Volty Line is one of Laura's first two V-Skills in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MPunch+Sf3 kick medium

Description Edit

Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Laura performs a tumbling wheel kick that hits overhead.

Tactics Edit


This move has decent range, reaching almost half-screen distance. Most of Laura's normal attacks can be canceled in to her V-Skill, with the exception of Standing Medium Kick. This applies to her V-Skills as well. While this enhances Laura's pressure game, using Volty Line as a combo ender is not safe. Being -7 on block, it can be easily punishable by medium-strength combos, even at max distance. Furthermore, Laura doesn’t have a blockstring sequence with consecutive low attacks.

However, the Volty Line is best used as a standalone attacK. Laura can force her opponent to react appropriately under her footsie pressure. Like Rashid’s Beak Assault, Volty Line has a 23 frame startup. If the opponent is anticipating it, they won't have much difficulty to block it. But, in conjunction with Crouching Medium Kick > Light Bolt Charge sequence, Laura can sneak it in once she's conditioned the enemy into blocking low at mid range. It also builds valuable V-Gauge on contact and deals more damage than a traditional overhead. 

Additionally, Volty Line can be used to knock down airborne opponents. It can also stop opponents from jumping out of range. This makes this move more valuable than other overheads, since the may be inclined to jump away from Laura’s frightening mid-range and close-range offense. If she makes the right read, she can shut down one of her opponent's escape options as she draws in close.

This move causes a Crush Counter when it counter-hits her opponent. This effect makes Volty Line an invaluable backdash deterrent when applying close-range pressure. Typically, her opponents are much more likely to backdash away from a grappler like Laura, especially considering she doesn’t have conventional low hit-check combos. If she anticipates their backdash, she can earn herself a Crush Counter juggle. While under the effects of Spark Show, Volty Line (along with her other moves) deals more stun damage.


Trivia Edit

  • Volty Line is similar to Sean's Ryuubi Kyaku, the difference being the position in which he turns and lands on his overhead kick. Since Laura and Sean are siblings, it's possible the moves are one and the same, with slight personal variations between them.
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