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Guy performing a Wall Jump

The Wall Jump (三角飛び, Sankaku Tobi; lit. Triangle Jump) is a technique used by certain characters in the Street Fighter games.

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Characters with high speed and agility often have the ability to jump off the wall of the stage, done by pressing up and away from said wall (usually after jumping towards it). Wall jumping can be used to escape the opponent when pinned against the wall, or to aid in attacking the opponent.

In Street Fighter II, Chun-Li was the first character to demonstrate the ability to Wall Jump. Since then, many other characters have gained the ability to Wall Jump, including characters from the Darkstalkers series and Marvel vs Capcom series.

While some characters can Wall Jump naturally, others can only Wall Jump during special attacks. Some characters can even hold on to the wall for a limited time.


  • This should not be confused with a Super Jump, in which a character instead does a jump that has more startup and recovery time but goes further horizontally and vertically.

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