White Pressure is one of Kolin's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MKick>Arcade-Button-HPunch>Arcade-Button-MPunch+Sf3 kick medium

Description Edit

Executed by pressing Medium Kick, Heavy Kick, followed by Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Kolin first delivers a knee strike. Once the attack connects, she rotates and delivers a spinning back fist. If the second attack hits, Kolin lunges toward her opponent, grabs onto her their head, and swings herself over them. While doing so, she encases her opponent's head inside a ball of ice with icicles sticking out from the backside of the sphere. Finally, Kolin lands with both of her knees into the opponent's head, driving them to the ground and breaking the sphere of ice upon impact.

Tactics Edit

This target combo can only be performed if Kolin is equipped with her second V-Skill. Compared to her other target combo, this inflicts more damage and stun. Kolin can use this target combo to punish her opponent from close range and build V-Meter at the same time. However, unlike White Out, Kolin cannot cancel White Pressure into her V-Trigger. She can also link this target combo from Crouching Medium Punch. However, she needs to be at point-blank range to execute successfully. If she's out of range, her Standing Medium Kick whiffs her opponent, temporarily leaving her defenseless.

Like most target combos, it is very unsafe on block. However, if she catches her opponent sleeping, she can sneak in the command grab at the end to put her opponent in a icy state, thus freezing their stun gauge. For visual representation, her opponent's entire body turns faded white. Additionally, their stun gauge remains frozen until they land a hit on Kolin. While the command grab creates separation between her opponent, it plays to her advantage in the neutral game. Having a frozen stun gauge puts her opponent in a position to be aggressive to return their stun gauge to normal, leading them to make mistakes. While the command grab has long startup, it cannot be blocked. This means that the opponent has to make a move or be aggressive if Kolin cancels the second attack of the target combo into her V-Skill to avoid being frozen.


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