Vulture Kick against Ling Xiaoyu in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Vulture Kick is one of Rufus's Unique Attacks in the Street Fighter IV series and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Frame DataEdit

Frame Data USFIV (Latest Update)
Startup 21
Active 2
Recovery 16
Advantage Hit -1 Block -4
Frame Data SFXT
Startup 21
Active 2
Recovery 14
Advantage Hit +1 Block -5


Rufus does an Overhead kick. As with most overheads, it does very little to no startup sound to remove any auditory detection in it's startup. Making it hard to react to, however in both this attack's appearances Rufus can not followup a hit loweing it's overall usefulness.



Vulture Kick in the IV series.

While a rather fast overhead and decent damage, it is largely ignored as part of Rufus's overall moveset. Falcon Kick's utility and mixups are considered to be so powerful that it almost negates the benefits of having an overhead compared to other characters that have a single hit overheads such as Poison. Furthermore since Rufus has no 3 frame attacks it lowers the usefulness of it's +1 hit on Street Fighter X Tekken, as effectively it can be treated as both Rufus and the hit character are both at even frame data. On Counter Hit Rufus can combo, but it isn't likely to happen as 21 frame startup, while fast for an overhead, is rather slow in the grand scheme.

Late game this attack becomes useful, as when an opponent needs a single hit they will still be expecting Falcon Kick. Vulture Kick hits high (meaning opponents can not block while crouching) while Falcon Kick can be blocked crouching. This can mean that Rufus may be able to get in range for this attack while the opponent does not expect it. Caution has to be taken as characters such as Zangief as they can punish this at most ranges since it is -5 on block.

Trivia Edit

  • This attack has a high visual resemblance to Karin's Tsumujigari, albiet without grace.


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