The Yoga Sansara is Dhalsim's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick

Description Edit


Dhalsim activating Yoga Sansara.

Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Dhalsim creates a small orb of fire in front of him. He can activate it on the ground or in the air. Once the orb is out, he can use either Yoga Flame or Yoga Gale to increase the size of the fireball and change its trajectory. By using Yoga Flame with the projectile, the fireball travels horizontally.

By using Yoga Gale, the fireball travels diagonally towards the ground before bouncing up. The fireball's arc is determined by the strength of the punch button of Yoga Gale. The Light version has a shorter angle, but the Heavy version comes at the opponent at 45°. Additionally, the fireball descends again if Dhalsim hits it with another Yoga Gale.


This V-Trigger is one of the most creative and unique moves. When the fireball is out, it can hit the opponent multiple times. However, the initial fireball does very little damage and doesn't really put the opponent's in a workable juggle-state. Also, the initial fireball will fade away after several seconds if left untouched.

That all changes when Dhalsim uses Yoga Flame or Yoga Gale to change the fireball's size, trajectory and properties. Not only the fireball gets bigger, but it does more damage. It also has more juggle, allowing Dhalsim to follow-up with another attack. Additionally, once the fireball is moving, it does not fade away. It can travel fullscreen, unless the opponent gets hit by the orb or blocks it.

As the fireball is approaching the opponent, Dhalsim can use Yoga Teleport to appear on the other side for some interesting cross-up situations. If the opponent tries to jump over the oncoming orb, Dhalsim can use Yoga Fire to anti-air them into the fireball for some big damage and potential combos.

Overall, this V-Trigger gives Dhalsim full control of the screen. The opponent has to defend against Dhalsim's approach while also being aware of the fireball coming at them. As long as the orb is on the screen, Dhalsim can regain momentum of the fight and put the opponent on their heels.


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