Flyer from S.I.N.'s tournament

The World Fighting Championship[1] (ワールドバトルトーナメント Wārudo Batoru Tōnamento?, "World Battle Tournament") is the primary tournament all the Street Fighters participate in. It is alternatively known as the World Warrior Tournament or simply the Street Fighter Tournament. Several different organizations have hosted this tournament.

History[edit | edit source]

The first World Fighting Championship was held by Sagat with Ryu emerging as the champion. The second was held by M. Bison and Shadaloo in which Akuma killed Bison, though there isn't an official winner. The third was held by S.I.N., and the fourth by Gill's organization, the Illuminati, in which Alex won officially after being sought after by the organization itself.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Rules to these tournaments are not entirely known, but it can be inferred that while there are no real restrictions in the tournament, some regulations may include that participants must show and check in with staff and affiliates throughout the world under penalty of forfeiture, intent to purposely kill and grievously harm; at least for sportsmanship, performance and conduct of martial arts (ie. mutual agreement and consent to show levels of restraint or not), and to maintain entertainment value and viewership, is largely frowned upon, and depending on the sponsorship, weapons may or may not be allowed; firearms, obviously apparent, and large scale cutting/slashing weapons especially are prohibited (at least for those not of the sponsors, in regards to the latter). There's no class distinction or grade requirement and any fighting style is welcome. Locations of where to fight tend to mostly be at the discretion of the participant in most cases, with no restrictions where a fight may take place, and a representative referee/judge will always be assigned to a participant to witness their progression and fights fairly, with cross examination with other witness representatives. Winners and eligible continuing participants have their qualifying status decided by either knockout, judgement of the better participant, and will to fight (ie. deliberate forfeiture from the tournament) as decided from the results of the bouts they engage in.

Progression of tournament events and tiers are not known, but gameplay shows this by Arcade Mode. In the original Street Fighter, Ryu faces Adon before fighting Sagat. In Street Fighter II series, the contender would face Balrog, Vega and Sagat and then finally Bison. In the first two Street Fighter III games and the Street Fighter IV series, the contender would fight their rival and then fights the final boss (Gill and Seth, respectively).

Known Participants[edit | edit source]

First Tournament (Inaugural/Sagat)[edit | edit source]

Second Tournament (Shadaloo)[edit | edit source]

Third Tournament (S.I.N.)[edit | edit source]

Fourth Tournament (Illuminati)[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Capcom and other animation and filming studios have to date not developed a plot centered on a fighting tournament for the anime, cartoons, and films of Street Fighter, unlike most of the comic books and manga. The tournaments did however have major scenes in the Street Fighter cartoon series that was loosely based on Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers and Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation that was loosely based on Street Fighter Alpha 2. In those plots, the world warriors fight in one location and most or some of the world warriors compete in the tournaments while the other fighters from the game are absent.

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