Weapon Fury is Lucia's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V. It is also her default attack combo in Final Fight 3 if she is equipped with a baton.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick



Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Lucia equips herself with her MCPD baton. She also gains access to an exclusive move called Tactical Weapon. By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick while this V-Trigger is active, Lucia swings her nightstick downward on top of her opponent. If the initial move connects, she follows up with an upward swing that sends her opponent tumbling to the ground.


Unlike her first V-Trigger, Weapon Fury is 2-bars, meaning that Lucia can easily obtain her V-Trigger without suffering much damage. It is possible for her to use this move twice in one round. Additionally, Tactical Weapon can be cancelled from all her normal attacks, including her sweep. This attack is tailor made for frame traps and making some of her more punishable moves safe since Tactical Weapon is -2 on block.

Weapon Fury is best used to get quick burst of damage on her opponent. Her shimmies become more of a threat with Tactical Weapon ready for usage. In addition, some of Lucia's attacks that mainly serve as combo enders become combo extenders. For example, Lucia can cancel her Street-Style Set or her V-Skill into Tactical Weapon to extend combos that push her opponent further toward the corner and create more damage potential.


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