This is a list of quotes used by Zangief.

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter IIEdit

  • "Next time we meet, I'm gonna break your arms!"
  • "My strength is much greater than yours."

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixEdit

  • "You can't throw a wrestler! Hahaha!"
  • "I am the Red Cyclone. I destroy everything!"
  • "After wrestling bears, you're not much of a challenge."

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Edit

  • "...I!! ...the Red Cyclone! I pull you in... and smash you up!"
  • "Today, we stain Russian soil a little redder with your blood!"
  • "You wouldn't survive another round. I'll let the ambulance take you, now!"

Lost Quotes (Street Fighter II SNES)[1] Edit

  • "Your pathetic skill is nothing before my steel body."
  • "Did you think you could come at me with your own power!? Next time we meet, I'm gonna break your arms!"
  • "You're training your body the wrong way!"
  • "Shalt I dye Mother Russia with your blood!?"

Street Fighter: The Movie Edit

  • "Power is Justice!"
  • "Hey! I think I heard something snap!"
  • "Without strength there is no power!"
  • "Peace comes only through strength."
  • "You fought well for someone so puny."

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

  • "Don't make me angry or I'll beat the crap out of you!"
  • "Hit me again......please?"
  • "Nothing can escape my furious swirling death move!"
  • "Quit blocking my hits with your face!"

Rival Dialogue Edit

Vs. Birdie Edit

Birdie: "Nice look, Kremlin-head."

Zangief: "Have you looked in a mirror lately?"

Birdie: "Where do you get off... I'll kick your butt to Liverpool and back."

Zangief: "Ha! English humor always amuses me."

Vs. Ken Edit

Ken: "What boat did you step off of?"

Zangief: "I'm Zangief from Mother-Russia."

Ken: "A mamma's boy, eh!"

Zangief: "Imbecile! I will snap you like a twig."

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

  • "Consider yourself lucky! At least you can still walk!"
  • "Flesh! Bone! Viscera! My body of steel knows no weaknesses!"
  • "I'll dedicate this fight to the people of Russia!"
  • "I'm like a cyclone... If you get too close, you'll be sucked in!"
  • "If you had a stronger body, you might not have been paralyzed!"
  • "It is not too late to build your body! Strengthen those triceps!"
  • "Nothing can escape my deadly swirling attacks!"
  • "Spun uncontrollably skyward... Driven brutally to the ground!"

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs. Rolento Edit

Zangief: "I understand you were in an organization known as Mad Gear. Do you know anything about 'Shadaloo'?"

Rolento: "What do you want with them? They are my target. If you stand in my way, I'll eliminate you..."


Zangief: "Hmm... Shadaloo has made enemies of everyone... My Great Leader's judgement was sound, after all... I must destroy Shadaloo, for the glory of mother Russia!"

Vs. Chun-Li Edit

Chun-Li: "Where are you heading? Shadaloo isn't an organization you can defeat all by yourself. You'd better leave it to the I.C.P.O.!"

Zangief: "But... I fight for the pride of my great country! I won't be disgraced by backing out! Allow me to prove myself!"

Vs. M. Bison Edit

Bison: "What does the 'Red Cyclone' of Russia want with me?"

Zangief: "You're the one who oppresses the people of my country with fear! I will use all my might to put an end to your misdeeds!"

Bison: "Hm hm hm... These visits are beginning to amuse me! The very thought of you crushed, crippled and bereft of all hope!"

Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

  • "Might makes right! And nothing is mightier than the Red Cyclone!"
  • "Quake before my magnificent power! My muscles will bring about revolution"
  • "Ha ha ha! It is because you cling to imperialism that you lose!"

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Intro Edit

  • "I am... the Red Cyclone!"

Personal ActionsEdit

  • "Is that all you have?"
  • "No more games!"
  • "Not bad, comrade."
  • "Can't touch me!"
  • "Weak like kitten."
  • "Hit me as hard as you can!"
  • "It's not over yet!"
  • "You have to be stronger than that!"

Round WinEdit

  • "Da!" (Russian = "Yes!")
  • "Russian wrestling is always number one!"
  • "Bolshoi pobyeda!" (Russian = "Great victory!")
  • "Khorosho!" (Russian = "Very good!")
  • "Feast your eyes on this!" (Time Over)


  • "So... strong...!" (Chip KO)

Prologue (SFIV)Edit

  • Kid 1: "Right! Get ready for a Cyclone!"
    Kid 2: "There's no way a move like that could work."
    Kid 3: "Pro wrestlers are weak. Everyone knows martial arts are better."
    Kid 1: "But Zangief's super strong! 'Cuz like, he can't lose if he uses his now special move!"
    Kid 3: "Crybaby! Crybaby! You're a lyin' crybaby! If not, you better prove it!"
    Zangief: "Here's your proof, kids!"
    (Zangief lifts and breaks the log)

    Zangief: "So, is that the move you kids were talking about?"
    Kid 1: "Didja see that? I told ya the Red Cyclone is the greatest!"
    Zangief: "That's right, kids! I'm the best! And I'll prove it to you in the tournament!"

Prologue (SSFIV)Edit

  • "Gah! Just look at all this snow! I'll never be able to make it out of Mother Russia in time for the international fighting tournament! Ngyaaaaaaaah! I won't let anything stop me! The Red Cyclone is going to the tournament, one way or another! And he's going to win! No matter how small the voices of support, it is wrestler's duty to never betray his fans! I will put smiles on the faces of the children of my homeland! I will show them what hard work and ingenuity can accomplish! Hear me, young men of Mother Russia! The Red Cyclone will not let you down!"

Rival DialogueEdit

Zangief: You look like you're worried about something, comrade! Fighting is the best thing to do when life gets you down! Alright, I'm going to help you!

Abel: Huh?


Abel: "We really have to fight?" (Fight start)

Zangief: "Worry. No worry!" (Zangief gets the first attack)

Abel: "Oh, well." (Abel gets the first attack)

Abel: "It's easy."

Abel: "You heard of Shadaloo?"

Zangief: "Ready or not, Here I come!"

Zangief: "Perfect!"

Zangief: "Get ready to fly!"

Zangief"I'm here for you, comrade." (Zangief ends the round)

Zangief: "Ready to fly." (Zangief hits with a level 3 focus attack) 

Zangief: "Ngyaaaaaaaah!" (Zangief activates Ultra)

Zangief: "I'm ready." (If Abel has low's health)

Zangief: "You have the right idea."

Abel: "It's time!" (Abel activates Ultra)

Zangief: "I bet you feel better not, eh?" (Zangief gets an Ultra combo finish)

Zangief: "Out of your fun, comrade. Hehahahahaha!" (Zangief gets an Super combo finish)

Ending (SFIV)Edit

  • Zangief: "Ohhh, what am I going to do!? The tournament's over and I never got hands on a souvenir! I didn't even understand what the last guy was saying before I beat him!"
  • (Looks at Seth's body)
  • Zangief: "Wait! I've got an idea!"
  • (Pictures rolls in fans' hands)
  • Fans: "Hey... That's the bad guy from the TV!"
  • Fans: "Awesome! Nobody beats the Red Cyclone! He's the best!"

Ending (SSFIV)Edit

Kids: Wow! Zangief is so awesome! Go for it, Red Cyclone! You rock, Zangief!
Zangief: For Mother Russia! And for my fans! Ultimate! Atomic! Buster!!
Kids: Oh, yeah! Zangief is the best! We love you, Zangief!

Win QuotesEdit

Versus Mode (SFIV)Edit

  • "C'mon, it didn't hurt that bad, did it? It did? Oops... Guess I overdid it..."
  • "I'm the Red Cyclone and I destroy everything that crosses my path!"
  • "It doesn't matter how fast you are. Once I get my hands on you, it's over!"
  • "I can't believe you stood up after that! Your guts are stronger than your body."
  • "No way you were fighting at full strength! I'll give you another chance!"
  • "If you needed a handicap, you should've said so before the fight!"
  • "I trained hard to get these fabulous muscles. They won't let me down!"
  • "Don't worry. If you start training with me right now, we can get you pumped up!"
  • "It's all about the fighting spirit! Lose that and you lose the match!"
  • "This is what Glasnost has brought you, comrade!"
  • "I hold the dreams of my nation in my heart! I simply cannot lose!"

Versus Mode (SSFIV)Edit

  • "You have to want victory!"
  • "My muscles are my shield and this shield can withstand any attack!"
  • "Khorosho! I win!"
  • "You need more muscle mass!"
  • "That last move was impressive, comrade. But it was too little, too late!"
  • "You'd better not try to stand up right away. I threw you awfully hard..."
  • "If you want to build your leg muscles, you should try the Cossack Dance!"
  • "Choosing to fight me means that you are prepared to face defeat!"
  • "I am the Red Cyclone and I destroy anything in my path!"
  • "Compared to my training in Siberia, street fights are mere child's play!"

Arcade Mode (SFIV)Edit

  • "Losing like this must be a weight off your shoulders. No need to thank me!"
  • "Once you get used to that face, you're kinda cute. Like a pug. Or like me!"
  • "You've got great muscles, but you don't seem to know how to use them properly!"
  • "That shock therapy of yours cleared up my backache, comrade! Thanks!"
  • "When it comes to fighting for your country, even the weak can't give up!"
  • "Even if I cannot grab you every time, it only takes one!"
  • "If you don't have love for your nation, you don't stand a chance against me!"
  • "I toss you around like a rag doll, yet you stand again. I admire your heart."
  • "Any way to use that Yoga of yours to bulk up my fabulous muscles?"
  • "I know it's rude to complain to the chef, but... Ugh!"
  • "What do you fight for? I can't feel any real spirit behind your blows..."
  • "Your speed is an asset, but it's not enough to best the Red Cyclone!"
  • "More fireballs? Geez... They're pretty popular around here lately."
  • "Nothing wrong with being aggressive, but you should block once in a while, too!"
  • "Maybe you can see the future, but you can't control it! My win was destined!"
  • "Replace that fat with fabulous muscles like mine if you ever want to win!"
  • "Those fireballs are a pain in the neck! Glad to see you haven't lost it, though."
  • "Do you hide your face out of embarrassment for those puny muscles?"

Arcade Mode (SSFIV)Edit

  • "What, that wasn't enough? If you insist, I'd be happy to throw you some more!"
  • "You may be fast, but your moves are weak! You are not yet the king, comrade."
  • "That's one scary mug you have there! Have you considered a wrestling career?"
  • "You showed great bravery in attempting to counter my throws with mere punches!"
  • "Go ahead and bite me! I'll return the favor with a throw!"
  • "When things get tough, you can only rely on your own strength, not silly gadgets!"
  • "Your blows cannot harm the Red Cyclone! They tickle like feathers!"
  • "You are a powerful fighter. But nothing can compare to my muscles!"
  • "You have guts, comrade!  But not enough to topple the mighty Red Cyclone!"
  • "If you want to listen to real music, I recommend Tchaikovsky!"
  • "You need to add some spinning moves to your repertoire, comrade!"
  • "You should learn some Russian recipes! Nothing warms the soul better!"
  • "I guess the gods were smiling on me today! Gah ha ha!"
  • "I wrestle bears, but your weak punches could not fell even a measly hare!"
  • "I like your hairstyle, comrade! I, too, take pride in my hair!"
  • "You bounce around like a rabbit, but it´s all over once I grab you!"
  • "It´s best to train in your youth! Easy to build muscles then."
  • "I underestimated you, girl. I cannot let my guard down when fighting you!"
  • "With muscles like this, not even your Hadoken can hurt me!"
  • "I respect your reason for fighting! I hope your dojo can be restored!"
  • "Something's different... Did you gain weight?"
  • "Why carry a scarf if you´re not going to wear it properly?"
  • "You need a workout, comrade! You can´t even see your toes, can you?"
  • "I´m ready for a rematch any time! Throw all the Hadokens you want!"
  • "If I´d let your fireballs get to me, I never would have won! Mind over matter!"
  • "Ha ha! I bet you thought your Hadokens would work on me! Think again, child!"
  • "The only way to get stronger is to train so hard that it hurts!"
  • "You fight for your homeland like me! We are much alike, comrade!"
  • "If you want to hide something, try your puny body instead of your face!"
  • "You would be a real powerhouse if you just buffed up a bit!"
  • "You're not built to win, kid! Power will always prevail over speed!"

Arcade Mode (USFIV)Edit

  • "A fellow Russian, eh? What do you say we fight once more to celebrate?"
  • "Hmm... Strong... Flexible... I think I can teach you the mighty Cossack dance!"
  • "Fighting to popularize wrestling? Now that's a goal to get behind!"
  • "I already have a motherland I love! I cannot swear allegiance to you!"

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

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Intro Edit

  • "I have good feeling about this fight!"
  • "Bodies of iron! (...) Setting hearts ablaze! The Space Cyclones!" (When paired with Rufus)

Taunt Edit

  • "I am best in world!"

Round Win Edit

  • "Russian wrestling is always number one!"
  • "You can attack me any way you like!"


  • "My body is made of...!"
  • "Sorry... comrade..." (Chip KO)

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "Good throws, comrade! But you need a bit more experience."
  • "Man, demon, whatever! Everything hits the ground the same!"
  • "How do you like my throws? Much more damaging than your punches, no?"
  • "Biting is against the rule, friend! But I don't feel your bite at all, so I will allow it!"
  • "You cannot honor your country's dignity with such small muscles!"
  • "Kick me all you want, little girl! You have no power!"
  • "Cheer up, comrade! If you are a prisoner, surely you have time to make glorious muscle?"
  • "Your arms are too thin! Come, I will buy you a dumbbell set. We will train together!"
  • "Nice to fight a fellow champion! Now we shall drink together, no?"
  • "Watching you makes me feel dizzy..."
  • "Being fast means nothing against great power! You have to come to me sometime!"
  • "Nice body, muscle comrade! Now, you just need spirit of steel!"
  • "If you have muscles, you don't need speed!"
  • "Russian girl is much stronger than you. More scary, too."
  • "Bwa ha ha ha! If I get rid of your Hadoken, you are like puppy with no bite!"
  • "I will strike down your Psycho Power with my muscle power!"
  • "Do not rely on weapons! Your muscles should be all you need to win!"
  • "I told you, comrade! Less fat, more muscle!"
  • "Throw all the Hadokens you like! I will extinguish them all!"
  • "Siberian tiger is much more fearsome!"
  • "Little girl has Hadoken too?! Not as good as Ryu's Hadoken though."
  • "That claw is like child's toy against my body of steel."
  • "So good to meet another fighter who knows how important good muscle is!"


  • "I am not weirdo! I am Russian wrestling champion!"
  • "Turn that cellulite into muscle, my friend! Let us hit the gym for weight training!"
  • "If you want to go crazy, you should have more muscle!"
  • "I don't really like dancing... They tell me to dip, but I end up slamming..."
  • "If it's for my country, then I can slam even old man to the ground!"
  • "Do not be afraid! Come at me, brother! Are you that scared of getting thrown?"
  • "I don't mind fighting robots! They make nice crunching sound when I slam them into the ground!"
  • "Why are you so sad, friend? Do you not know the joys of muscle training? I will show you!"
  • "You have nice muscles! Very powerful! We should battle again!"
  • "It doesn't matter what weird power you have! Everything falls before the might of muscle!"
  • "Bear in Siberia is much more ferocious! You are like kitten!"
  • "I don't need tricks! I have the power of my iron body!"
  • "What a great fight! Let us battle again someday! And then we will have wonderful meal together!"
  • "Very nice muscles! And you can put on a good show! From today, we are Muscle Comrades!"
  • "You are persistent! But I only need to catch you once, and it's game over!"
  • "You need help to get to outer space? I will throw you into orbit!"
  • "You have courage to try and attack my openings. Most people just run away scared! Aha ha ha ha!"
  • "Umm... Yes, you are much too small, little girl. Eat plentifully, and gain glorious muscle!"
  • "That rusty blade can't cut through my iron body! Next time bring a real sword!"


  • "It would take a Siberian bear to successfully scratch my body! You tickle like kitten."
  • "My iron body is invincible! Your gun does not work against me!"
  • "Umm... do you have muscle? I’m not really sure what you are..."
  • "Huh? I thought I heard a voice...? But I only see a cat. Maybe I should get more sleep..."

Street Fighter V Edit

Character Selection Edit

  • "Cyclone!"

Intro Edit

  • "My iron body is invincible! So beware!"
  • "The brave figure; Zangief: The Champion!" (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "I'll show you the essence of wrestling." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "It's time for muscle!" (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "I fight for Mother Russia!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Critical Art Edit

  • "Muscle power... muscle power, fully open!"

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "We both pushed to the limit! Good fight! Horosho!"
  • "Even through the harshest Siberian winters, my heat burns red hot!"
  • "Roaring muscles and deadly spin-- That is Red Cyclone!"
  • "Let us pump iron together and prepare for our next great battle!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "At this rate, you will only lose muscle..."
  • "Someone's been slacking off, I see! You make some nice attacks, but you still need more muscles!"
  • "Come at me harder next time! We're all equals in the ring!"
  • "I can throw even a raging bull! That is virtue of muscle!"
  • "Well? Did my special training help you burn belly fat?"
  • "You fight like a bear, but even that's not enough to beat me!"
  • "Your kicks are sharp like always! But they still lack power!"
  • "On the streets or in the ring, my muscles never let me down!"
  • "You are young, so you have much potential! Come with me to gym, comrade!"
  • "You fought well despite such puny muscles. Is it because of your Psycho Power?"
  • "A honed body can resist poison! Remember the greatness of muscle!"
  • "Power of Earth? Hah! Is nothing compared to power of mother Russia!"
  • "You may be strong and flashy... But you're just kind of boring!"
  • "You should learn Cossack dance! It's good for fighters who crouch a lot!"
  • "Your punches are too soft! Too soft even for training!"
  • "My muscle may grow weak, but motherland always strong!"
  • "Truly you are strong, friend, but you need more muscle!"
  • "Power beats speed! Muscle beats fire! That is key to getting strong!"
  • "Gyah hah hah! You are a tropical breeze compared to the blizzards we get back home!"
  • "Your moves are sharper than before! You must have trained much, Laura!"
  • "You have friend powerful like me? Hah! Tell them I see them in the ring!"
  • "I put an end to your treachery for all those who love our country!"
  • "I will also give fortune insight! Protein and muscle training will always lead to victory!"
  • "Straighten your back! Hunching will get you deformed muscles!"
  • "If you want to eat something, why not some borscht? It's delicious!"
  • "You've come long way, Mika! All that muscle training has paid off!"
  • "This body of steel is immovable, no matter how strong wind blows!"
  • "You shouldn't take hermit life so seriously! Rustic diet won't do your muscles any favors!"
  • "Horosho! Good fight. It all came down to training difference."
  • "My, your skills have certainly progressed! But still not on the level of my glorious iron body!"
  • "Want more data? Fine! I pound your head again!"
  • "For a king, you sure are lacking in the muscle department!"
  • "You don't see the benefit of big trapezius? You have no sense!"
  • "You have great rippling muscles! Horosho!"
  • "This ninjutsu of yours, very interesting! Next time, try attacking with more power!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific w/ The Gief Costume)Edit

  • "You're built like a brick house! I think I'll call you The Bigail!"
  • "Give me everything you've got! I'm about to make you famous!"
  • "Don't hold back! The ring is made for fighting!"
  • "Your punches have no effect on me! You need to hit harder! HARDER!"
  • "So, you trying to bite me or what?! Make up your mind!"
  • "Whether past, present or future, The Gief will always be the best!"
  • "I make my living in the ring! It's no place for amateurs!"
  • "The Gief will be named champion of the Metro City Champion Series!"
  • "You are powerful, comrade! Pulverizing you was a great pleasure!"
  • "You look pretty tough! This should be good practice!"
  • "Maybe I'll join your army! I'll be your strongest grappler!"
  • "I'm the champion of the World! It's what drives me to fight!"
  • "You may be strong and flashy... But you're just kind of boring!"
  • "I don't care much for conflict. But I'll defeat you anyway!"
  • "Hey! Isn't it a bit early for you to turn heel now?"
  • "Gwahahaha! The Gief couldn't care less about the fans!"
  • "Hard work pays off in the end! That goes for heels too.."
  • "Spirit! Those who lack it have no business setting foot in the ring!"
  • "You have friend powerful like me? Ha! Tell them I see them in ring!"
  • "Strength and faith always prevail! That's just the way it is!"
  • "The Gief cares not for your pathetic fortunes!"
  • "Huh? You dead or something? You're a strange one, that's for sure!"
  • "A style I've yet to see.. It won't stop me from smashing you!"
  • "Your attacks are too predictable! I can read you like a book!"
  • "Enough! It's time to settle this!"
  • "Is that the best an emperor can do? I'll be on top before long!"
  • "I'm actually a fan of the student look when it comes to a gimmick!"
  • "Enough of this! If you are a heel, then act like one!"
  • "You can't tackle me like that! I'm like a truck with no brakes!"
  • "We're two sides of the same coin, but I'm the stronger side!"

A Shadow Falls Edit

  • "Da! I remember! I received some little thing in package. I was busy on wrestling tour, so I left with friend."
  • "I think... he's in India. I will go and get it!"

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