Won Won (王王 Wan Wan?) is a fictional character from the Final Fight series, introduced in the game Final Fight 2.


Appearance Edit

Won Won is large, muscular Chinese man who dresses in red and white Mandarin-style clothing. He has a black Fu Manchu mustache and wears his hair in a long braid, which he keeps tied in place with a red ribbon. He has a skull tattoo on at least one of his shoulders and small red tattoos by his eyes that resemble the tail fins of a fish.

Personality Edit

Due to his past as a sailor, Won Won has a hearty and strong personality. He is a renowned gourmet, and enjoys cooking, his favorite recipes incorporating Mixian noodles. Won Won considers the entire Hong Kong harbor a part of his turf, a face which even the local mafia, the 800 Dragons, acknowledge.


Final Fight 2Edit

Won Won began working for the new incarnation of the Mad Gear Gang under Retu in Final Fight 2, and was waiting to attack Haggar, Maki, and Carlos when they reached the harbor in Hong Kong. After his defeat, Won Won told the trio that the Mad Gear's new base of operations was in Europe.

Gameplay and fighting styleEdit

Won Won is powerful, but generally slow on his feet and the attack. He fights with punch combos, and will occasionally leap high into the air and do a flying elbow drop that knocks enemies down.


  • Won Won wielded a meat cleaver in the Japanese version of Final Fight 2, but it was removed in the international version.[3] Despite this, the artwork of Won Won featured in the manual still has him holding the cleaver, and the text warns to "be careful not to get too close to him or he'll slice you up."
    • To this day, there's been no official explanation for the change, but the most likely reason is that Nintendo's censorship policy (which forbade depictions of "random, gratuitous, and/or excessive violence" and "graphic illustration of death") mandated the removal of the cleaver from the game, since characters could bleed when hit by it.[4]



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