"There's no escape! Say goodnight, chump! (No escape! ブッ殺してやるぅ! No escape! Bukkoroshiteyaruu!?)"

The Violent Buffalo (バイオレンスバッファロー Baiorensu Baffaroo?, Violence Buffalo) is Balrog's first Ultra Combo, introduced in Street Fighter IV. It is essentially a more powerful version of his Super Combo, Crazy Buffalo.

All appearances Arcade Stick CBArcade-Stick-RightArcade Stick LR + Arcade Button Punch x3 or Arcade Button Kick x3
Balrog 491



The finishing 3-hit uppercut.

Executed by charging backward, then moving forward, backward, forward and pressing either all three punch or kick buttons, Balrog punches his fists together and flexes out one of his biceps and dashes forward, delivering five savage punches, all of them having an accompanying "rush of wind" background sound effect. Each of the first four punches hits twice while the fifth hits three times, making it an 11-hit combo if it connects perfectly.

The type of dash punches depends on whether the player is holding down the kick buttons or not. If the player is not holding down kick, Balrog throws a straight punch; if the player is holding down kick, the dash punch is a rushing uppercut. However, the last punch will be always an uppercut regardless of the player holding the kick buttons or not at the punch moment.


The move's variability helps Balrog get the most out of the combo even when it doesn't connect properly (though at the obvious cost of damage); if, for example, Balrog catches a jumping opponent with it (e.g. via Buffalo Head), he can attempt to juggle the opponent and hit them again by using an uppercut. The kick variation of the move comes out 3 frames faster than the punch variation, making it somewhat more ideal for quick punishes.


Super Street Fighter 4 - Balrog Ultra 1 Violent Buffalo

Super Street Fighter 4 - Balrog Ultra 1 Violent Buffalo

Violent Buffalo (Japanese voices).


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