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"So, I've been thinking 'bout strength, man. Strength, might, the power to fight. Is it money? Authority? A cool job? A ton of likes? Heh heh heh; Okay, let's keep it simple. I wanna be strong. Can you believe it? We got self-driving cars. The time's coming─we'll be taking rockets to Mars. And yet you've still got folk out there using their fists and bodies to seek strength. Yeah, I hear you, man. We're all a bunch of fools. But, y'know, if you wanna know about strength, you just gotta get to it. We fighting fools are all getting to it on the streets!"
Street Fighter 6

World Tour is a single-player game mode in Street Fighter 6 that has the player create and customize their own character as they travel the world. It is an open-world RPG where the player can engage and battle against a variety of characters, purchase items, gain experience points through minigames, and train as a student under other fighters such as Luke and Chun-Li.


Street Fighter 6 takes place after the events of the Street Fighter III games.[1] From a chronological order, Street Fighter 6 is the latest title in the official timeline. However, as this mode is focused on the avatar, there's no actual continuation to the story, thus, explainations of what happened to the Secret Society are nonexistent in this mode.

Title Summary Image
Prologue At the start of the World Tour mode, the Avatar enters Buckler Security, where Luke will give the player tutorial lessons as part of the "Basic Training Course". The player then engages in combat with a fighter named Bosch, who attempted to cheap shot the player beforehand. After their fight ends in a draw, Luke instructs the Avatar and Bosch to leave Buckler Security and hit the streets of Metro City.
Avatar and Bosch
Chapter 1 You and Bosch make it to Beat Square, where Luke, via your Mobile Device, introduces you to apps like Messages and Missions. Your first Mission is talking to Alice who assists you with your training, teaching you the game's mechanics along the way, and the first task she gives you is landing 10 hits with Assisted Combos. After that, she tasks you with fighting and beating two other NPCs after requesting a fight with them. Luke then instructs you with purchasing Pizza from a nearby Food Truck, introducing you to purchasing items. You are next tasked with visiting a nearby alleyway where you are ambushed by two enemies in cardboard box disguises who, after beating them, reveal themselves as Tracy and Ryan, Alice's brothers, telling you that enemy NPCs tend to cover or obscure their faces in this fashion. Luke then instructs you with going to an Apparel Store named Drippin' Style where you purchase a Cap, introducing you to buying gear and equipment. After this, you meet up with Luke outside, where you and Bosch spar with him in a 2-on-1 fight, and you are then enrolled as Luke's student, learning his Master Action. He then states that you and Bosch make a good team, but Bosch disagrees and runs off to follow his own path. The chapter ends with you speaking with Alice again where she recommends seeking out other fighters and learning their styles on your search for strength, and she suggests searching for Chun-Li, located in Hong Hu Lu Chinatown. TBA
Chapter 2 You head to Chinatown and meet Chun-Li and her apprentice Li-Fen. She has been teaching the locals Kung-Fu and is happy with teaching you as well. You become her student and, after conversing with her other students, she tells you to keep an eye on Li-Fen. You talk to Li-Fen and she alerts you about the Canary Crate Gang who have been attacking people at random and she suggests that you take them out. You defeat 3 of its members before going up to their base on a rooftop where you face their boss Boluo. After beating him, he tells that Bosch also confronted them for info about Mad Gear, and dropped his ID Card while doing so. He states that cash is to be passed around between them and a "huge organization" and Bosch wants to steal it, before telling you the deal is to take place at night. TBA
Chapter 3 As you make to the entrance of Mad Gear's hideout at night and defeat a wave of members, Bosch appears with a mysterious bag attempting to escape from them. You and him team up for a second time to fend off another enemy wave, to which he then flees with the bag in-hand. Mad Gear Eliza then confronts you, demanding that the bag is returned to them. You talk to the police at day to ask about Bosch and Mad Gear, to which they make mention of the Canary Crate gang being enemies of Mad Gear. You talk to Boluo to ask if his gang has intel on Bosch and the bag, and he comes up with the idea of making a replica of the bag. You meet with Counterfeiter Leonardo who, in order to create the bag, requires leather materials collected after defeating specific thugs, and then the unique clasp on it, which can be found at the Colosseo in Italy. You travel there to meet with Marisa, who crafts the clasp for you, but not before challenging you to a quick bout. Afterwards, you get the item, and you return to Metro City to hand it over to Leonardo so he can finish the bag. TBA
Chapter 4 At night, you return to Eliza with the counterfeit bag, who makes it clear that they actually wanted the cash that was inside the bag. This is when Damnd appears, who invites you up to the Hideout for a talk. TBA
Chapter 5 TBA
Chapter 6 TBA
Chapter 7 TBA
Chapter 8 TBA
Chapter 9 TBA
Chapter 10 TBA
Chapter 11 TBA
Chapter 12 Meeting with Kalima at the liaison point at night, she explains that JP is using the Suval'hal Martial Arts Tournament as a money laundering scheme and desecrating Mount Vashal and Nayshall as a whole. She then states she isn't stopping you from entering the tournament, but tells you to stay out of their way and let the Resistance proceed with their operations. You then enter the Ne'er Duel Fighting Tournament representing Mad Gear. After five matches, with the final match being against Gerald Golby, you win the tournament and qualify for the Suval'hal Tournament, but not before another meeting with the Cardboard Combatant, who will be entering the tournament representing Neo Shadaloo. TBA
Chapter 13 TBA
Chapter 14 TBA
Chapter 15 You enter the Suval'hal Martial Arts Tournament, and you eventually make it to the Finals where you have one last duel with Bosch, who is continuing his role as the Cardboard Combatant. At the award ceremony, JP decides that Yua would be the one to present the belt to the winner, but not before starting the countdown to the explosion. Bosch, realizing the harm his sister could potentially receive rushes forward to try and dispose the bomb, only to receive the brunt of the explosion. As everyone flees from the wreckage, and your avatar mourns over Bosch's corpse, JP makes a mockery of the situation, describing Bosch's actions as meaningless but amusing. You then, with an urge for revenge, decide to challenge JP to a fight. After winning, he congratulates you for managing to beat him, but then asks a rhetorical question about what this victory means to you, before laughing it off. After the Credits Roll, you're on the phone to Luke where you tell him that your journey for strength is far from over. TBA

Stages & Locations[]

World Tour Locations[]


Metro City, just one of the many locations that players will be able to explore in World Tour.

In World Tour, there are numbers of locations in each country for the player's Avatar to explore and visit. Each country has it's own set of masters that the player will meet in them. Currently, only Metro City and Nayshall that are fully explorable.

Full Locations
  • Metro City, USA:
    • Buckler Security Services
    • Seaside Street
    • Beat Street
    • Downtown
    • Hong Hu Lu Chinatown
    • Skywalk Lane
    • Haggar Memorial
    • The Macho Ring
    • Urban Park
    • Faith Avenue
    • Central Avenue
    • Masters Foundation Building
    • SiRN Building
    • South Street
    • Bayside Park Street
    • Grace Marina
    • Saikyo Style Karate Dojo
    • Abigail's Scrap Metal Yard
    • Metro City Police Station
    • The Macho Ring
    • Edomon Chanko House
    • Crows' Nest
    • Essential Eats
  • Nayshall
Side Locations

Master Action[]

Master Actions can be performed by pressing one of four buttons while the Avatar explores throughout the stage. When the Avatar is enrolled under the veteran fighter's apprenticeship, they gain access to their Master Action. They also learn their fighting style, basic moves, and unique attacks. Master Actions are mainly used to destroy crates and other containers to uncover bonuses like Zenny. The Avatar can strike other roaming fighters with their Master Action to get a head start in a one-on-one battle. Sometimes, Master Actions must be performed to traverse across the stage.

List of Master Actions[]

Master Action
Character Special Attack
A.K.I. Toxic Wreath
Akuma Ashura Senku
Blanka Electric Thunder
Cammy Spiral Arrow
Chun-Li Spinning Bird Kick
Dee Jay Air Slasher
Dhalsim Yoga Teleport
E. Honda Sumo Headbutt
Ed Psycho Flicker
Elena TBA
Guile Flash Kick
Jamie Bakkai
JP Amnesia
Juri Tensenrin
Ken Shoryuken
Kimberly Sprint
Lily Tomahawk Buster
Luke Rising Uppercut
M. Bison TBA
Manon Manège Doré
Marisa Phalanx
Rashid Eagle Spike
Ryu Hadoken
Zangief Screw Piledriver

Master Locations[]

  • U.S.A.
    • Metro City
      • Day
        • E. Honda
        • Luke Sullivan
        • Chun-Li
        • Ken Masters
      • Night
        • Jamie Siu
        • Kimberly Jackson
        • Ed (DLC)
    • Carrier Byron Taylor, U.S.A.
      • Guile
  • Nayshall
    • Day
      • Rashid
    • Night
      • Juri Han
      • JP
  • Japan
    • Genbu Temple
      • Ryu
    • Enma's Hollow (DLC)
      • Akuma
  • Colosseo, Italy
    • Marisa
  • King Street, England
    • Cammy White
  • Ranger's Hut, Brazil
    • Blanka
  • Bathers Beach, Jamaica
    • Dee Jay
  • Barmaley Steelworks, Russia
    • Zangief
  • Dhalsimer Temple, India
    • Dhalsim
  • Fête Foraine, France
    • Manon Legrand
  • Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico
    • Lily Hawk
  • Tian Hong Yuan, China (DLC)
    • A.K.I.
  • Ruined Lab, Unknown (DLC)
    • M. Bison


Other opponents besides the masters.

Name Level Battle Style
Alice Chun-Li
Allan 17 Ryu
Antler Marisa
Bao Bao Bro 30 Jamie (!)
Blanka-chan 50 Blanka
Boris Gagarin 50 Zangief (!)
Bosch Luke (!)
Cardboard Combatant 35/39/54 Luke (!)
Carlos Miyamoto 15 Guile (!)
Carmela 51
Ernest 15 Luke
Eternity 25 Juri
Gerald Golby 40
Gora Ndiaye 52 E. Honda
Hazel Cruz 40
Joy 40 Kimberly
Kalima Cammy
Kim 40 Manon
Li-Fen Chun-Li
Lima Bien 53
Lisa 14 Dee Jay
Retsu 10/22 Ryu (!)
Rewancha 20/50 Marisa (!)
Rudra 38 Dhalsim (!)
Sompong 40 Chun-Li
Thrasher Damnd 33
R.O.B.B.I.E. Various
Uou Zangief
Veronica 18 Cammy
Wyatt 12

(!) = Has unique attacks and quantities.

"The Fighty Mighty" side-mission opponents[]

Name Level Battle Style
Max 15
Somsak 25
Fair Libra 28
Andore Jr. I 30
Carol 30
Kenichi 35
Njomo 37 Lily
Andore Jr. II 40
Rwolf 40 Jamie
Stoll 45 Blanka
Kahn 48 Zangief
Andore Jr. III 50
Una 55 Marisa
Bunyan 60 Luke
Father Andore 60
Rasso 66 Manon
Uncle Andore 70
S. Brett 72
Won-qu 74 Guile
S. Jay 76
Patriarch Andore 80
A-tur 81 Cammy
Keiko 83 E. Honda
Oliver 85
Gerald Golby 86
Roxy 87
Axl 89
Sheng Long 93 Ryu
Fou-Lu 95 Luke (!)
Andore 99

(!) = Has unique attacks and quantities.

"Suval'Hal Arena Throwdown" side-mission opponents[]

Name Level Battle Style
T. Jho 60
Neige 60
F. Volcano 61
Tackle 61
Wakka Moley[2] 62
Ryan & Tracy 62/63
Abraham 67 Dhalsim
Blanka-chan 67 Blanka
Yamato-dake 68 E. Honda
Philia O'Borg (Cleaning Bot Corps) 68
Spider Lily[3] 70 Kimberly
Strokes[4] 71 Chun-Li
Masters McMastered[5] 72 Ken
Will 73 Guile
Rewancha 75 Marisa (!)
Kalima 75 Cammy
Black Shadow[6] 75 Kimberly
Lali-Ho[7] 76 Juri
Poro 76 Blanka
Amelia 77 Dee Jay
Philia O'Borg (Drone Division) 78
Copy Fighter (x2) 80/81 Various
Copy Fighter CE & Copy Fighter 81/81 Various
Copy Fighter (x2) 81/82 Various
Sai Kyo 83
K. R. Kametaro[8] L85 Dhalsim
D. R. D 86 Ken
Jude 87 Manon
Pinky Spike 87 Ryu
Philia O'Borg (Box Bot Brigade) 88
Metro Protector 90
The 'Fus[9] 90 Blanka
Akasa[10] 91 Chun-Li
C. Dreja 92 Lily
Yoon-Ah 92 Juri
Vagrant Fridge 93
Reche 95 Kimberly
Misty[11] 96 Dhalsim
Kacey 97 Cammy
Hileev Kernov[12] 98 Guile
Bao Bao Bro 99 Jamie (!)
Chuy[13] 100 Lily
Ernest 100 JP
Lucas 100 Luke
Torie 100 Marisa
Enzo 100 Dee Jay
Alice 100 Chun-Li
Luke 100 Luke


  • The home console versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3 (specifically the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, and PlayStation Portable) also had a World Tour mode of its own, though its presentation is different in that it allowed a player to customize their chosen character's fighting style while battling against predetermined opponents around the world so that they could help build up their chosen character's fighting level.
  • Tian Hong Yuan, China is the only base game's fighting stage not to be featured as a selectable location at the initial release. This is because it represents A.K.I.'s whereabouts, and was added at the time of her DLC release date.
    • Despite Ed's DLC release date, Ruined Lab stage is instead appears in World Tour after Akuma's DLC release date, which also meant to predate M. Bison's return.
  • The mode features the first canonical appearance of Sheng Long, appearing as one of the post-game opponents in 'The Fighty Mighty' Side-Mission.
  • The mode is similar to Dead or Alive 4's Online Mode and the short-lived Dead or Alive Online.
  • It is unknown whether there will be guests from third-party series and one of Capcom series that are not part of Street Fighter shared universe titles in World Tour.


  1. Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama confirms the game occurs after the Street Fighter III series.
  2. Known in Japan as Cam Guacamole (カム・ワカモリ Kamu Wakamori?)
  3. Known in Japan as Higanbana (ヒガンバナ?)
  4. Known in Japan as Crawl (クロール Kurōru?)
  5. Known in Japan as Masters Master (マスターズ・マスター Masutāzu masutā?)
  6. Known in Japan as Kurokage (クロカゲ?)
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  11. Known in Japan as Fuyume (フユメ?)
  12. Known in Japan as Lieve / Reve (リーベ Rībe?)
  13. Known in Japan as Jesús (ヘスス Hesusu?)