The three weapons from Final Fight

"I was so scared, with all the weapons just layin' around the streets these days."
—The "kid" from the "A Kid's Wrong Path" side mission in Final Fight: Streetwise.

Weapons are common items in the Final Fight series that can be taken and used by the player.

Final Fight[edit | edit source]

There are three different weapons that can be found in Final Fight. Any character can use any weapon, but each of the three playable characters has advantage with a specific weapon. To pick up a weapon, move over it and press the attack button. Characters will drop the weapon they are holding when hit; sometimes the weapon can be picked back up, but other times it will vanish. If the player character reaches the end of a section while holding a weapon, he will drop the weapon and receive extra points.

  • Knife (ナイフ) - Guy and Haggar will always throw the knife when the attack button is pressed, but Cody will keep it and stab enemies. El Gado often uses a knife. Worth 500 points if kept until the end of an area.
  • Pipe (鉄パイプ, "Steel Pipe") - A heavy steel pipe, more suitable for Haggar. It gives more strength and range to the wielder, but Cody and Guy will slow down while holding it due to its weight. Worth 800 points.
  • Katana (刀) - A sharp blade that has the power of the Knife and the reach of the Pipe. It is a well-balanced weapon good for all characters, especially Guy as he can use it faster. Worth 1000 points in the end of areas. In the game this weapon appears in two versions:
    • Muramasa - The Katana found in several places.
    • Masamune - The pair of blades used by Sodom, which he may drop and try to retrieve. Taking one of them will make him angry.

Mighty Final Fight[edit | edit source]

Unlike other games where any weapon can be found, only one weapon will appear for each character:

  • Knife - Cody will stab enemies when close to them and throw the knife when far.
  • Shuriken - Guy gains a supply of eight shurikens that he can throw.
  • Oversized Mallet - Haggar uses a powerful hammer.

Final Fight 2[edit | edit source]

Like the previous game, Final Fight 2 has three weapons, each of the playable characters having an advantage with a specific one:

  • Knife - Same as the previous game, but with reduced power. Maki and Haggar will always throw the knife, but Carlos will keep it and stab enemies.
  • Tonfa (トンファー, Nightstick in the English manual) - A powerful tonfa that acts like the Katana from the previous game, but with a shorter range. It is handled better by Maki.
  • 2x4 (角材) - A piece of lumber with long range. It acts like the Pipe from the previous game, being better for Haggar.

Final Fight 3[edit | edit source]

Final Fight 3 has four weapons, each being better for a different character:

  • Nunchaku (ヌンチャク, Nunchuks in the manual) - Balanced range and power. Better handled by Guy.
  • Club (警棒, Billy Club in the manual) - An expandable baton with low reach and power, but fast to use. More suited for Lucia.
  • Pipe (鉄パイプ, Steel Pipe) - Like the first game, it has good range and damage, but is slow to use due to its size and weight. It is better for Haggar.
  • Hammer (ハンマー) - A heavy hammer that is thrown at enemies. When used by Dean, he will charge the hammer with electricity before throwing it, causing more damage.

Besides those, the boss Drake can pick up an anchor to use as weapon, swinging or throwing it. He will drop the anchor when hit, but unlike Sodom's katanas in the first game, it cannot be used by the player.

Final Fight Revenge[edit | edit source]

Stages have weapons lying around that can be used by the characters:

  • Arm - The arm of zombie Belger. After being knocked off, it can be used as a bludgeoning weapon.
  • Army Knife - A short range blade. El Gado starts each round with one.
  • Bazooka - A large weapon that can be fire eight times and explodes on the target.
  • Bomb - A grenade that can be throw at the opponent.
  • Bow Gun - Shoots flaming arrows. Only appears in Belger's stage.
  • Chainsaw - Used to slash and rend opponents.
  • Flame Thrower - Releases flames.
  • Freeze Gun - Temporarily freezes the target.
  • Gun - A standard handgun with eight bullets.
  • Head - The head of zombie Belger. It acts like a grenade, exploding after being thrown.
  • Jack Knife - A stronger knife.
  • Katana - Except for Guy, who uses the Japanese blade to thrust at his opponent, all characters use it to slash opponents. Sodom starts each round with one.
  • Leg - The leg of zombie Belger. After being knocked off, it can be used as a bludgeoning weapon.
  • Machine Gun - Rapid fire weapon with 48 bullets.
  • Musashi's Sword - A stronger Katana.
  • Nyoi-bo - Similar to Rolento's stick, but with a longer range due to its size.
  • Poison Claw - Slightly increases the reach of punches. When used by Poison, it increases her strength.
  • Police Stick - A small bludgeoning weapon. Edi. E starts each round with one.
  • Rifle - A slow but strong weapon with 16 bullets.
  • Shotgun - A strong weapon with a wide range. Has 10 shells.
  • Spiked Knuckles - Increases the damage of punches.
  • Steel Pipe - A strong bludgeoning weapon. When used by Haggar, he gains a special swipe attack.
  • Stick - A medium bludgeoning weapon. Rolento starts each round with one.
  • Stun Gun - A gun that temporarily stuns the target. Has 10 shots.
  • Survival Knife - Same as the other knives, but Cody gains a double swipe attack when using it.
  • War Hammer - A large and powerful bludgeoning weapon that can easily stun the opponent.

Defeating the opponent with a weapon will make the victory icon have the shape of a sword.

In addition to the above, Poison, Andore, El Gado, and Edi. E respectively have a whip, a chain, a knife, and a gun that is always available to them as part of their moveset.

Final Fight: Streetwise[edit | edit source]

Several weapons can be found on the streets or taken from enemies. The player can also buy them in stores or with 2-ill.

Weapon Price Description
Brass Knuckles $50 Packs a more powerful punch. Sure to leave a lasting impression!
Bat $60 Good for starting up a friendly ballgame... or for just bashing in a few skulls!
Basic wood model. Worth a few good whacks.
Metal Bat $75 Tired of low-quality bats? Step up to metal!
Highly durable "extra innings" model.
Knife $50 Excellent for, uh, peeling potatoes. Yeah... right.
Basic model. Capable of slicing up a small party.
Hunting Knife $75 Looking to bag some deer? Elk? Those annoying punks down the street?
Like a normal knife, only bigger and badder.
Katana $150 The traditional choice of Japanese samurai.
Low-end sword, but still quite deadly.
Muramasa Sword $300 Impress your friends! Mutilate your enemies!
High-end sword. The true master's choice.
Pistol $75 It's simple: Point. Shoot. Feel good. Repeat.
Fully loaded with 6 rounds.
SMG $100 Sub-Machine Gun. (Could also stand for "Splatter More Guts.")
You've found the ultimate killing toy. Enjoy!
Shotgun $250 A real hit with crowds! It's a blast!
With 8 shells, for your blood-splattering needs.
Molotov Cocktail $35 Let it fly, and watch 'em fry. Great entertainment value!
Grenade $75 Feeling ignored? Announce your presence with a bang!
Fire Extinguisher - (not available for purchase, only found in areas with fire)
Pool Cue - (not available for purchase, only found in the fight inside the Barfly Lounge)
Wood Plank - (not available for purchase, only found in some areas)

Besides those, Kyle can take certain objects to hit or throw them on enemies, like trash cans and chairs. He can also use a mounted machine gun in the glow factory.

Street Fighter series[edit | edit source]

While weapons can't be found in stages and collected by the player in the Street Fighter series, some characters fight with weapons. Below are some examples:

  • Cody's Knife Pickup is a reference to the Final Fight weapons.
  • Besides Cody, some of the Final Fight characters use weapons. Rolento uses his stick, knives and grenades. Poison uses a riding crop. Sodom uses a pair of jitte, and Maki uses a tonfa. Lucia uses an MCPD baton; which becomes available when her V-Trigger is active.
    • In Street Fighter Alpha 3, if the player selects the X-ISM system after choosing Sodom, he will wield a pair of katana in lieu of his jitte, as a nod to Final Fight.
  • Geki and Vega use a claw. Notably, in most of Vega's appearances his claw may fall off when hit several times, but he can recover it.
  • Ninja tools such as kunai, shuriken, and smoke bombs are used by Ibuki and Geki.
  • Eagle uses kali sticks.

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Lucia with a baton in Final Fight 3

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