"Are you THE Dhalsim? "One of the seven Yoga Masters in the world you gotta meet at least once?" That's what the net calls you."

The Yoga Masters are practitioners of yoga that became famous thanks to a website that choose them as "the world's seven greatest Yoga Masters you gotta meet at least once" (一度は会いたい世界7大ヨーガマスターの一人?). They are only mentioned by Rashid in Dhalsim's character story in Street Fighter V, but they were given profiles in the game's official site.

Yoga Masters[edit | edit source]

Dhalsim[edit | edit source]

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Dhalsim is one of the yoga masters, his main techniques being releasing illusory flames from his mouth, teleportation, and being able to stretch his limbs.

Jagjit[edit | edit source]

Jagjit (ジャグジート Jagujīto?) is a master of Yoga Teleport that lives in the northwestern part of the Punjab region. Thirty years before Street Fighter V, a great flood hit a village that the young Jagjit was staying, and he was able to teleport 50 people at the same time. His rescue made him a legend. His mental strength is rumored to be superior to Dhalsim's.[1]

Amitabh[edit | edit source]

Amitabh (アミターブ Amitābu?) is a man with a wide range of knowledge that lives in Uttar Pradesh. He is good at integrating with nature. The longest time he was in a silent, meditating state was five years. He helps other people's lives by conveying his broad knowledge to them, but when asked a question or consultated, he will meditate at least one month without replying. Usually the problem is already resolved when he finishes meditating.[2]

Mahabali G[edit | edit source]

Mahabali G (マハバリ・G Mahabari G?) is a master of power that has great physical strength. He lives in Karnataka. Before starting yoga, he was a cricket player. He was an excellent player, but injured his neck during a game against a rival team. Nearing desperation, he devoted himself to yoga and instantly advanced through it. With his yoga skills he is able to significantly increase his muscular strength for some time. His most daring and famous trick is lifting four elephants with his legs. After Mahabali G became famous, he became noticeably arrogant.[3]

Sheila[edit | edit source]

Sheila (シーラ Shīra?) is an internationally active celebrity that travels in a private airplane. Her home is in New York. Although she originally was a promising dancer, her encounter with yoga in India was a turning point in her life. She mastered several techniques that take advantage of her flexible body. She is good at many things with abundant expressiveness, and has many disciples all over the world. The yoga instruction DVD featuring her was a big boom.[4]

Dr. Gulab Jamun[edit | edit source]

Dr. Gulab Jamun (Dr.グラブジャムン Dr. Gurabu Jamun?, the name of a sweet) is a master of the Yoga Expansion (ヨガエクスパンション?) technique, being able to bloat his body at will by filling himself with ki to inflate like a balloon. His Hyper Armor neglects any enemy attacks, and he can crush enemies by rolling over them with the dangerous Yoga Iron Ball (ヨガアイアンボール?). As his weight increases when using his techniques, he can't use it indoors. For some reason no one wants to be his apprentice.[5]

Master Y[edit | edit source]

Master Y (マスターY?) is a yoga master who can communicate with animals, ferocious animals becoming meek near him. He was discovered near the border of a forest accompanied with a Bengal tiger. His origin is unknown, others speculating that he knew yoga since birth and that he is only four years old due to his size and weight. He can't speak, but he can communicate with telepathy. He was apparently chosen as one of the Yoga Masters not long before the events of Street Fighter V, as before there were only six Yoga Masters.[6]

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