The Whirlwind Shot (ワールウインド・ショット Wāruuindo Shotto?) is one of Rashid's special attacks introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick

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Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Rashid spins and kicks, seinding a small twister that spirals upwards a small distance in front of him.

Tactics Edit


The strength of the kick button determines the move's startup, as well as the twister's range and angle. The Light version has the fastest startup. The twister also travels almost halfscreen before ascending. The Medium version has a slower startup. The twister travels less across the screen before ascending. However, it hits the opponent twice. The Heavy version has the slowest startup and the shortest range for the twister. It also has multiple hits, like the Medium version. The EX version has the same startup and range as the Medium version. However, it hits the opponent three times. 

Whirlwind Shot is a very good anti-air technique, with Rashid being able to follow-up with other attacks should it hit. Since the projectile goes upwards rather than straight, it's discouraged to use it in a projectile war, unless going against F.A.N.G's and Dhalsim's projectiles. In most cases, the Light version is mainly used to keep the opponent's at bay for it has the fastest startup and has the best range for the twister.

In close range, the Rashid can use this to pressure the opponent in his combos, due to his fast approach. While the Medium version of this move has a slower startup than his Light, it can be difficult to punish on block. His Heavy version even has Rashid +1 on block, allowing him to maintain pressure. Blocking the EX version will leave Rashid +6 on block. This will allow Rashid to walk toward his opponent and continue his offense with frametrap combos or throws. Additionally, he can ride his Heavy and EX Whirlwind Shot to give himself better position or to confuse the opponent.

He can also cancel the Heavy and EX version into his V-Skills, making him flip or roll a greater distance. Canceling into Front Flip will make Rashid jump further than usual. He can flip to behind his opponent for a Air Eagle Spike crossup. His Rolling Assault V-Skill can be added as an extra element for Rashid's Heavy and EX Whirlwind Shot. If Rolling Assault is timed correctly, Rashid can keep frame advantage and attack safely afterwards.

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