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WWCA is a Wrestling organization rival of the Capcom Wrestling Association.

Known members

Pulk Hogen

Pulk Hogen (パルック・ホーゲン Parukku Hōgen?) is a minor character from the series. He is a famous WWCA wrestler with lots of merchandise based on him. He refers to himself with a thumbs up on both hands, a very popular pose known as the "Pulk Pose".

He is a former body builder that used to train in a gym in Florida. He also had a rock band experience, being good with a guitar and singing. His special move is the Lightning Bazooka (ライトニング・バズーカ?), which gives a big boot to the opponents.

Sometime during the Street Fighter III series, Hogen had a WWCA title match against Zangief in the Metro City Square Garden (MSG). Zangief ended up throwing Hogen into the public with a Double Lariat, which caused him to rampage while returning to the ring, and Sean (who was watching the match) knocked him out to avoid injury to the audience.



  • Pulk Hogen is based on Hulk Hogan (ハルク・ホーガン Haruku Hōgan?).


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