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For the character named Vega in Japan, see M. Bison.

"Handsome fighters never lose a battle!"
—Vega (Street Fighter II)
"The heart and soul are meaningless to me. I believe only in beauty."
"You'll be seeing red by the time I'm done with you...
Sono shikai akaku somete sashiageyou...?)
—Vega (Street Fighter IV series)
"Let my beauty intoxicate you.
(我が美に酔いしれるがいい! Waga bi ni yoishireruga ii!?)
—Vega (Street Fighter V)

Vega, known as Balrog (バルログ Barurogu?) in Japan, is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing as a non-playable boss in Street Fighter II before becoming playable in it's update, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. He is a claw-wielding, narcissistic, Spanish ninja, obsessed with beauty and personal bodyguard to M. Bison.



Vega's character archetype is very familiar in Japanese manga and anime: the Narcissist (ナルシスト Narushisuto?), often depicted as a long-haired, effeminate self-lover. Certain archetypal characters bear a resemblance to Vega, elaborated on his pop culture page.

Vega is vain, cocksure, and overconfident, so he convinced of his own abilities, almost to the point of megalomania, though this is perhaps justified, as he is shown to be a highly skilled fighter. He is also incredibly sadistic- often to the point of being a dangerous and bloodthirsty monster - and takes great pleasure in seeing the ugly murdered, and preferably mutilated. He often has a stone-cold demeanor, and appears to be mysterious with his emotions. His narcissism and disdain for anything lacking elegance causes him to clash with fellow Shadaloo member Balrog due to the latter's boorish nature.

Vega's unbridled and solipsistic ego is shown even in his taste in interior decor, as his mansion is decorated with portraits, all of him. Despite his vain personality, Vega's mannerisms will at times show to be elegant and gentlemanly, likely because of his noble background. He has also been described as intelligent and sophisticated.[8] Additionally, he is also attracted to and impressed by the beauty and strength of young women, notably Chun-Li and Cammy and he frequently compliments them on their appearance. Additionally, some of his win quotes against women like Chun-Li or Cammy seem to point out that he derives pleasure from their pain and despair, and enjoys messing with them or mocking them at times. With men, on the other hand, Vega tends to completely look down upon them and is seen constantly scolding their fighting abilities and "ugliness" in his win quotes, considering his looks and skills to be superior.

He also harbors a tragic side. The family trauma he experienced molded his fragile mind to perceive physical unattractiveness not only as repulsive, but also as a threat. With his mother murdered at the hands of an ugly man, ugliness came to represent evil and cowardice, while beauty represented heroism and strength. It was also said that he was influenced by his mother regarding his love and obsession with beauty as he grew up.

In Super Street Fighter IV, Vega shows a small amount of respect for Guy in his Arcade Mode win quote, saying he expected better of him. While this is surprising considering his personality, it makes sense since both are masters of ninjutsu, and they are arguably the two most agile Street Fighter characters. Additionaly, some, if not all, of Vega's win quotes against other ninja fighters suggest that he judges them based on their skills and abilities with the art of ninjutsu (as well as their appearance).

Etymology and name change

Vega is the 5th brightest star in the night sky, and the brightest star of its constellation, Lyra. Several of Vega's moves are named to reflect this, such as the Stardust Drop or Cosmic Heel.

When Street Fighter II was localized in the United States, Capcom was afraid of a lawsuit from Mike Tyson over a character (Balrog) with his likeness as well as a similar sounding name (his Japanese name being "Mike Bison"). Additionally, when the designers presented the game to Capcom USA's marketing department, they believed that the name "Vega" did not fit the character it was given to. Vega is also a common Spanish surname. They decided to rotate the names of three of the four boss characters in the following manner:

  • The boxer is known as M. Bison in Japan and Balrog in the U.S.
  • The Spanish assassin/bullfighter is known as Balrog in Japan and Vega in the U.S.
  • The evil dictator and head of Shadaloo is known as Vega in Japan and M. Bison in the U.S.


Vega is a tall, strikingly handsome young man with long, brown (blond in his Alpha and Street Fighter V appearances) hair which is braided into a ponytail. He wears murrey and yellow ceremonial trousers, a red sash, loafers, and white leggings of a matador, suggesting his involvement with bullfighting. This decorative garb offers matadors ease of movement, and is therefore ideal for Vega's acrobatic maneuvers. Vega also has a purple snake tattoo on his chest which circles his left arm, and on his right arm and both his wrists he wears gold-colored armlets. The tattoo shows him to be a villain to a Japanese audience, where body tattoos are usually worn by Yakuza members. In Capcom vs. SNK 2, as a win pose, Vega will hold his arm out, with the tattoo coming to life and hissing at the opponent.

Early sketches suggest that Vega was going to resemble a medieval knight wearing a full suit of armor. This idea was scrapped, as Street Fighter was about fighters from all over the world, not time. Remnants of this concept are apparent in Vega's final design, including a mask and a sharp metal claw. A similar type of weapon was worn by Geki in the original Street Fighter, which had led to speculation that Geki had trained Vega in the art of ninjutsu.[citation needed]

Vega does not wear his expressionless mask to conceal his identity; it is purely to protect his face from scarring or bruising during battle, since he believes himself to be impossibly beautiful. Vega often removes it after fights during his win poses, as well as in certain character select images in various games he appears in. His latest appearances allow him to remove both the mask and claw as special attacks.

It is unknown exactly how durable his mask is; Vega will crush it to dust with one hand if he loses due to a time over in Street Fighter Alpha 3. On the other hand, it takes several hits before the mask falls off, and even then, he can easily pick up and reapply the mask, with no apparent lasting damage.

In the Street Fighter II series, he was depicted as having brown hair, although his endings in the first two updates of the original Street Fighter II and many other games in the series state that he has blond hair; his endings in Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo shows him with blond hair. In the Street Fighter II V anime, his hair is a golden blond and he has blue eyes. Since Street Fighter Alpha 3, however, he officially had blond hair until Street Fighter IV, where in gameplay, he has brown hair, and in the ending, he is blond (though this is exclusive to the Arcade version).

Vega's hair has switched between brown and blond through various Street Fighter media, including the games and the anime. In Super Street Fighter IV, his hair is various shades of brown, depending on which color of outfit he is wearing. There is a blond version available by choosing the tenth color option for his default, first and second alternate costumes; the tenth version of his third alternative costume features him with paler skin and very dark brown-nearly black hair.

Much like Sagat's eyepatch in earlier games, Vega's claw will always appear on whatever arm matches the direction he is facing (if he is looking to left side of the screen, it will appear on his left arm, and if he's looking right, it will be on his right) due to sprite mirroring. In the Street Fighter EX series, it will always be on his right arm. In Street Fighter IV, however, he changes his claw every time he switches sides, without mirroring; this can be seen in his tattoo, his accessories, and in the mark on his mask. Curiously enough, during the versus screen, his portrait won't be mirroring all the accessories either, with the unique exception of his claws.

In Street Fighter V, Vega retains his traditional matador pants and red waist sash but is now wearing a frilled shirt. The purple snake tattoo that encircles his torso can still be partially seen. His hair is once again blond as it was in Street Fighter Alpha 3. His alternate costume is an altered version of his outfit. The sleeves of his frill shirt are short and his signature mask is replaced with a golden opera mask. His blond hair is tied in a slick back in a ponytail with a long single fringe in the center of his head.

His Halloween DLC costume has him wear a long red coat, a black formal suit with a white tie and black boots. He also wears white gloves and a magician hat on his head. While wearing this outfit, Vega can fight with or without his long coat.

Character Relationships

Vega's criminal actions and general narcissism have made him many enemies.



Balrog greatly despises Vega, a fellow assassin working for Bison, whom he occasionally is partnered up with. Balrog's contempt for Vega is mostly due to his "pretty boy" persona, with Vega's feelings towards Balrog being mutual. He tends to annoy, tease and make fun of him whenever he gets the chance.

M. Bison

Vega and Bison have a simple professional relationship, and does not seem to have frictions, apart from the usual curious attitude. When the organization is destroyed, he reverted to his old lifestyle, but will not hesitate to join again should it resurface.


Although F.A.N.G initially seemed to show co-worker respect towards Vega, the latter thinks of him as an ugly and pathetic individual because of his deeds towards the improvement of Shadaloo Dolls. Because of this, F.A.N.G sees Vega as a "contemptuous little bastard".



Juri sees Vega as a "pervert" due to his obsession with beauty, though this is quite hypocritical given her own interactions with other male fighters. Vega on the other hand appears to feel genuinely attracted to Juri's beauty and psychopathic tendencies, calling her the "personification of evil beauty itself" in his SSFIV win quote against her, though he dislikes her provocations, saying that she lacks "delicacy".


Vega enjoys her beauty and mocking her. In SFIV he calls her a persistent wench and tries to play her mind calling himself a ghost. In SFV, he and Chun-Li battle off trying to learn more about her father but Vega escapes, he has even threatened to kill her.


Cammy confronting Vega in Street Fighter V.

Cammy hates Vega since he is a part of Shadaloo and is obsessive of her and her beauty (in one comic he is the one who scars her cheek). In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Cammy goes rogue, and Vega is sent by M. Bison to find her and to take her back to Shadaloo. When he finds her, he goes into a fight with her, calling her a "guinea pig", which confuses Cammy, unaware of the situation.

Cammy wins and wonders what is going on and goes to M. Bison, who explains that she's a clone of him with his DNA. When she defeats him, he is killed and his original body disappears. When the Psycho Drive is blown up, she is near the explosion, but is saved by Vega; she doesn't know he saved her. He still shows interest in her in Street Fighter V, following her around during her character story and during A Shadow Falls. When the Shadaloo base blows up, he throws his mask into the explosion, possibly deciding to abandon her. 


Early life

Vega was born to a privileged noble family in Spain. For reasons undisclosed, their status dwindled, causing Vega's mother to remarry for financial security. Growing up to the arts of hunting, later as he matured, Vega studied bullfighting, a cultural tradition, finding the sport more exciting and honorable in being able to dispatch his prey up close with his own might. Afterward, he went to Japan and learned ninjutsu, a style he believed meshed well with his natural grace and agility. Combining bullfighting with ninjutsu, Vega went into an underground cage fighting circuit, and quickly became one of the best.

His ugly stepfather murdered his beautiful mother because he felt she did not respect him, and Vega killed him in return.[9] The incident warped his mind, and he developed a dual personality: honorable nobleman by day, sadistic murderer by night. It also triggered Vega's obsession with beauty as a wonderful trait, as well as his belief that ugliness is something evil that should be purged.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Vega oversaw assassination operations for Shadaloo, and was associated with Cammy and the Shadaloo assassins known as the Dolls. When Cammy went rogue however, Vega was assigned to bring her in and although he failed in that mission, Cammy brought herself in and defeated M. Bison, freeing herself and the other Dolls from Bison's brainwashing. When the strain of undoing the brainwashing (as well as a dead-man's trigger in the brainwashing which was meant to kill them if they betrayed Bison) caused Cammy and the other Dolls to collapse, Vega saved them from the burning Shadaloo base because he didn't believe that anything as beautiful as them should die.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Vega then participated in the second World Warrior tournament at the behest of Bison. However, when Bison was seemingly killed by an unknown assailant, Vega disappeared back into his old lifestyle.

Super Street Fighter IV

It is unknown what Vega was doing since the fall of Shadaloo, although it's assumed he still continued his murderous rampages. He was also rumored to have returned to bullfighting. No one knew for sure, and some even believed that he was dead.[10] He has survived however, and returned, being re-recruited by Shadaloo through a subsidiary division called S.I.N.; an offer he quickly accepted. He does so, however, for two reasons: First, he had grown tiresome of the aristocratic lifestyle, finding money and power to be an ugly combination. Second, although he found the new head of the organization, Seth, repugnant and ugly as well, he was intrigued at the idea of creating new bodies for oneself so as to be eternally young (despite the mold being broken with Vega himself).

At S.I.N. HQ, while Seth was distracted by several assailants (not least of whom was a newly resurrected Bison), Vega stole valuable data on the project, and when Chun-Li did the same thing, he attempted to kill her by setting off the fire alarm, which released a toxic, fire-retardant spray. He escaped in a helicopter from the exploding base and noticed Chun-Li being rescued from the base along with her copy of the data. Mildly displeased that he did not have the only copy, he resolved to correct the situation later.

Street Fighter V

On August 3rd, Vega was revealed to return in Street Fighter V.[11]

Vega is keeping tabs on the Dolls and thinks that F.A.N.G is foolish for making them loyally follow the commands of Shadaloo.

Crossover appearances

Cannon Spike

Vega appeared in Cannon Spike as a "darker" version of himself, called "Fallen Balrog" (the name Balrog being his original name in Japan).

Capcom vs. SNK series

Vega appeared as a playable character in Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK 2 and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

In Capcom vs. SNK 2, if he fights against a female opponent, the narcissist will introduce himself by throwing a rose at her, in appreciation of her beauty. He will do the same for other "pretty-boy" characters like Benimaru Nikaido (his SNK rival) and Rival Schools' Kyosuke Kagami, and strangely even M. Bison, though it may be out of respect in the dictator's case. When fighting against characters he considers "ugly" on the other hand (E. Honda, Raiden, Zangief, Blanka, Dhalsim and Chang Koehan), he shakes his head in disgust.

Street Fighter EX games

Vega appeared as a playable character in Arika's Street Fighter EX games.

Street Fighter X Tekken

In Street Fighter X Tekken, Vega is sent alongside Balrog to retrieve Pandora. However, the two despise each other and constantly bicker, yet they continue to work as team, if only in order to obtain Pandora for themselves. Their rivals are Yoshimitsu and Raven, who ambush them during their travels.

Vega and Balrog's ending depicts Balrog attempting to open the box, but Vega has had enough of his co-worker's belligerence and decides to kill Balrog instead for possession of Pandora. Both become taken over by the influence of Pandora, and proceed to attack each other.

After the credits roll, a post-ending shows Vega's fate:

  • If the player defeated Ogre with Vega, it is revealed that Vega wins the fight and killed Balrog, keeping Pandora's powers for himself. He then realizes that he can now "purify" the world and make it worthy of his presence. This goal now in mind, Vega sets off to achieve his dreams.
  • If the player defeated Ogre with Balrog, it is revealed that Vega loses the fight against Balrog and is killed.

Street Fighter × Mega Man

Vega one of the four final bosses of Street Fighter × Mega Man.

Blood Brothers 2

Vega appears in DeNA’s mobile RPG, Blood Brothers 2.[12]


Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Vega appeared in the animated film adaptation of Street Fighter II. Like in the game, Vega is an antagonist serving under M. Bison alongside Balrog and Sagat.

As Interpol's pursuit of Shadaloo intensifies, M. Bison dispatches Vega to assassinate Chun-Li. He hides in Chun-Li's apartment while she showers, proceeding to ambush her as she sits in her bedroom drying her hair. Though Chun-Li proves to be a formidable opponent, Vega has the upper hand for much of the fight. He sadistically comments on his desire to skin Chun-Li 'like a rabbit', alive, before slowly licking some of her spilt blood from the third blade of his claw. He indicates this is made more pleasurable when the object of his psychopathic desire is as he puts it, 'cute'.

Chun-Li responds by catching Vega off guard, knocking him to the ground by throwing a couch at him and hitting him with a Spinning Bird Kick, before stamping on his face, badly damaging and possibly permanently ruining his left eye. Horrified by the damage dealt to his face, Vega goes ballistic. After a vicious and brutal fight, Chun-Li succeeds in kicking Vega through the wall of her apartment after pummeling him good, and sends him plummeting several stories into the darkness of the alley below.

It is unknown whether he survives or not, but despite his defeat, Vega's attack takes its toll on Chun-Li, leaving her comatose from blood loss for the rest of the movie. Disgusted with Vega's failure, M. Bison dispatches Sagat to find Vega and, should he remain alive, finish him.

Street Fighter II V

Vega appears as an amorous bullfighter who falls in love with and tries to seduce Chun-Li. Envious and jealous over Ryu and Ken's friendship with Chun-Li (especially Ken), Vega invites the three to a party in his castle, which is actually a trap to lure Ryu and Ken to a caged death match with him whom he sees as rivals for her affections. Since Ryu does not attend the party, he subsequently fights only Ken, and is finally defeated after a brutal match. He is given the surname of Fabio La Cerda in the series.

Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation

Vega made a cameo appearance, briefly shown brutalizing his opponent, Dan, during a fighting tournament.

Street Fighter cartoon

Vega is similar to his movie counter part, and appears in two episodes: "Eye of the Beholder" and "Face of Fury". He is introduced as a former henchman of Bison who was promised eternal youth, and develops a rivalry with Blanka.

Vega attempted to capture a young lady in Brazil, but his attempt was stopped by Blanka, enraging him and causing the two to fight. As Blanka wins and prepares to finish off Vega, the lady pleaded for him to stop, allowing Vega to walk away into the shadows.

Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind

Vega makes a small appearance near the end, when he is seen along with Balrog in a Shadaloo helicopter. As a heavily injured Seth drags himself aboard, he gives him a message from Bison, telling him that while he "put on a fantastic show", S.I.N.'s success has only come through the manipulation of Shadaloo working behind the scenes to ensure their good fortune.

Live-action films

1994 film

In this movie, Vega (portrayed by Jay Tavare) is the loyal assistant of Sagat, and fight Ryu in a cage match. The match is spectacularly interrupted by Guile, who arrests him, Sagat, Ryu, Ken and the majority of the audience; however, the four of them manage to escape from jail. Later, he and Ryu clash again, and find themselves evenly matched; Ryu tips the scales in his favor by burning Vega's face on an oven. Vega has few lines in the film and only speaks them when he is masked or offscreen. Despite being masked all the time, his face can be seen in some scenes.

The Legend of Chun-Li

Vega (played by Taboo of Black Eyed Peas) appears in the film as a minor antagonist. He is hired by Bison to assassinate Chun-Li. He and Chun-Li engage in a fight wherein the latter gains the upper hand and defeats him; Vega hanging from the side of a building. The movie depicts Vega dressed in black from head to toe and although he retains his claw and mask, the only exception is that the mask is made of metal. Vega wore the mask to conceal his true identity rather than protect his face.

Future Cops

In this live stage play, Vega is portrayed as a good guy named Ti Man. He is a member of the future cops and is a part of the group that goes back in time to protect Tai-Hung/Yu Ti Hung from being assassinated and prevent him from becoming president. He pretends to be a fellow student while striking up a romance with Tai Hung's sister Chun May (Chun Li).


A gritty drama film focusing on Vega and the details behind his traumatic upbringing as well as the pivotal sequence of events that made him into the assassin he is today.


Street Fighter II manga

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Street Fighter Alpha manga

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Udon series

In Vol. 1, Vega is a high ranking member of Shadaloo appointed to find Ryu. He goes to Japan based on Killer Bee's information and after a fight with E. Honda, runs into Ken and Eliza. Vega places a tracking device on a scarf Eliza had bought and later uses that to find her and break into her hotel room to interrogate her about Ryu's location. Ken arrives on the scene and fights Vega. Vega is mildly scarred when Ken kicks him through the window and escapes.

In Vol. 2, Vega meets Balrog in the US after the latter told him he had seen Ken and Eliza at his boxing match and plots to have his revenge from the fight he had with Ken. Vega finds where Ken and Eliza are having a party and crashes it with Balrog and several other people. Vega fights Ken again and nearly kills him until Guile intervenes. Guile keeps Vega occupied long enough until the cops show up, but Vega once again escapes when the explosives he had set up cause the lights to go out.

Vega has a brief appearance in Vol. 3, where he sends invitations for Shadaloo's World Warrior Tournament.

In Vol. 4, Vega makes another brief appearance where it is discovered that (in this series) he was the one who gave Cammy her signature scar after a fight and installed the memory algorithm delete program that helped get rid of Shadaloo's influence on her.

In Vol. 5, after Cammy is captured by Shadaloo and brainwashed again Vega reactivates the algorithm, once again giving her back her mind. He later saves her from Decapre and goes to Japan to hold the qualifier for the Tournament there, where he recruits Zangief, E. Honda and Sakura, who does not participate.

In Vol. 6, Vega fights Ken in the World Warrior Tournament, and appears to have an advantage for most of the fight. After a move exposes the letter Eliza wrote Ken (which told him they were having a son) Ken performs his Shinryuken and Vega loses the match. His face bruised and in worse condition than their first fight, Vega goes ballistic and attempts to kill Ken. E. Honda intervenes and Vega is knocked out.

After Bison's death and the destruction of Shadaloo Island, Vega returns to his old ways organizing cage matches and sadistically butchering his opponents. However, because of his vanity Interpol no longer perceives him as a threat, but they still keep tabs on him.

In the new comics Street Fighter Unlimited, Vega kidnaps Chun-Li and he has several Twelve soldiers as clones of himself, who attacks Cammy, Guile, and Alex.


Fighting style

Vega's fighting style, officially refered as "Spanish Ninjutsu", is a blend of ninjutsu and bullfighting, thus earning him the nickname "Spanish Ninja".


Vega is one of the fastest and most agile characters in the Street Fighter series, but also one of the most delicate; his defensive rating is low compared to most of the other characters to balance his incredible speed. Vega is also one of the few weapon users in the series, and the only one that appears in the Street Fighter II series.

Vega's overall style uses a mix of a keepaway game and quick lunges at the opponent. Vega has a powerful air game based on his Flying Barcelona Attack and Sky High Claw, and is more than agile enough to get around the opponent's attacks and strike with rapid succession, leading to potentially devastating setups, confusing cross-ups, or long-range poking attacks with the reach advantage provided by his claw. However, his long reach can easily be beaten out with a counterattack at the right moment, and could leave Vega helpless to an aggressive opponent; most of Vega's moves are hard to maintain a position with, and are not too safe on block. In addition to various airborne attacks, Vega is equipped with low ground attacks such as the Scarlet Terror and Rolling Crystal Flash that can be used to keep the foe off-balance, and he can use long and short Back Slashes to backflip around attacks. In Street Fighter V, Vega is no longer a charge character, making nearly all of his moves easier to pull off.[13]

Claw and mask mechanics

It takes exactly fourteen blocked hits for Vega to lose his claw. This reduces his attack range (and sometimes power) significantly, and prevents him from using certain Super Combos. Since Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Vega is able to retrieve the claw; in Street Fighter Alpha 3, he can lose his mask as well, though the effect is only cosmetic there. In SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, Vega cannot lose his claw. In the Street Fighter EX series, Vega may reinforce or recover his claw with a Super Combo.

In the Street Fighter IV series, Vega can throw his claw off as a special taunt. He can also throw his mask, at the cost of two bars of the Super Combo Gauge, to increase his attack power by 25% (damage scaling is still accounted for, however). If Vega wins a fight without his mask on, it is revealed that he sticks his tongue out to either lick his claw or taunt his fallen opponent.

In Street Fighter V, Vega has access to two distinct fighting styles; clawed or barehanded, and he can choose to sheathe or unsheathe his claw at any point during battle. Barehanded, Vega gains access to a command grab, and vastly different attack properties. In a drastic change from previous recent appearances, once Vega's claw is knocked off, it cannot be picked back up.[14] Depending on the chosen fighting style, possible combos are different. Overall, sheathing the claw is trading range for more combo potential. In Street Fighter V, the claw does not seem to increase damage Vega deals and therefore only provides him extra range.

Super Combos

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See Vega/Quotes.

Pop Culture

Vega/Pop Culture


  • Due to how he is named differently in varying regions, he is known in the international community as "Claw".
  • The reasons why Vega originally joined Shadaloo are unknown to this date, as he doesn't seem to really want to help M. Bison conquer the world. It is therefore presumed that he joined the organization to pursue his own deeds, although they are unclear.
  • Vega might be the only character in the Street Fighter franchise who is not completely right-handed. Most of his official illustrations place the claw on his left hand, while in Street Fighter V, the claw appears on his right hand. This suggests that Vega is either an ambidextrous individual or, at the very least, a left-hander who has learnt how to use the right hand as a result of the real-life social stigma against "Southpaws".
  • Vega is the only character in the Street Fighter series who is able to interact with his stage.
  • The home version of Street Fighter: The Movie is the only game where Vega does not wear his mask.
  • Vega shares his birthday with Dudley.
  • Vega's normal throws are similar to Cammy's; both having a Suplex and a Frankensteiner.
  • Sergei, from Capcom's 3D beat 'em up game Asura's Wrath, share a similar personality and character traits with Vega.
  • In every Street Fighter II version in which Vega can be selected as a playable character, the Spanish flag seen in the character select screen is the one that was used during the military dictatorship of Francisco Franco (1936-1975). The game was released in 1991, 16 years after that flag was declared unconstitutional.
  • Vega is one of the few characters in the original Street Fighter IV game who has one rival (in his case, Chun-Li) throughout the whole sub-series.


See: Vega/Quotes.

Stage Theme




For the sprite gallery, see Vega/Sprites.

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Alpha Adon · Akuma · Birdie · Charlie · Chun-Li · Dan · Guy
Ken · M. Bison · Rose · Ryu · Sagat · Sodom
Alpha 2 Original Dhalsim · Evil Ryu · Gen · Rolento · Sakura · Zangief
Console Shin Akuma
Gold Cammy
Alpha 3 Original Balrog · Blanka · Cody · E. Honda · Juli · Juni · Karin · R. Mika · Vega
Console Dee Jay · Fei Long · Guile · T. Hawk
Upper Eagle · Maki · Yun
MAX Ingrid
Street Fighter EX Characters
EX Original Akuma · Allen · Blair · Chun-Li · C. Jack · Darun · D. Dark · Guile
Hokuto · Kairi · Ken · Pullum · Ryu · Skullomania · Zangief
Plus Bloody Hokuto · Cycloid-β · Cycloid-γ · Evil Ryu · Garuda · M. Bison
Plus α Dhalsim · Sakura
EX2 Original Blanka · Hayate · Nanase · Shadowgeist · Sharon · Vega
Plus Area · Sagat · V. Rosso
EX3 Ace · Bison II
CPU Only Shin-Bison · Cycloids · Zako
SNK vs. Capcom Characters
The Match of the Millennium Akuma · Chun-Li · Dan · Evil Ryu · Guile
Ken · M. Bison · Ryu · Sakura · Zangief
Millennium Fight 2000 Balrog · Blanka · Cammy · Dhalsim · E. Honda · Sagat · Vega
Mark of the Millennium 2001 Eagle · Kyosuke · Maki · Rolento · Shin Akuma · Yun
SVC Chaos Hugo · Violent Ken
Street Fighter IV Characters
Original Abel · Akuma · Balrog · Blanka · Chun-Li · C. Viper · Dhalsim · E. Honda
El Fuerte · Guile · Ken · M. Bison · Rufus · Ryu · Sagat · Vega · Zangief
Console Cammy · Dan · Fei Long · Gen · Gouken · Rose · Seth · Sakura
Super Adon · Cody · Dee Jay · Dudley · Guy · Hakan · Ibuki · Juri · Makoto · T. Hawk
Arcade Edition Evil Ryu · Oni · Yang · Yun
Ultra Decapre · Elena · Hugo · Poison · Rolento
Street Fighter X Tekken Characters
Core Roster Abel · Akuma · Balrog · Cammy · Chun-Li · Dhalsim · Guile · Hugo · Ibuki · Juri
Ken · M. Bison · Poison · Rufus · Rolento · Ryu · Sagat · Vega · Zangief
Downloadable Blanka · Cody · Dudley · Elena · Guy · Sakura
Street Fighter V Characters
Original Birdie · Cammy · Chun-Li · Dhalsim · F.A.N.G · Karin · Ken · Laura
M. Bison · Nash · Necalli · R. Mika · Rashid · Ryu · Vega · Zangief
Season 1 Alex · Balrog · Guile · Ibuki · Juri · Urien
Season 2 Abigail · Akuma · Ed · Kolin · Menat · Zeku
Season 3 Blanka · Cody · Falke · G · Sagat · Sakura
Season 4 E. Honda · Gill · Kage · Lucia · Poison · Seth
Season 5 Akira · Dan · Eleven · Oro · Rose
CPU Only AS · Aprile · Decapre · Enero · Février · Juli · März · Peter
Phantom Bison · Santamu · Satsuki · Shadow · Shadow Lady · Two P
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