The Yasha Gaeshi (夜叉返し? "Yaksha Return") is one of Karin's special attacks in Street Fighter Alpha 3. In Street Fighter V, this move is her V-Reversal.

Joudan (High) Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Punch (or Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade Button Punch during Guren Ken)
Gedan (Low) Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick (or Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade Button Kick during Guren Ken)
V-Reversal Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Punch x3 (During guard)


Executed by performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing either punch or kick (or by pressing backward and punch or kick during any of Guren Ken's two hits), Karin pauses herself, either standing or crouching, with both arms extended in front of her body. If physically attacked, she counters by opening her arms vertically apart in a "scissors" style.

When done from her Guren Ken as stated above, it is known as the Guren Yasha (紅蓮夜叉? "Crimson Lotus Night Road Fork/Yaksha").

In Street Fighter V, the move is executed by pressing forward and all three punches after blocking an attack. Karin performs her Joudan to launch her opponent. In Arcade Edition, the animation for her V-Reversal is changed to an elbow strike that knocks her opponent backwards.



The counter can hit for good damage, though the button and timing must be correct. The punch version is used for high and mid attacks, and the kick version is designed to counter low attacks. Like all counters, this move won't work against specific kinds of attacks such as projectiles and throws.

In Street Fighter V, it serves the purpose as her V-Reversal. This move can be used to stop the opponent's pressure or to get out of tough situations. If Karin is able to knock the opponent down with this move, she can jump or dash in on them. Because she has low health and limited defensive options, it is crucial to use her V-Reversal to get out of situations.


A yaksha is known as via from Sanskrit, a Buddhist guardian deity that tends to be depicted as a demonic warrior.




Street Fighter Alpha 3, heavy punch version countering Chun-Li's standing heavy kick.

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