The Yoga Gale is one of Dhalsim's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V .

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick HCB+Arcade Button Punch (During neutral/forward jump)



Executed by performing a half-circle backwards motion and pressing punch during neutral or forward jump, Dhalsim inhales deeply and breathes a large mass of flame diagonally down and forwards in front of him.


The move's startup and damage inflicted is determined by the punch button pressed. The Light version comes out the fastest, but does the least amount of damage. The Heavy version inflicts the most damage, but has the longest startup time. The EX version comes out the quickest and does more damage. It also hits the opponent multiple times and puts them in a juggle state.

This move gives Dhalsim a unique way to attack the opponent while he is in the air. It can be useful for air-to-air tactics. The Yoga Gale can also be a good way to start off combos. A key way to get the most out of this move is to perform it the moment Dhalsim is in the air. Dhalsim can also use his V-Skill in combination with this move to give him a sneaky way to attack the opponents. With the EX version putting the opponent in a juggle state, this will allow Dhalsim to perform tricky mixups.


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