This is a list of quotes used by Yang.

Street Fighter III series Edit

New GenerationEdit

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  • A close one. I almost let you win.
  • Weaklings like you should hang in the crowd. You're not ready for the real deal!

2nd Impact Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. Oro Edit

Oro: "Strong, focused, and at peace... Would you care to be my pupil?"

Yang: "No thanks... But if you wish for a fight, I won't hold back!"

vs. Yun Edit

Yang: "Brother! It's time to see which one of us is the better fighter!"

Yun: "Agreed! Just don't hold back this time, because I won't!"

Win Quotes (generic) Edit

  • "Why am I so strong, and why are you so weak? Why is the sky blue?"
  • "I was itching for a good fight. Thanks! But next time make it a good fight, not just a fight."
  • "I did it! No sweat!"
  • "What's your problem? You want another fist in the face?!"
  • "I repaid you for all the injuries you inflicted on me three times over."
  • "I was itching for a good fight. Thanks! But next time make it a good fight, not just a fight."
  • "I repaid you for all the injuries you inflicted on me three times over."
  • "I told you I'm strong! You should listen to your superiors."
  • "Try to look up at the sky! Look down and you'll get depressed as you see your lame body."

Win Quotes (Super Art Finish) Edit

  • "Because of your sloppy defense, I got to finish you with my Tenshin-senkyutai!"
  • "There's no way you could escape my Tenshin-senkyutai!"
  • "Did my Seiei-enbu confuse you? Is age dulling your senses?"
  • "Look! How many of myself are there? Count them quickly! Time's up!"

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

  • "You shouldn't overestimate your power"
  • "Your fighting aura freaks me out! But you aren't quite as scary when you're flat on your back!"
  • "You don't need to be a gentleman in a fight! Haven't you learned that yet?"
  • "Now that I've beaten you, do you still think street fighting is fun?"
  • "You thought you could intimidate me, but that tactic proved to be your undoing..."
  • "Your size makes you slow! Go on a diet!"
  • "Is that costume supposed to make you look tough? Looks can be deceiving."
  • "Your fighting strategy is the worst! If you hurry to win, you're rushing to your defeat!"
  • "My victory was determined when I saw your sorry moves!"
  • "Stupid old man! If you want to win, fight seriously!"
  • "You shouldn't walk around in that costume! People might start thinking you're for real!"
  • "After that, you still want to fight?! That would be suicidal... you're much too weak!"
  • "A fighter's weak point can cause him to shatter like glass... Yours is right... over... THERE!!!"
  • "Your fighting is very predictable... I know it all too well!"
  • "Now we know which of us is the better fighter! Maybe you should try skateboarding full-time!"

3rd StrikeEdit

Rival Dialogue Edit

vs. Yun Edit

Yun: "...Why do you care about that so much? It's just a waste of time to determine who stronger."

Yang: "I know... I just... I'd like you to see the progress I've made in the last couple of weeks."

Yun: "Okay then. I have no choice but to accept. Let me show you what kind of walls will always block your progress!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Every wound is a punishment for your careless training!"
  • "I wonder if my brother would have hurt you even more than I did..."
  • "Unless you want to disgrace history, don't call what we did a fight!"
  • "Don't assume that the same patterns you use on others will work on me!"
  • "I was trying to piss you off... I guess I wasn't trying hard enough!"
  • "An angry fighter is an ineffective one... Not to mention ugly, too..."
  • "I move with the grace of the wind, you just make it smell bad!"
  • "I hope you planned on taking a long vacation. You'll need it to heal!"

Street Fighter IV series Edit


  • "Let's get this started!"


  1. "I've got this one in the bag."
  2. "What's the matter? Can't keep up?"
  3. "I won't hold back; that's not how I roll."

Win Quotes Edit

Round Win Edit

  • "Pfft. Amateur."
  • "I read your every move."
  • "Huh. That all you got?"

Versus Mode Edit

  • "Keep your cool in battle next time. It'll do you wonders."
  • "Don't assume similar tactics you have used on others will work on me."
  • "Where my potential will take me, no one knows."
  • "Is that all you have? You'll need more if you wish to defeat me."
  • "Talent or brainpower? You need both to win in this world."
  • "I understand not being able to keep up, but that was faster than I anticipated."
  • "Why don't you try using your head for once?"
  • "Every wound you have is punishment for your careless training."
  • "I guess I just wanted victory more than you."
  • "That ought to put you out of commission for a while."
  • "Go home and watch more match videos. Leave the actual fighting to the pros!"

Arcade Mode (SSFIV: AE)Edit

  • "A dog lover, huh? I prefer cats myself. Less slobber."
  • "Get up already. Your adoring fans want to see your bruises."
  • "Finding holes in your style was tough. Almost lost that one..."
  • "Man, I hate fighting guys like you."
  • "The potential we humans have is truly limitless."
  • "You're very calm in battle. I learned a lot today."
  • "I may not have your experience, but that didn't stop me from winning"
  • "I've never seen a grown man sulk the way you do."
  • "If you're here on business, then why are you bothering me?"
  • "What kind of fighter relies on taunts as his main move?"
  • "The rhythm of battle? I don't get it. What's that have to do with anything?"
  • "Was your great Agni on vacation today?"
  • "Boxing may be a sweet science, but I see nothing sweet in your style."
  • "Don't you get hot under that mask?"
  • "Sumo? My Chinese Kempo is known the world over. Better work harder."
  • "I almost lost my cool against you just now."
  • "An assassin? You sure don't fight like one."
  • "I don't need a lecture. I have all of my beliefs all sorted out."
  • "Keep practicing and one day you could be as famous as me!"
  • You move like the wind, but I had no trouble reading you"
  • "Oil? In a fight? That's a first for me!"
  • "You'll never be a true ninja with those pitiful skills."
  • "If you wish to kill me, you'll need to try a lot harder than that."
  • "You know why you lost? Because of your recklessness. You should know better."
  • "Your moves lack refinement. You'll never beat me at this rate."
  • "Are you the demon that my grandfather spoke of?"
  • "Please stop speaking in riddles. I don't have time for mumbo-jumbo."
  • "For a big guy, you move quickly. Not quick enough, though."
  • "Now we can put the rumors to rest. Thanks for the fight."
  • "Learn from your losses. Every great fighter does."
  • "So you're chasing after Ryu? I heard he's an extremely strong fighter."
  • "You may copy my moves, but you'll never be able to copy my mind!"
  • "I only believe in what I can see. Take your preaching elsewhere."
  • "See, brother? You gotta use your head!"
  • "Can't grab me that easily! I saw you coming a mile away!"

Arcade Mode (USFIV)Edit

  • "Observe your opponent and wait for an opening. Works on foes big and small!"
  • "If you are a promoter, you should learn to be a bit more composed."
  • "These days nobody will follow you if all you do is yell."
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