GORGEOUS TIME! (Classic Outfit only)

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "I simply have no words for a disgusting oversized meat sack."
  • "Victory is meaningless without beauty. What you need is elegance."
  • "Sophistication is so far beyond you, there's no point in letting you live."
  • "Your dying shriek grates my ears. Annoying to the very, very last."
  • "What a truly uncouth beast you are... You're not even fit to be a rug beneath my feet!"
  • "Your delusions, your despair... They all belong to me now."
  • "Bathing in your blood will be the best beauty treatment of all."
  • "A brainless brute like you cannot even begin to fathom true beauty."
  • "Even the gods themselves bow down before my beauty."
  • "Ugh... How dare you sully my claws!"
  • "That power...and those moves. How thoroughly unpleasant. Be gone from my sight."
  • "You seem to be a cut above the other Dolls... I wonder if you will be able to amuse me?"
  • "Filthy maggot, I will send you to your grave."
  • "My beauty is still supreme! Don't get carried away with yourself!"
  • "You're lacking in both speed and beauty. Is this all Japan's ninjas have to offer?"
  • "There's value in beauty born from chaos, but it's not what I'm after."
  • "How dare you sully the name of death?"
  • "Your undefiled integrity is a fresh flavor for me to relish!"
  • "I will carve you into something beautiful. And I'll cut up that weak little heart of yours while I'm at it."
  • "What a pity. You look good, but you do not understand true beauty."
  • "Hmph. A pig could never comprehend true beauty."
  • "Thus a demon meets his end... What a disappointment."
  • "It is only natural that victory is decided by beauty. So of course, only I can be the victor."
  • "Even your death throes lack grace. Such an obnoxious tone."
  • "Your thoughtless moves don't amuse me."
  • "Disappointing...I imagined the man M. Bison speaks of to be more fun."
  • "Ugly as ever… We’re worlds apart. I never liked you."
  • "You are worthy of being carved up by my claw. You should be honored."
  • "What a pitiful husk! The only thing beautiful you could die!"
  • "I doubt a society built by the ugly could possibly contain the beauty I seek."
  • "Imitation can never be true beauty, no matter how you may try."
  • "I was hoping to enjoy a fight against a traditional ninja art. But your techniques are lacking in elegance."

A Shadow Falls Edit

  • Hah! Look who's talking. Did you forget that you were in charge of this plan? And it was you who let a programmer steal the control keys. I would say that's a huge disgrace!
  • It's obvious who should be taking the blame for this. Besides...

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