"Let's go! Whirlwind!"

The Ysaar (イウサール Iusaaru?) is Rashid's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V. [1]

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick

Description Edit

Rashid performs a sweeping kick to summon a giant tornado that moves slowly across the screen. Once activated, the whirlwind slowly closes in on the opponent. If the tornado hits the opponent, it will inflict a small amount of damage and launch them in the air. The whirlwind fades away when it travels halfscreen or when it makes contact with the opponent. 


This projectile is invincible from normal moves and projectiles. As the whirlwind approaches the opponent, Rashid can safely walk behind or stay inside the tornado, leaving them with very limited options to defend him and the projectile at the same time. It also has a high hitbox, making it difficult to jump over.

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It is also a fantastic way to pressure the opponent and Mix-up tool. The objective is to watch how his opponent reacts his pressure and act accordingly. If they block the tornado, Rashi can barrage them with mix-ups. By combining low attacks, overheads, and throws, it becomes increasingly difficult for his opponent to defend. Rashid can also utilize crossup options, fforcing his opponent to block the opposite direction, and confusing them while the whirlwind is out. It can also combo into his Medium Spinning Mixer or Critical Art for some big damage.

While the whirlwind is out, Rashid can use it to increase his movement on any attack that propels him forward. If he jumps on the tornado, it will send him flying across the screen, similar to his V-Skill. This is an effective way to get in and maintain offensive pressure. If Rashid dashes, it will shoot him towards the opponent at insane speeds. He can also use his Eagle Spike or Spinning Mixer in the tornado to approach the opponent, since it becomes difficult to punish with the whirlwind still on the screen. 

However, the move has a slow startup. If Rashid uses a raw activation of this V-Trigger, his opponent can interrupt the move with a quick normal. The best time to use Ysaar is on a knockdown, or if Rashid has them backed against the corner. 


Trivia Edit

  • "Ysaar" (Arabic: إعصار) is the Arabic word for "tornado".

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