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Vertical Roll, as seen in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.

The Vertical Roll (バーチカルローリング Baachikaru Rooringu?, "Vertical Rolling") is one of Blanka's special attacks, introduced inStreet Fighter II' Hyper Fighting.

All appearances Charge downward then upward+Kick



Executed by charging down and then pressing up and kick, Blanka curls himself into a ball shape and suddenly somersaults in a diagonally up-forward trajectory.

The vertical height and horizontal distance are determined by the kick button pressed: Light Kick version has the least height and distance; Heavy Kick version has the most height and distance; and Medium Kick version is the most balanced version.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV travels the entire screen much faster.

In Street Fighter V, the angle of the Vertical Roll is determined by the strength of the kick button; with the Heavy Kick version traveling almost vertically upward. Unlike previous versions, there is a post-attack animation after he performs the move. If no directional input or button is pressed, Blanka wipes his paws together before dropping back to his stance.


The attack is an effective anti-air that can also be used against standing opponents, but leaves Blanka entirely vulnerable to counter-attack during the descent if it is blocked or misses. If the rolling itself misses, the "kick" animation at the very end of the trajectory (in later Super Street Fighter II games) can effectively hit the airborne opponent for reasonable damage.

The EX version has Blanka fully invincible during the startup and active frames of this move. This gives him a true reversal option at the cost of one meter. However, blocking the EX version leaves him heavily punishable for a high damaging combo since it puts him in a Counter Hit state during the move's recovery.



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