"Enough! (とどめだ! Todomeda!?)"

The Zan'ei (慘影? "Cruel Shadow") is one of Gen's Super Combos in the Mantis style, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 2.

In the storyline, Gen often uses the Zan'ei in his assassinations; the only person known to have survived the technique is Akuma during Gen's encounter with him in the storyline of the Street Fighter Alpha series.

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Gen 300


Gen - Zan'ei

Official art of Gen performing the Zan'ei from Street Fighter IV.

Gen vs Geki

Gen performing Zan'ei against Geki.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing punch, Gen draws back in preparation for the attack, then suddenly moves forward across the screen in an instant with his index finger, middle finger and thumb in a claw-like configuration.

Gen dashes through the opponent, and if the attack is not blocked, when Gen stops, the opponent will suddenly suffer 6 hits of damage consecutively and be knocked away from Gen's original position. The distance Gen travels before stopping is determined by the punch button pressed, and the distance Gen stops at will determine where the opponent lands: in front of Gen or behind him.

The Street Fighter IV series introduces a more powerful variant, the Zetsuei, as one of Gen's Ultra Combos.


Gen recovers from the dash just in time for the opponent to take the final hit and be sent flying; in the Street Fighter IV series, this is an ideal setup for either of Gen's first two Ultra Combos (Zetsuei or Ryukoha), or even his Shitenketsu (though if timed wrong, the latter will not activate the full animation). Though the move makes for a decent far punish due to its invincibility and the ground it covers, it is easily jumped over (especially if baited).

Other AppearancesEdit

Gen uses the Zan'ei to kill Geki in the Street Fighter comics.


Street fighter IV Japan nights Me Getting Owned by Gen

Street fighter IV Japan nights Me Getting Owned by Gen

A SFIV match is ended with a Zan'ei, followed by a Style Change into a Ryukoha.

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