This article is about how fast characters move and it's relation to gameplay, for general walking see Walk.

Walk Speed is a mechanic in the Street Fighter games.

Description Edit

Walk speed is how fast a character can move, not counting dashing. Usually (but not always) it is the Fragile Speedsters who get the faster walkspeed, but characters of average health can have fast walkspeed (if not the fastest) on occasion.

In Game Edit

Walk Speed

Walk speed comparison between 3 characters. Frame freezes when 1 character goes to the destination (look at the center line of Training Stage). Chun-Li makes it first, while Zangief makes it last. The middle character goes in after Chun but before Zangief.

Walk Speed is a favorable trait because it allows the character mobility. Characters who's defining trait is speed usually (not always) have a fast walk speed. This allows them to approach faster and get up on their opponent's face. Fast walk speed can also be used on the defensive spectrum. Chun-Li can use her walk speed to get into position for an Anti Air while the opponent is descending.

Fast walk speed allows for tactics like Shimmies to be done easier. Walk Speed allows the user to get into their grab range and get out at the last second to better bait a throw. It also is favorable for Footsies and Zoning because the user can get into favorable positions easier. Characters such as Cammy, Sakura, and Vega have some fastest walk speeds in the game.

Speedy characters do not always have good walk speed. Makoto is a speedy grappler (described as a "Mini Zangief" by Seth Killian) who has the slowest walkspeed in the game. She achieves her speed with the furthest reaching Dashes in the game, a fast jump arc, and the general speed of her attacks. Ibuki has average walkspeed, but she achieves her speed by her relatively fast throws, good dashes, Super Jump, and being able to strike from mostly any place in the screen with attacks like Yami Shigure, Neck Breaker, or EX Kunai.

Slower characters tend to have specials that make them move faster than the fastest walkspeed. Abigail, Zangief, and Birdie tend to have attacks that move them forward at a high speed.


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