"You can't run!"
—Urien when using the Violence Knee Drop

Violence Knee Drop in Street Fighter V.

The Violence Knee Drop is one of Urien's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

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Urien dropping his knees on his opponent using Violence Knee Drop.

Executed by charging backward, then pressing up and kick, Urien jumps straight up in the air and performs a back flip. Upon completing the rotation at the peak of his jump, Urien comes down at a forward-bearing angle, knees-first.


The attack usually functions as an overhead, though if spaced correctly, it will hit low.[1] Additionally, this move can be safe on block if properly spaced. In some instances, Urien can be as advantageous as +2 on block. It is also useful for avoiding projectiles while simultaneously attacking. It requires a quick read, but it can surprise his opponent. The EX Special version hits twice (with the exception of Street Fighter V), deals significantly more stun, and is significantly quicker.[1]

The strength of the kick button pressed determines the angle and distance of Urien's dive. The Light version travels the shortest distance and has the shortest angle. The Heavy version covers the most distance and has a steeper angle. However, all three versions have the same startup frames and inflict the same amount of damage.

The EX version requires two kick buttons and cost one bar of Urien's Critical Gauge. While it has the same startup frames as the normal versions, Urien can adjust his angle in midair. This allows him to target his opponent on the ground, regardless of the distance. In some situations, the EX version can be used to escape the corner.

While the Violence Knee Drop is mainly used to end combos and maintain offensive pressure, the EX version can be used to extend combos and juggle his opponent. By combining this move with his V-Trigger, Urien can keep his opponent on their heels and inflict massive damage at the same time.





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