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Wisdom of Thoth is Menat's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick


Wisdom Of Thoth

Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Menat spins and raises her arms to summon six small orbs of Soul Energy. The six orbs surround Menat and remain on the screen for the duration of the V-Gauge. By itself, the orb(s) inflict no damage while they are deployed around her. However, the orbs can be fired individually or at the same time. If Menat is airborne, the orb descend diagonally toward her opponent. If she is crouching, the orb ascends diagonally toward them.

Each of the six projectiles is controlled by either holding and releasing, or double-tapping a specific punch or kick button. The Light Punch button deploys the top-left orb, while the Light Kick button fires the top-right orb. The Medium Punch button launches the left orb in the middle, while the Medium Kick button deploys the orb on the right. Finally, the Heavy Punch button fires the bottom-left orb, while the Heavy Kick button launches the orb in the bottom-right. two orbs are launch using Light Punch and Light Kick, the middle two orbs by Medium Punch and Medium Kick, and the bottom two orbs by Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick.



This move is one of the most complex and trickiest to use. It is a 3-bar V-Trigger, which means that Menat has to sacrifice a decent amount of health to obtain this move. However, using this V-Trigger effectively can easily turn the tables on the opponent. It is versatile and very effective in keeping the opponent on their heels. Her projectiles cannot be fired while Menat is blocking, if she is in hitstun, or if she's knocked down.

One of the main purposes of this V-Trigger is that gives Menat a solid way to extend combos. While the damage of each orb is minimal, it has a decent amount of hitstun that lets Menat follow-up with another attack. By using the six orbs at her disposal, she can perform long, multi-hitting combos to inflict even more damage. While the combo potential that comes with her V-Trigger is very high, it takes a lot of practice and precision to get the most out of this move.

Besides extending combos, Menat can also use Wisdom of Thoth to keep herself safe. Similar to her Soul Sphere, she becomes more of a threat as long as the orb(s) are around her. Not only she can deploy any or all of the projectiles at her own discretion, but it also keeps her from being punished after using an unsafe attack. For example, even though her overhead is -7 on block, Menat can release one of the orbs to keep her opponent from attacking. If they do attempt to punish her, the projectile may interrupt their counterattack, giving Menat a free combo starter.

In addition, this V-Trigger can be used to mix-up her opponent. If Menat releases the projectiles while airborne, then it makes the orbs comes down slowly on her opponent. As the projectiles descend, Menat can use Khamun Kick to maneuver herself to the other side of her opponent. This puts them in a situation where they have to guess whether to block left or right. Menat can also stop her combo at any point and go for a throw if she conditions her opponent to block.

While Wisdom of Thoth is one of the most difficult V-Triggers to use effectively, Menat is heavily reward with long damaging combos, resets, enhancements of her pressure game that can easily win her the round.


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